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  1. Hi, After not using my MZ-RH1 for a while, it seems that my OLED display no longer functions. Is it still possible to get these repaired? Glad that these forums are still around, although it looks like a bit of a ghost town these days!
  2. Yeah. Was in at JB Hi-Fi in Eastland the other day picking up a Hi-MD blank for a recording I was going to do. Looked on their media shelf. Found plenty of regular MDs (all with stickers now that says "works with Hi-MD" but no 1GB blanks. I managed to find one left buried in the back. I asked them whether they had any more and was told they were a deleted item and that they were no longer made ?!?! anybody got any more info on this?
  3. Interesting! I, too, noticed that removing the remote improved sound quality from my unit. Have I got a dud remote? I never noticed this dramatic change on my MZ-N10 or my previous units. MD uploading works a treat. MP3 decoding seems decent but it bugs me - I find myself reaching for the iPod sometimes. I still prefer the headphone output (and sound presets) of my R900 to drive my E888s. My Sennheiser HD-600s seems to run OK from the RH1 but my iPod has a bit more guts to drive them. Haven't had a chance to take this unit for a spin with live recording yet.
  4. I picked mine up at Go Audio in Melbourne Central yesterday. They have stock! Marked for $599 and boy, were they dark about matching Sefu's price! Still haven't had a good play with the unit yet, looking forward to taking it out for a bit of live recording over the coming weeks. Shame it doesn't have advanced lossless support (although there's a FW version item on the menu so maybe they'll give us a firmware update?)
  5. Picked a unit up today from Go Audio in Melbourne Central.... SINGLE LINE REMOTE (MC38EL). Bummer. Ah well. Lovely to have this BLACK unit in my hawt little hands. Got it for $499 because I told the guy that the only way I'll buy it would be at that price (Sefu could do better but I'm an impatient person!!). Black is awesome. Discreteness at live gigs, plus it matches the OLED display a bit better. Lovely unit and I am very impressed with the way it drives my Sennheiser HD-600s compared to my iPod. Main reason I picked it up was to upload my old bootlegs. This baby had better last
  6. AK5356 in the Hi-MD units? Awesome Can't wait till I take my spiffy new RH1 out to a live gig That said I probably wouldn't notice the difference. I'm very happy with my JB980 for analog recordings as it is
  7. w00t. The black model looks appreciably better than silver Will be a touch more discrete for live recordings, too. I really will miss the charging cradle. Interesting to see that us Aussies get it pretty early (hopefully). Shame there's no Hi-MD deck yet. I still get a bit of use out of my JB980.
  8. I'm about to buy a JB980. How much should I expect to pay for one secondhand?
  9. As per topic. I have an iPod and an MZ-N10. I've previously owned an N1, R900 and an R91. I like to use my Sony E888s when out and about and hence rely on the performance of the EQ and the headphone amp to fully realise the capabilities of the buds. I've found the iPod to be lacking and the N10 wasn't too crash hot. I also auditioned the NH1 when it cane out and I was very impressed with that model. I also recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD-600s although I don't expect to be able to run these unamp'd, it would be a nice thing to be able to do So, how does the RH1 compare to the units I am familiar with? Is this HD amp all that it's cracked up to be? Thanks.
  10. Absolutely sensational! You know, I've been out of the MD loop for about six months - so this news of the RH1 is music to my ears! I have a LOT of bootleg material I want to transfer from old MD SP discs and the RH1 allows me to do this over USB! Well done to Sony, as they've made a sale out of me if they release the unit over here officially. I'm also an iPod user and will remain an iPod user as an alternative to carrying 20-30 discs with me. But the sound quality on the R900, N1 and N10s has been unrivaled by the iPod units. I'm eagerly awaiting their release.
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