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  1. I didn't know that....So if I have the wall adapter, as long as it's plugged in, it'll work?...I could understand it not working if pluged into the USB port....
  2. Found it.... http://www.blogmusik.net/
  3. I don't wish to make a sacreligious statement but about 3 weeks ago, I found a website that looked like an Ipod, you could search for music and save playlists and it was all online...It was not an Apple or Ipod site.....Anyone seen it or heard of it as I can't find it again...
  4. I ripped the Audio from the Glastonbury Anthems DVD and the Travis-At The Palace DVD and now listening to a couple of darn good concerts that haven't released a live CD yet...If only there was a live Flaming Lips CD or DVD
  5. mfremon

    Problem w/ my 507

    Tried both ideas and it didn't work....Got in contact with Sony and was told to disconnect/connect the battery and then it should probably work...Got it all apart except for disconnecting the power source and therein lies the problem...Has anyone pulled theirs apart and how were you able to disconnect the power source w/o causing more damage?
  6. mfremon

    S2 Sports MP3 Player

    They have it up on the mp3 player page on sonystyle.com at least here in the US but no add'l info yet as the particular links attached don't work yet....Looks like something new coming here to the US http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....&Dept=audio
  7. mfremon

    Problem w/ my 507

    I went running with mine 2 days ago and accidentally left it on. It ran the battery's completely dry and I comletely recharged it the next day. The problem is when I hit the play button, it doesn't play and turns itself off after about 15 seconds..When I put headphones in it, it scans the "Data Access"....I keep it in a ziplock bag in my pocket so its not rain or sweat that gets in it...Am I S.O.L.?....Am I going to have to buy one of the cool new NW-E one's now as I had no problems with mine at all.... Thanks for any help
  8. mfremon

    Battery Life Troubles

    I think they advertise that much battery time if the music is encoded at Atrac3Plus at 48GBps...I have a507 1GB and am able to stuff about 600 songs on it including a bunch of Pink Flyd stuff and long songs like that...I use mine mainly for running and with a little set of speakers at work...Works great for me and I could probably get 3 days off of one full charge if i turn the lights/screensaver/etc off.....
  9. Just wondering..... I got my NW-A507 8 months ago and have absolutely 0 problems since I've gotten it....I never had an Ipod or any other MP3 player so I don't know the advantage of ITunes over SS and it may be my innocence and in fact I haven't had a problem with SS either that a lot of people complain about and it's worked well for me. Am I in the minority?...Are there many other people that have had no problems at all?
  10. mfremon

    Sony Cameras

    Though unrelated to the site here, I was wondering as if anyone has one and how they are. Worth the couple of extra bucks as I'm interested in getting one.... Thanks...
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