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  1. How can these files be released under the lesser general public license? Does minidisc.org somehow own the copyrights? or has permission been given by the copyright holders? I highly doubt that.
  2. I tried several combinations for the bits in register 61 and 62 (only the harmless ones) and could not find any combination that disables TrProt. I have a MZ-N510.
  3. Cool that you seem to have found out the TrProt bit. What values did you put in the service menu exactly? And what were the original values?
  4. I had a similar problem when my MZ-N510 was hacked. The hack caused the battery indicator to show more battery power than was actually left. This resulted in shut-offs during recording over USB (when current drain is higher than in playback). This problem can be fairly simple to avoid, just make sure that the highest bit of the value in register 61 is not set when hacking.
  5. woodeeee, there is a relatively simple procedure to undo the hack: in the service menu, go to menu 63 and change the the value from 1 to 0. Don't do this unless you are comfortable with navigating around in the service menu. The procedure described by crazeybt1 is WAY too radical and is probably very dangerous w.r.t. messing your unit up permanently.
  6. bertrik

    cannot check-in

    You cannot really copy the songs back to PC. There is no music data actually transferred between PC and MD during check-in. Check-in just compares the song on the MD with a copy on the PC (created during check-out), then the song on the MD is simply deleted.
  7. I have a MZ-N510 with firmware version 1.6. I think this is the same software as used on the MZ-N610 (basically a 610 is just a 510 plus a radio, right?), but I have no problems doing the increments in steps of 1.
  8. On my MZ-510, I can reset the registers 61 and 62 values to their defaults by setting register 63 ("FValid") to 0. As far as I can tell from trying, this only affects the hacks in register 61 and 62 and does not invalidate any other data.
  9. You can try to enter the magic sequence using the remote (holding STOP instead of GROUP). See also http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~bertrik/netmd/mdhack.html Once you're in the service menu, try to get to register 63, set it to 0, then power off and on again. That should reset register 61 and 62 to their defaults. I advice to be very careful when moving around in the service menu. If you get lost, press STOP to get back to the root menu. Do not press PAUSE (PAUSE writes settings to NVRAM) unless you are absolutely sure about it.
  10. The service menu option is really a last resort thing. If you're not a techie, this is definitely not recommended (it's possible to mess up the player if you accidently make some wrong setting). SonicStage is the NetMD music 'management' software that comes with the player. It is similar to the OpenMG program (but I have no experience with that). Simpleburner is a no-nonsense tool to send CD songs to minidiscs. This page on minidisct forums has links to the files http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....10&pagenumber=1 The 'latest and greatest' is SonicStage 2 which probably also supports your player, search for 'ss2_lite_rev2.exe. I recommend to install this and then use it to delete the songs.
  11. Can't you just delete the songs in SonicStage instead of checking them in? Otherwise you can use SimpleBurner to delete the songs. Or, if you're good with Linux, you can use Xmd to delete the songs. Supposedly it is also possible to delete songs in non-netmd minidisc players. If nothing else works, you can even erase the whole disc through the service menu.
  12. No, you cannot send songs from MD to PC through USB. SonicStage can check-in songs, but that only means that the song is deleted from you MD after verification with the file on the PC, nothing is actually copied from MD to PC.
  13. bertrik

    Won't work

    Do you see a file called omglog.txt (or something similar) in directory C:Program FilesCommon FilesSony SharedOpenMG ? If so, is there any message in it?
  14. USB devices advertise their maximum current draw to the PC. A NetMD minidisc player probably indicates just a few mA just for communication (I can find out the exact value by looking at the USB config data). When the device (MD player) draws more current than indicated, the USB host (PC) may decide to limit the current to the device or even cut the power. I've heard / read somewhere that desktop PC are not so critical with this mechanism, but laptops are. So I think it may not even be possible to draw much current from the USB port. (edit: just noticed that under Linux, usbview shows that my MZ-N510 can draw a maximum of 100 mA)
  15. The cable that came with my MZ-N510 has an 'A-connector' on one side (which goes into the PC). However, the connector on the other side of the cable is definitely not a 'B-connector'. So better check if your MZ-N505 really accepts a B-connector before buying an A-B type USB cable.
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