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  1. I'm looking for a few blanks that caught my eye. I only really want one of each, Just because I find their design to be especially attractive. In my area, I'm lucky to find anything but an occasional 5-pack of Sony colors, and so I'm turning to you people for help. I would like to buy (or trade music to get) 1 each of: JVC/Victor X[Kai] (black, white, silver) Maxell Monotone Label (black, white) ---the glow in the dark ones Maxell Twinkle 2002 (green, blue, purple) Hello Kitty (blue, pink) TDK Bit Club 2003 "Power Station" TDK Bit Club "Zebra" TDK Bit Club 2003 "Bar Code" Axia Dolphin (any color - I don't know the real name) Secondly, I'm looking for a disc case that has hard brackets/plastic slip cases to hold the discs in with - not just pouches. For example, something like http://cgi.ebay.com/Sharp-Mini-Disc-Carry-...1QQcmdZViewItem Where can I buy one/who has one they're willing to give up? Lastly, my first love MZ-N707 is in critical condition. The headphone jack doesn't seem to be contacting the circuit board properly, and I don't know if the contacts are cracked/broken inside the jack or if the board is cracked, or what. If anyone has a broken player with a Sony headphone jack/remote connector like is on the N707 and would be willing to part with it on the cheap, please contact me somehow. That should be all I'm looking for for now, Thanks for at least looking!
  2. I bought my MZ-E10 from them, and all I can say is WOW! Email/PM replies were quick and precise, item was very well packaged/taken care of, and shipping was blazing fast and cheap, too! A great person to deal with! Also, I can't believe the size of this thing!
  3. just run a short cable from the speaker port directly to the line-in on your sound card, as a looped device!
  4. Will you ship international, and what all is included?
  5. I'd sell my internal organs for something like that.... As it is now, I'm gonna be saving for an RH1
  6. Eh, it's okay. Needs a dual-DIN in-dash MD player though!
  7. Very well done; the picture of the motor spindle is a very "pure" photo - I recommend submitting it to a photo contest (I'm an amateur photographer myself).
  8. Okay, I've read enough that now I have to ask my question. I love the look of this unit, and from what I hear, I think it will be the perfect unit for me to purchase as my first Hi-MD unit. I use MD as my main audio source when not at home (at home it's my PC), and I record 2-3 hours a week (which will probably go up). Should this be my first unit? Is there another unit that suits my need just as well? I do love the look of it, I love how the display is on the thin side, not on the face, I love everything about MD (and this unit). I was looking at getting an import RH710 that has a mic input, would this be a better choice? I do have some recordings in SP (most are in LP2 because I have a limited supply of disks), and being able to direct upload them would be nice, but I don't mind the time it would take to record them realtime (to make CD's for others who aren't as technology-equipped as us MD users). Also, for those who complain about not having an external AA batter pack - if this unit can be powered via USB, is it possible to make a battery pack that plugs into the USB port?
  9. I'm looking at getting an MDLP car player, and I was just curious about this. What's the difference between Sony's MDX-C680, and the MDX-C680x? I can't seem to tell from looking at the manuals for each of them.
  10. Now that we're spewing off topic, it would be interesting to see the capacity of "Hi-MD" discs if they used a laser of DVD wavelength......
  11. Jaylen, where did you find the MJ-97 pic? Do you have more, or where can I find more? I've never seen one.
  12. how close behind is the MJ-97 by Panasonic?
  13. Nevermind that, I got it figured out - Adobe was being stupid.
  14. I'm having trouble downloading the sevice manuals for the MZ-N707 and MZ-E10; Firefox seems to lock as soon as the acrobat plugin is launched. I have all the acrobat updates and the Firefox updates, but still it's not working. My network activity runs for 1-4 seconds, then drops dead. I'd download the files directly, but the links aren't direct links, so I can't go that route. Has anyone else had this problem? Can those two service manuals be emailed to me by someone? Thanks! Jeff
  15. This may not be the right place for this, but I'll put it here and leave it for someone more schooled in where it should go to decide. Somebody mentioned the PSP and MD based camcorders earlier in the thread. I personally don't think sony is quite ready to give up on MD, just for the fact of UMD. UMD's obviously aren't just pocket DVD's, the diameter is smaller than that of a pocket CD/DVD. It is, however, just about the same as an MD. I don't know what the difference between Hi-MD and UMD is, but I do know that UMD's are supposed to be around 1.4/1.5 GB capacity, as compared to the 1 GB of Hi-MD. What type of laser is used for a Hi-MD? Is it IR wavelength, just like CD, or is it visible light, in the red spectrum, like DVD? If all that Sony did in upping from classic MD to Hi-MD is change the disk compression/data structure, and continue to use CD lasers, then the extra capacity found on a UMD could be easily garnered by switching to a DVD laser..... I don't know if anyone has any more info about this or not, but it's something that I've been thinking about since I first saw a UMD, and my friend was saying how cool and new the disc format was - until I whipped out my N-707 and hit "eject."
  16. I don't care whether or not it's HI-MD or not, I'm just asking what the smallest MD player in the world is as of right now.
  17. I know that the MZ-E10 is Sony's smallest, but what currently hold the record for the smallest portable player? I tried google, but I got an old link to a page on MiniDisc T-station that hasn't existed since they turned Wiki. They were saying that the Panasonic MJ-97 is the world's smallest portable player. What other players fall in the same size category? Which one is the winner? Does anyone have pictures they can post?
  18. I'm looking for either a headphone adapter or a remote for an MZ-E10 portable player. I acquired a unit cheaply, but it did not have any accessories, so I can't check to see if it plays. If anyone has either of these parts, or knows where I could purchase them, please respond. Thanks!
  19. :cool: After 50 hour burn-ins for both the phones and the buds, and two six hour bus rides, I can give you a follow up to the original review. Once they were properly burned in, both pairs seemed even more ready to please. The earbuds were crisper and much cleaner in the high range, but the bass was still a little bit on the empty side. I turned up the bass on my N707, and it more than compensated for what the headphones lacked. The high sensitivity of the buds was clearly evident; it took very little volume at all to drive them at a comfortable level of sound. I did find them slightly uncomfortable after extended listening, but that happens to me no matter what earbuds I seem to be using The headphones took a little more power, but then also they have a lower sensitivity and do not sit directly at the opening of the ear canal. Bass was almost a little too powerful, and I ended up cranking it back a little bit compared to where I set it for the earbuds. Again, the phones were quite crisp across all ranges, but seemed a little bit muffled at extremely high frequencies - not enough to turn up the treble, but just barely enough to be noticable. Overall, I am quite pleased with both the 828's and the 110's. Hving them well used (over 5 hours of active listening plus burn in time), I would rate the 828's as a 4.2 out of 5, and the 110's a 4.6 out of 5. Thanks for your advice, so that I could give good advice!! :grin:
  20. It would have been helpful, but as it is it comes a day after my N707 arrived. I got quite a good deal from BJ, one of the board moderators, and everything is perfect with it and all of its accessories. More is always better though, right! :rasp: :grin: :cool:
  21. This is my first product review, so if it seems stumbling or if i leave something out, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it. I have been looking for a new pair of headphones for about 2 weeks, and have been disappointed in what I found in my available price range - under $30 US. Granted, I know that that isn't going to lend itself readily to great headphones, but I think I found the closest thing I could. Sony sells a combo pack that contains both earbuds and headphones, MDR-RSPKG. On sale at Radio Shack for 9.99 instead of 24.99, I picked one up. Specifications: MDR-A110LP (over the ear) Open air, dynamic, 30 mm dome type neodymium drivers; 24 Ohm impedance at 1kHz; 100mW power handling capacity; 103 dB/mW sensitivity; 16-20,000 Hz response Placing these on was a nice experience. They are foldable for storage travel, but do not have the feeling of being made cheaply or easily broken. The foam earpads aren't scratchy like some headphones I've had, but are decent quality. The cord is split between the left and right ears, meaning you have to worry about both sides of the headphones; a single entry point would be nice. Sound quality was astounding! Just quickly plugging them into my crappy MP3 CD player, I noticed a clarity that my other headphones didn't have. I could turn the volume down to almost nothing and still the highs were crystal clear and strong, the lows punchy with no distortion. High volumes did not produce any degradation of sound quality, only a louder reproduction of my CD. The units are light, but not flimsy feeling, 65 g without cord. Adjusting the size of the headphones was sturdy, there was a define solid 'click' when the snapped into a new position. Latches were sturdy and did not fall out of their adjustment without force; although this could be due to them being new. For the price paid, the only thing lacking is a single point entry cord; a higher power handling capacity would be nice too. MDR-E828LP (earbuds) Open air, dynamic 16mm dome type drivers; 50 mW power handling capacity; 16 Ohm resistance at 1 kHz; 108 dB/mW sensitivity' 12-22,000 HZ frequency response. These were more of a disappointment than the headphones. the housing on the drivers is not perfectly round, but is slighy "D" shaped with a point so as to seemingly fit the ear more naturally. I found them to be slightly large in my ears, a a little bit painful unless precisely placed (which isn't something we all take the time to do every time, I'm sure). The buds are shipped in a wind up case, with the pads stored underneath the buds - to be used at the buyer's discretion as to whether they want to put them on or not. The easiest way I found to put them on was to place them against the speaker and roll them inside out over the earbud. Sound quality was almost as good as the over-ears. Even less volume was needed to power the earbuds, due to their higher sensitivity and to the fact that they are piping the sound directly into the ear canal. To me, they sounded a bit lacking in oomph on low frequencies, and slightly overpowering in the highs, giving a feeling of music being very brassy and not as bassy as it should be at low volumes. Midrange normal volumes drastically reduced this problem with the bass lacking, but the treble still seemed slightly overboosted(not as bad as before, though). Again, a low power handling capacity was a disappointment, but the price was right, and I certainly didn't intend to be pumping too much power out through them. Overall, the MDR-A110LP Over-the-Head headphones I would give a 4.5 out of 5, and the MDR-E828LP's would get a 4 out of 5. I haven't used them long enough to give them a good burn-in yet, I'll post again in 2 or 3 days after I've warmed them up pretty good. For 10 bucks, though, they are both more than what I expected to get! I hope someone with a near-zero spending budget finds this useful, and hopefully eventually I'll be able to review more expensive and neather things!
  22. I was just in my local Circuit City (Wilkes-Barre, PA) and was looking at MD supplies. It was amazing! NE410's are 77 bucks, as well as the MZ-S1 sports model, NF610CK's were 125 bucks, Memorex 80 min crystal blanks are 6.99 for a 5-pack, and Sony's official MDCASE3 armband case was 10 bucks! If you want cheap blanks super-cheap, buy them while they last!
  23. Sony's press releases say that you can upload your microphone recordings to the pc, but what about digital ones?
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