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  1. i'll dip in both the English and Japanese realm of favourites: EN: Bic Runga although discovering her music from the movie "American Pie" (V_V), i was instantly hooked on her single "Sway". her vocals are in a sense ragged, yet so sincere with great songwriting to boot. when you hear her vocals, you can easily sense either sorrow or joy depending on the song. it seems she just gets better as a new album is released. her 3rd album, Birds, is nothing short of brilliant. JP: aiko she is the reason why i listen to music. this is the kind of music that will make you feel real happy inside all day. her vocals are the sweetest i've ever heard. even if i'm in the worst mood possible; listening to her music will wipe all that away. and you can tell from the songs she writes, it sounds so authentic, very heartfelt. her best work is from her 4th album, "秋 そばにいるよ" and "暁のラブレター", her 5th.
  2. Back To Basics -- Christina Aguilera Taking The Long Way -- Dixie Chicks Warm Strangers -- Vienna Teng It's Not Fun, Don't Do It (Live DVD & More) -- Tegan And Sara
  3. back from my Seattle mini-trip, and came back w/ a whole bag of swag: DVS Revival Asics Onitsuka Tiger (Mexico 66) Vans Geoff Rowley Classic Vans Geoff Rowley XL III all in all, about $160USD spent collectively. oh, i just love outlet shopping! in theory, i probably saved about $200CAD:)
  4. well, a slight turn of events. i once again re-transferred the Hi-MD disc; played it back on the EH1 + 55ELK. the tracks displayed in a 2-line format (only the top line being used), and displaying garbage characters. now plugging the 40ELK into the EH1. success. Kanji is displayed correctly. i have a few more discs that require Kanji. i hope it also works too. thanks ishi, rich and all. cheers!
  5. thanks for the reply ishi. so here's now the situation: i did the latter above; first, i erased the Hi-MD disc, and re-transferred it. the tracks displayed correctly on the RH1, but only the 55ELK remote will display the Kanji properly. the RH1 plus 40ELK will result in a series of dots............. and the EH1 isnt any better, it still wont display Kanji at all. however, w/ a legacy-mode disc, titling a track in Kanji is a different story. upon plugging in my NF610, there is an additional menu in which to title tracks: evidently, the drop-down menu above is not available when i plugged in the RH1 w/ a Hi-MD disc inside. anyway, regarding the legacy disc, i temporarily added Kanji to the group title, and to my surprise it works on the EH1 w/ both remotes. i'm getting one step closer each time. so what else now is needed? and why the EH1 wont display Hi-MD tracks in Japanese properly? i'm gonna try another test recording the tracks in real-time in Hi-SP and titling via SSCP.
  6. Free Me -- Emma Bunton SINGLE COLLECTION vol 1 -- 宇多田ヒカル ULTRA BLUE -- 宇多田ヒカル
  7. ok, recorded said disc in SP mode. titled tracks via App SSCP. result: track names were either displayed random characters and spaces (none of which were in the least Japanese), and/or blank titles altogether; both tested on the RH1 and EH1 (w/ corresponding Kanji-enabled remotes) the option "JP character" had no part of; as i still dont know what that function serves and why it only appears in legacy mode. back to where i started: a Hi-MD disc that the RH1 can recognize the Kanji... Ishi, where are you??
  8. i did change the reg key. i did everything mentioned in that thread. i'm gonna record one of those albums in SP, title the tracks via App SSCP, and see if it may just be a Hi-MD problem; as i mentioned in the first post, an addional selection in the OPTION menu that says "JP Character" -- but only shows up for legacy-recorded discs. i'll let you know by tomorrow.
  9. not only the 40ELK, but the EH1 + 55ELK wont work either. same result:............. i was running SS via AppLocale. i know Ishi's thread specifies the AppLocale for SS 3.4, but it seems fine for SSCP. so that's my predicament. i figured if it can work on an North American version RH1, it should be a piece of cake for a Japanese EH1; boy was i wrong.
  10. ^as mentioned, the search button will not work for the RH1. in terms of the RH1, it serves no function as it wont even activate the backlight.
  11. all the latter is correct. in many ways, the 55ELK is just a successor to the 35ELK. by accident the 55ELK split the display to 2 lines but only using the top line (leaving the bottom line blank) if you're not willing to spend the high $$$ for the 55ELK, the 35ELK is just as good for nearly half as much. *i neglected to mention but the search button above the >/>|| button, wont work (as it's primary function serves on the A3+ PCDPs)
  12. i never realised i hadn't posted in this thread... excellent pics Ishi, especially including all the replacement part numbers. most impressive. i wonder if i should create a thread containing my "Eggo Flower" (damn, that D11W still eludes me)
  13. i posted this over at T-Board, but aside from Rich's reply, my problem is yet to be solved, so here is my dilemma: i finally got to inputting Japanese characters in the song/album titles, but here's the twist. my NA version RH1 (paired w/ the 55ELK), displayed the Kanji perfectly; but the JPN EH1 wont. apart from the artist (aiko) which is displayed properly, the song titles and album titles are displayed with a series of dots............ i just find this quite frustrating. just when i thought that i got this thing down, there's always one thing that's wrong. so what am i missing here? obviously this is an EH1 problem... if i have to change the menu language, it'll be such a burden... i've also noticed that when i insert a legacy recorded disc, there is an extra selection in the Option menu --> JP Character. with the sub-selections "Kanji First" and "Kanji & Kana"; yet not available when i inserted a disc recorded in Hi-MD format. *sigh* can't Sony (USA) just use unicode? -- pata is right; Sony thinks Kanji is the source of all evil. BTW, just in case of any discrepancies, i am using a Kanji-enabled remote (40ELK)
  14. Hello MZ-RH1. now the process of transferring CDs to (Hi)-MDs is much underway...
  15. this is direct from T-Board almost verbatim; just so you know to my pleasant surprise, something which i thought would arrive by next monday arrived when i came home from work. 6x5 pks of TDK fine (ca 2003) 80 min discs but that's the start, here comes the main event!! the RH1 in all it's glory!! didn't realize a Hi-MD blank was included interesting battery door (much better than the ubiquitious Ni-CD(MH) flimsy battery door: lovin that OLED! aww, what a cute couple (and that EH1 is such a cougar, growing attraction to the 3rd gen RH1:P) just a smidge thicker than the EH1 -- plus it has 4 tiny spongy bottoms; so that adds just a bit to the width in that pic RH1 and EH1 w/ its corresponding remotes: (EH1 + 55ELK, RH1 + 40ELK) Hi-MD and iPod... *cue Three's Company theme music* i will try to get my further impressions on it in due time, but until then, enjoi the pics. cheers!
  16. they are Audio-Technica's -- ATH-ES7 Tiesto, as jaylen mentioned, it was relisted on A/C for literally a week. i was just in the right time and with enough money
  17. where did you get that one from? anyway, being subtle as it is, bought an RH1 + a 30 pk of TDK fine blanks (ca. 2003)
  18. hello to my new MZ-EH1. stuck in Mid-MD for now.
  19. posted this over @ T-Board. bought this as soon as Audiocubes re-listed it on their page; a good thing too, since that it's no longer listed on A/C. as customary, the ubiquitious pics of what just happened today. ahh, aside from the N10, this is the 2nd new unit i bought. such nostalgia. it even came with a nifty Audiocubes sticker! ES7s are plugged in to the EH1. just to show how "bling" this really is neat little charging stand. it has sticky bottoms! a smidge taller than 2 discs flat, but smaller than 3!! makes my iPod feel bloated! the NF610 has a friend again! after being deserted by the E75s. dont worry; daddy RH1 will be coming home eventually! as inspired by jaylen's pics, iPod and (Hi)-MD can live under the same roof. of course, as i am awaiting the arrival of my universal adapter, i am reluctant to do the initial charge for the battery. thus no impressions as of yet. although it gave me time to test the 40ELK on my NF610. basic functions work. some points to note here; holding on the jog-dial wont activate menu functions, single-line display only (middle line). well enjoi for now, as i will be adding more pics once the adapter and 55ELK remote comes in. cheers!
  20. black MZ-RH1 from audiocubes RM-MC55ELK remote off ebay Mario Kart DS ...think that's it.
  21. i'm still confused of what the Hi-MD music transfer program actually does? (yes so n00b) and what if any difference will it have when Sony releases it online? thanks.
  22. i haven't gotten JPod yet (although my brother has it) -- i'm waiting for the paperback version to come out (since the previous 4 Coupland books i have are in that format) anyway, bought a second-hand 1G blue Nintendo DS. as well, bought New Super Mario Bros, and Wario Ware Touched. plus my invisibleShield for my iPod came in the mail.
  23. ordered on Friday, arrived on Tuesday and here they are: Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi -- Camera Obscura Underachievers Please Try Harder -- Camera Obscura Let's Get Out Of This Country -- Camera Obscura Myra Lee -- Cat Power What Would the Community Think? -- Cat Power Moon Pix -- Cat Power Dear Sir -- Cat Power You Are Free -- Cat Power Catalpa -- Jolie Holland Escondida -- Jolie Holland Springtime Can Kill You -- Jolie Holland Getting Somewhere -- Allison Moorer The Milk-Eyed Mender -- Joanna Newsom Julie Roberts -- Julie Roberts Men & Mascara -- Julie Roberts Begin to Hope -- Regina Spektor meh, opted not to add the album art simply b/c the list is too damn long
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