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  1. Yeeeah, forget about Battlefield 1942, Command And Conquer: Generals, and oh yeah, World Of Warcraft.
  2. I suppose you wanted to say "they make that", or something? Either way, my mistake. Pioneer has stopped manufacturing that particular model. (The DVL-91) However I believe they still have the non-Elite DVD/LD player, the DVL-919. MSRP is set at $1,275.
  3. LD rocks. I finally upgraded to a 2 sided player last year. I wish I could afford to buy the Pioneer Elite LD/DVD/CD player that they're still making. That thing is a beauty. (Oh yes, if anyone is looking for LDs, http://www.discountlaserdisc.com/ is a great place to purchase them, I've bought many discs from Mr. Legg, and he's very reputable. /pimp )
  4. I love the iMac Mini. One can certainly argue that a PC can be had at the same price with better features, but can a Mac? Probably not. It's an excellent price for a Mac, and with my educational discount, the price is only $479. (And it's so compact! ) Also regarding RAM, in my area I know that most Apple resellers will sell you RAM that is decently priced. A few of my school mates own Macs, and that's what they've done in the past.
  5. Hm. Methinks they should work on the price too, considering current Blu-Ray recorders are like $3K I think?
  6. No no, I record in Hi-SP and those were my results. Hearing that Dex gets 6+ makes me think my gumstick is FUBARed or something. As for regular MD discs in SP, can I upload recorded songs from a HiMD unit that recorded it in NetMD mode? I thought that uploading was restricted to HiMD exclusively, which doesn't include recording with a HiMD unit in MD mode. (If that is the case, I would use my R50, [considering I only use HiMD for unploading] but then I have to worry about stressing unit. I don't want my baby to break. )
  7. As cheap as they are, maybe I'm complaining because as it stands I cannot afford AA batteries? I can't even afford cigarettes either. But okay, great, I can use an AA and get more battery life out of it. Hooray. My MZ-R50 has a better recording time using it's single Li-ion battery than my NH900 does with it's gumstick. I don't care about using AA attachments, I care about what the battery life is with the single battery, which happens to be less than a unit that's over 7 years old.
  8. Hyena

    Got HDTV?

    We had Voom (www.voom.com) for awhile, but we got rid of it because there weren't any HD programs that we liked, and it wasn't worth the money really. But anywho, now we just have all our game systems (PS2, Gamecube, Xbox) hooked up to the TV, and it's awesome. However, 720p with the Xbox is TERRIBLE on pretty much EVERY game, because they turn off anti-aliasing or something, I dunno. Either way, it looks really crappy, so most of the time I don't even bother. Using component over anything else for all the systems is awesome though, it most definately makes a difference, everything is crisp and clear.
  9. Actually, they have quite a few microphones out there for MD units that aren't noticable at all. Some of which stick out of the mic-in port of the units only an inch or so, no more. I don't know where you can purchase these, however if you're not opposed to eBay, there are many, many mics like that for sale for relatively cheap. Example of those mics would be this little guy: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3772978535&rd=1
  10. How is it based off of HiMD technology? UMDs and HiMDs share nothing in common whatsoever. HiMD is a MO disc that utilizes DWDD, and UMDs are dual layer optical discs more akin to DVDs than anything else.
  11. Yeah, actually I have. In my opinion, the NH900 is a very "quirky" unit. There's a few annoyances that it has, but it's first gen tech, and better to have it occasionally annoy you than to have it's recording block just die. (*cough* N1 *cough* ) Yeeeah, I'm lazy..... most of the time I do have the power supply with me for when I record. (Thank goodness the cradle isn't required for that. When I first looked the unit over, I nearly had a cow regarding that. ^^;; ) No, I know. Even on the back of the unit there's a sticker that states that. I wasn't aware that the gumstick needed to be totally charged in order to record in Hi-MD mode, but then again, who knows how reliable the battery life indicator is on the unit. When money comes my way, I may look into the higher MAH batteries. (Like the Moshi Maro batteries? )
  12. Well, I'm not the type of person who has AA's lying around. In fact, my apartment is constantly devoid of them. But! This is not my complaint. Neither is the unit being powered by the USB port. I'm talking about recording. Sony states that it's like 5 hours for HiSP (just using the gumstick), but I've found it to be more like 4 hours, AND to top it off, for some reason, whenever my unit shows that my gumstick is depeleted from anywhere between a quarter or halfway, I CANNOT record, because the unit tells me that I do not have enough power to record in HiMD mode. :whatever:
  13. How would they go about increasing those? I thought that the write speeds for HiMD were already at their max. Either way, I hope Sony pursues some power optimization with Hi-MD, because recording with a 1 GB disc is just terrible when it comes to battery life. :whatever:
  14. I was hoping the MP3 playback on the PSP will be much like the Clies (just drag and drop) but now reading about how the NW-E99 goes about wrapping MP3s in a cute DRM bundle, I don't think that's a possibility. :whatever: Regarding the battery life, several sites have stated that they found that for less graphically demanding games, like Lumines, the battery is what Sony quoted, which is 6 hours. However, for more graphically intense games, like Ridge Racer, they've found that the battery life is more like 3 hours to 90 minutes. :laugh: Battery life doesn't bother be though, because I seriously doubt that I'll be playing it portably for more that 90 minutes away from a power source. I love my DS (Feel The Magic r0x.), but I love the PSP even more. :love:
  15. You would like to change the menu and such on the unit to english? If so, Audiocubes.com lists directions for this: "Using a jog dial, proceed from "各種設定" (Other Setup), to "表示言語" (Display Language), then select "英語表示" (English Display). "
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