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  1. Problem with naming files with the tag content is that there are many ways to actually format the filename. And each different way may be wrong for some users, but ok for others. E.g: I prefer : Artist ---- Title Some may prefer Title --- Album - Artist And even Track Number) Artist - Album ---- Title And subdirectories may also be preferred: Artist / Album / Track Number) Title I shall see if I can add a way of allowing the user to specify an automatic way of naming files. Perhaps I shall use the technique used by the cd ripping program CDEx where by you specify how you want tracks named by specifiing %1, %2, %3 etc and the program automatically substitutes %1 with the artist, %2 with the title, etc
  2. I've had the same problem with some Mp3s. If the samplerate (not bitrate) of the mp3 is 44100hz, then the mp3->atrac conversion is just fine and the quality is acceptable If the samplerate of the mp3 is anything else, then Sonicstage will try and resample the audio to 44100hz. Sonicstage is rubbish at doing this and makes a complete hash of the audio quality. To solve this I just converted all the mp3' that do not have a 44100hz sample rate to WAV, down/up sampled them to 44100hz using cooledit, and then imported the result into SonicStage. Much better quality (although you do lose tags and time with this method)
  3. marcnet


    Quick search on google: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q...amp;meta=\ The first few results should help. And yes, one of this is actually this post. ============
  4. Ive heard rumors that the HD channels use about the same bandwidth as the standard channels. Meaning that you get higher res, but lesser quality (ie: MPEG blockyness). Do you know if there is any truth to this?
  5. HIMDRenderer can do both: 1) It can convert your OMA/OMG files (Sonicstage creates these when uploading) to Wav/FLAC/MP3/OGG - faster than realtime 2) It has a secondary function (via the MD Recorder button) that can start the MD playing automatically to selected track(s) and do an analoge recording of those tracks via an audio cable to your sound card - realtime recording.
  6. The slider is meant to change the recording volume of the selected input (the second drop down list) on the selected soundcard (the first drop down list). "cut start & end silence" is just that - If enabled, the software will not record silence at the start or end of a track. The silence threshold tells the HIMDRenderer the maximum "value" of an individual sound sample it should treat as silence. If "cut start & end silence" is enabled, then any sound sample value that is below the threshold value is considered as silence, and if at the start or end of a track, will not be included in the recording.
  7. I dropped my MZ-rh1 (by accident... ) and had the same write-protect problem. I did try the "taping of the holes " solution mentioned here... but it only worked for regular MD... HI-MD's were still write protected (and the protection tab was not slid down...) I then tried taping over the hole on the metal arm of the actual unit itself. Behold! no write protection. And ive successfully managed playing/recording of both HI-MD disks and regular disks (both in HI-MD mode) on my rh1. I've also successfully played both types of disk that have been recorded by my rh1 in my MZ-NH1. All done with this modification/fix
  8. I think the filesystem is FAT (as the HIMD is recognised as a USB storage device, even with a PC that does not have Sonicstage installed). What makes you think otherwise? The music side of Hi-MD (Group folders, Track names, audio data, etc) is all stored in the few files in the HIMD folder. The structure of these files are Sony's invention, so there is no easy way to decode them via File Explorer. Also, normal files can be stored on HI-MD disks by using File Explorer - just like a normal USB storage device (except HI-MD is slower). These files do not show up in SonicStage and the actual HI-MD device does not use or read them when playing / recording tracks. Only when looking for free space on the disk does it take note of such file - just so it simply dosn't overwrite them.
  9. Ive walked to work with my RH-1 on several occasions. - Its 2 miles there and it takes me about 25-30 minutes. I have had no problems with gaps or skips on the device during my travels. Have you tried playing the same piece while completly still and seeing (hearing) if the gaps are still there? Is this is the case then the disk and/or read/record heads might be at fault... If its not the case, then just walk more carefully
  10. Explorer will need to pass command-line arguments (such as the OMA filename) to HIMDRenderer when such an option is selected in Explorer. Currently HIMDRenderer does not support command line arguments so it would have to be a new feature. I can also add the automatic integration with Explorer when I have the Auto-Installer made up
  11. Sure thing... How would you prefer the installer: 1) All DLL and EXE files contained within - larger download 2) A smaller installer that only downloads what is required from my website automatically - Smaller download, but requires internet connection when installing. Basically, what I was thinking with point 2 is that if none of the external Dll's that HIMDRenderer uses have changed, then the installer will only download the new HIMDRenderer.exe file Or should I scrap that idea and just bundle it all with one release (which I was going to do with 0.60)
  12. I sure can include it in the next release. No problem.
  13. lol.. No problem. The 1:01 thing sounds very familiar... In that I could only decode that amount of OMA/OMG file until I added my super-cool (even if I do say so myself) workaround. Damn. No escape from this project... oh well, at least I wont get bored after Ive watched SouthPark :)
  14. I've just figured out how to rip mp3 data directly off a HIMD disc. Soon to be a new feature in 0.60. I bet this program dosn't do that And I dont see mention of At3, OMA or OMG file formats in the list of file formats it can read. Maybe i'm missing something. And if it does do everything that HIMDRenderer can do, then all it means that I can finally work on some other project (or just laze around watching SouthPark) in my free time.
  15. Sorry, No solution to this but Ive had the same issue. In fact all SonicStage does when you rename a track is alter the details in the internal database. The file is left unchanged and is not renamed. In addition, the tag data stored in the OMA files is also left un-modified. This makes HIMDRenderer tag output files with whatever the original OMA tag was, and not with the changes you've made via SonicStage
  16. thats what I meant by Upload. I call "From computer to minidisc" download and "From minidisc to computer" upload. Anyway, there is no way to get NetMD tracks from a NetMD disc onto your computer using the MZ-RH10. You need an MZ-RH1 to do that. The only way you can do it is to use hook up the minidisc line-out to your PC sound card line-in and record in real-time onto the PC
  17. Only the new MZ-RH1 unit can transfer tracks made using NetMD formatted disks. Other units (like the MZ-RH10) cannot, as the firmware does not support it. And no, there is no firmware upgrade to allow NetMD uploads on an MZ-RH10
  18. I dont really mind... and id rather not wait a month or have a EU capped model Besides a refund from AudioCubes will get skimmed off by PayPal As I dont have a business account with them (PayPal) they will take a percentage off the PayPal -> PayPal transaction. To much hassle to cancel and re-order with someone else, and I really dont mind - But thanks for caring
  19. I ordered off AudioCubes because it was basically the first site that: 1) I saw selling a MZ-RH1 2) Had a MZ-RH1 (black) import from Japan. (not a capped EU model) 3) Were able to ship asap (ie: not pre-order) <- Im too impatient to wait for June 4) Were able to accept English (UK) debt cards or some other form of electronic payment that I could use (I dont have a CC - This has quite a large impact on me not being able to purchase from most overseas sites) - AudioCubes accept PayPal as a method of payment. - Also remeber that I pay in £ not $... so $429 is only £250 (there abouts) which is what I would probrablly have to fork out for a UK model (when its eventually released here) with capped volume Of course, when it comes, I will probably have to pay import duty :/ Damn Government :/ Basically, yes. And before I saw the device on AudioCubes, I was tempted with this rather pricey ebay "offer" http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sony-MZ-RH1-MiniDisc...1QQcmdZViewItem
  20. I've just ordered one from AudioCubes (and I ordered a seperate Sony RM-MC40ELK remote). Total (for both items and shipping) came to just under £300 ($524). Pretty damn near the Sony RRP (I think) - and a Japanese unit that isn't volume restricted, Another bonus in my book - AudioCubes accept paypal as a method of payment. I dont have a credit card, so this came as a bit of a fortune for me
  21. And what else is wrong with it? - apart from the WMA feature thing (which im looking into since your post on "alternate output formats" on www.marcnetsystem.co.uk ) And which version are you comparing against - I made a slight speed increase in the conversion process in 0.54
  22. you can't because: 1) The DirectX stuff used by HIMDRenderer is installed when you install SonicStage 2) You need SonicStage to upload tracks from the HI-MD device to your PC in .OMA format (be it ATRAC3 OMA or PCM OMA). HIMDRenderer will then convert the resultant .OMA files into .wav, mp3, ogg or flac.
  23. I'll probably get one for: a ) An upgrade to my MZ-NH1. My MZ-NH1 is nice as a player - and it'll probably stay at work if I get one of the 3rd gen units. So all I'll have to do is carry the discs I want to listen to around as I travel to/from work. b ) To upload those radio recordings ive made on my NetMD deck. I can't be bothered to record in real-time uaing my own program . (I have tested my own program's real-time recording, and have a few radio tracks "uploaded" this way) c ) To see what additional things I can add to HIMDRenderer for support for this device... Although I'll probably have to wait at least 6 months to buy one from the UK (I have no credit card...)
  24. f**k that. Sony just gimme a compiler, the firmware source and some way of downloading firmware to a device and I'LL do it for free
  25. Do these files play in SonicStage?
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