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  1. Chris, with all due respect - I am mildly offended by your post, as this is no doubt in reference to my post from months ago when I reported that Sony Australia had dumped minidisc. Now what I said then is still as true as it was when I posted, and I risked my job with what was then confidential internal information, to let you guys know what was happening, to put pressure on my employers to reverse their decision. I dont know why they eventually reverted, but please don't disregard my posts because they did. This was a very, very real situation, and you dont have any idea how close we came to not getting this model. Please be more careful in the future, otherwise you might see people like me no longer do what we can to help - and rest assured there are others that care about the company, and the future of Minidisc. Z.
  2. The reason why Minidisc.org have so many minidiscs is because Sony offered them an amazing price to buy a heap of them.
  3. No, RH10 will not be released.
  4. Hey guys, just got confirmation that the MZRH1 will be released in Australia in the next few months. I have no other details than that, but I just wanted to let you guys know :-) More when i hear it. Pre-order at Minidisc Australia (with special coupon code). - edit by kurisu
  5. Welcome to the forums Cabirio :-) "One of us, one of us!"
  6. I dont have that information. All I know is that HD walkmans is where they are going.
  7. Let me stress that this includes both MD and HI-MD. They are both dead. There will definitely be no second generation HI-MD.
  8. Guys, Its with sadness that I confirm that that Sony Australia will not be carrying any more MD units for this financial year. From this we can pretty much assume there will not be any more units. As most readers will know, I have been following MD from my position with Sony, and reporting on the possible death of mini-disc. I cannot give you guys any more information than that - the decision has been made and this is the outcome, thats all there is to it. The sad part is, I know there is a market for MD in Australia, but unfortunately Sony have decided to more agressively pursue hard disc MP3 players. Well guys, please send your RIPs to minidisc. I've talked to a few sources and this is for real - kurisu (admin)
  9. I have a pretty funny story on this topic. A year or so ago at the Australian launch of HI-MD on of the big Sony guys was giving a product spiel to retailers on it, and he was trying to demonstrate how hardy the HI-MD discs were by throwing the disc on the ground and then putting it back in the player and playing it, a demonstration he had performed many times in the past for MD. Anyways, he threw the disc and the disc just shattered everywhere. What had happened was it hit a pressure point and just exploded. There were scattered laughs in the audience but he just re-assembled the disc and went on as if nothing had happened, but secretly he must have died a little inside!
  10. Im a fellow MZNH1 owner and yeah its pretty scratch resistant. I suppose its the combination of being made of magnesium alloy (at least Im pretty sure), and its supposed to look like brushed metal anyways.
  11. Nope, they started out at 9.95 each then the price was lowered to 4.95 in about March this year.
  12. Absolutely - its completely connected. I personally find it hard to believe that they wont release at least one model, but Im just reporting what I hear.
  13. Yes, I have heard that. There are a lot of brochures and promotional giveaways being produced as well. Hmph.
  14. I thought it worth mentioning that every day at work I still hear "Its not happening" (as in no more minidisc in Australia) and then other days I hear "could be 2 or 3 models"... its just so indicative of the lack of faith and confidence that Sony have shown Minidisc. I dont believe they have ever really given it a good go, although traditionally sales have been quite good. Sigh.
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