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  1. Thanks for the advice. It should include the battery adapter but I shall se when it arrives..
  2. So I ended up buying an R50 for a little more than 20 euros from a local equivalent of Ebay. It should be in good condition but without the charger. Let's see when it arrives..
  3. Thanks for the hints. I have no plans of getting rid of the N910 but I've heard some of the older ones have great headphone outs or other properties better than the newer ones though they lack in the encoding field. Rob, if _you_ would be getting a single portable player or recorder 2 to 5 years old (in addition to owning the mentioned gear already), which would it be? EDIT: a problem with quick reply..
  4. As many people seem to be selling their old MD stuff when going MP3, I'm pretty tempted to buy one or two older players or recorders. I currently have a portable MZ-N910, two decks, a 333ES and a Sony 510. Now what I'd like to know is which of the older (portable) gear are considered true treasures and for what reason? An R50 might be going pretty cheap locally in a few days but without the charger. I guess it's pretty good?
  5. Sorry to answer to this old thread but I just noticed this post. Petter, where have you been lately? YLE decided this year to drop DAB totally and use other technologies - like the DVB-T you sort of mentioned. Audio-wise it should be the same MPEG layer 2 as DAB.
  6. Hi. I have the MDS-JA333ES deck. What if I used it as an AD converter, like using the analog inputs and connecting the digital out to a PC for PCM/wav recording. Would that digital 44.1kHz 16-bit audio contain the SCMS? Would I be able to burn the recorded wav as and audio-CD? Thanks. EDIT: or perhaps the SCMS would only affect copying of the burned CD if even that?
  7. Goddamn, I hate the SonicStage. I have only tried it a few times and always ended up doing all my recording in real time using the optical in. That software is just so profoundly un-user-friendly and un-intuitive and unreliable. Just installed 3.0. Can't tell if it's better or worse than the previous ones but in the first few minutes I somehow managed to delete several semi-important WAVs from my HD! Geez. It's probably something I did, but have to say I'm not this clueless with other software. Back to real-time recording again.
  8. Now that for example Simple Burner allows CD -> Hi-MD USB transfer using PCM, when on earth are we going to get real SP USB transfer on older NetMD gear? This is one of the major annoyances provided by Sony. Any ideas/knowledge?
  9. That's what I did. And........ at 9 secs remaining "Disc Full". Crap. Not the end of the world but annoying for any anal retentive geek like me.
  10. Yes, thanks. I actually didn't know it until I found Peter's site. Editing does not seem very tempting. Any way, I'm currently recording it. In about 49 mins you'll hear me swearing and yelling.
  11. Never mind, I found Peter Ravn's calculator. Because of 13 or 26 seconds I can't do it in SP (not sure how to interpret).
  12. The reason for asking this is that I want to record a double album on SP quality on an 80 mins MD. The album in question is Pink Floyd's The Wall which has a duration of ca. 39:1* for the first disc and a bit less than 42 mins for the second making the total between 81 and 82 mins. So, before I spend another precious 1 hour 20 mins of my life recording this, I'd like to know if an 80 mins TDK is exactly 80 mins or could there be some extra space like VHS used to have? Thanks.
  13. rauer

    Shuttle Xpc

    I'm not familiar with either of those PC's but I do have a couple of Intel-based Shuttles (SB65 & SB51). They're nice in many ways but placing lotsa hardware in a small enclosure like that tends to generate quite a lot of heat and therefore the fans a bit on the loud side - even when using the Speedfan. I know there are certain modifications you can do but I haven't done any. Another thing is, the onboard audio card isn't necessary very good. At least the ones I have resample the audio (to 48kHz IIRC). For example when I play a DTS encoded wav file on my PC, output the signal to my AV receiver's digital, it isn't recognized as DTS. You'll find tons of Shuttle XPC related info at Sudhian EDIT: just noticed Rumz already provided the link..
  14. That did it, thank you for the tip.
  15. Thanks, but I still have the problem. No big problem really, but still the error message.
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