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  1. The forum is the people rather than the place. With google etc the place is fairly unimportant. What's vital is that the forum software in use at the new site should function much as this does and that there's no obstacle to fluid interaction, because that can be a community-killer. Count me in.
  2. Well said. It's the usual thing - "Which is best, a hammer or a screwdriver?" Well, it depends on the task in hand.
  3. 24/96... well, the 24 part has some use, the 96 part is unlikely to be worth your while as it enables high frequencies to be recorded which you can't hear in the first place, and which your mics and loudspeakers may not be able to capture and reproduce to any worthwhile extent. 24 bits enables you to under-record and still recover the full dynamic range in post-production, which can be useful. However, a fairly recent large-scale listening test* failed to find a statistically significant group of people (expert and amateur) who could spot the difference between 24/96 and 16/44, so I wouldn't let the availability of 24/96 on a device sway your purchasing decision very much. * http://drewdaniels.com/audible.pdf
  4. I record classical concerts for FM radio broadcast, and normally these days I use an Edirol R-44 four channel recorder. But for backup (in case the SDHC card goes dead, which is not completely unknown) I still connect up my RH-1 alongside it. Why? - it's hardly anything else to carry. - it sits nicely on the tabletop with the display clearly visible and the (few) buttons easily operable - it has no unrequired mics built in - I don't recall having any MD media fail on me since the first ever model - if I need to use it, the sound quality would be perfectly OK for radio broadcast But I don't fondle the discs... At the concert I recorded today, the young resident engineer at the concert hall said "Hey - MiniDisc! Haven't seen that in a while!" - and we both fondly discussed its real merits and shed a metaphorical tear at its demise (in terms of the release of any further models).
  5. I don't think there's any difference there. Perhaps one of the most significant differences for those who record live to HiMD is that the RH-1 doesn't have to have its settings reset each time you do a new recording. For recording, the RH-1 display is much better than the NH1. It's really a full size deck shrunk down to next to nothing. I have both but hardly ever use the NH1, and it's always the RH-1 that gets mentioned in nature and location recording circles.
  6. http://www.bradlinder.net/2009/07/sony-introduces-pcm-m10-handheld-pro.html This could prove attractive to someone wanting to buy Sony and wanting to replace an RH-1 for recording. If the mic input is as good as the RH-1 input, that is...
  7. DCC? I stlll have a DCC deck.
  8. Unwanted tracks remain the last minidisc frontier - the RH-1 fixed everything else. http://www.download3000.com/screenshot-mediajoin-7476.html is another possible solution - freeware joiner. I've used it way back and as I recall it, it worked well. Or, if you use Reaper - www.reaper.fm - for postproduction, it has a ripple editing mode which means that lots of little items are treated as one when editing.
  9. I think that's pretty standard with memory chip and hard drive camcorders these days - they've finally caught up with MD!
  10. It's interesting that there's not been a great deal of reaction here to this project. Personally my use of my RH-1 is for backing up to stereo the location recordings I make using other equipment (eg Korg D888 or Edirol R-44). I use the Hi-SP format as that is sufficient for the purpose. I tend to end up with loads of small files due to the unstoppable auto track marking, and whatever I use for transferring, I have to have auto file naming, as no way am I going to go through and name each track by hand. My only gripe with SonicStage in this context is the unnecessary library stuff. I just want to copy my files from the RH-1, converting from Hi-SP to wave on the fly, to a given directory, with the files numbered sequentially. As soon as anyone offers me a reliable means of doing that, ideally without SonicStage even being installed, I'd be glad of it - but going the SonicStage route is sufficiently painless for occasional use that personally I wouldn't find it worth paying much if anything for an alternative - it's not that big a problem. I hope that gives some kind of context as far as I, very much personally, see it. Others may have a very different perspective of course.
  11. The title does show on the RH-1 remote but not in your program nor on the transferred file. I've also been trying to transfer some PCM files from the RH-1 to the PC and because each file transfers with the same name (-.wav) only the last one is found if I transfer a group - each file transferred over-writes the previous one. This is probably due to the same problem of the program not recognising the MD file information. I tried with the NH900 and NH1 also, and the same problems existed. However, once this problem is overcome it should work well.
  12. I've tried that and the previous version but it seems to partly work. I'm trying to transfer an mp3 file to and from an RH-1 using it. First I use "connect" to go to the RH-1 drive - that seems fine (and the crash which previously occurred if I clicked on the folder in the drive now just brings up an error message, good). When I click on "Download tracks onto MD" and select an mp3 track stored on my PC, nothing happens - no track is transferred - the RH-1 does not respond. If I use SonicStage to transfer the track onto the MD, then run your program again, it shows in the list but with no title. I can then use your program to transfer the track back to the PC but it has just a dash for a filename and the mp3 metadata is lost. Anyway, it's looking interesting so far!
  13. It just comes up with loads of critical errors here and seems not to work at all (with an RH1).
  14. A good time to revised the great resource the equipment browser is! Cheers!
  15. About 36 or 37 minutes I think. The 8 track Yamaha was 18 minutes. Nice machines in their time but seriously obsolete now.
  16. I have a Sony QWERTY infra red remote - RM-D11P - http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_RM-D10P+D11P+D20P.html
  17. http://www.gadgetsoul.com/sony-icd-sx9004g...c-recorder.html "Introducing the ICD-SX900 (4GB) and ICD-SX800 (2 GB), two new IC recorder to support linear PCM, MP3 and LPEC record (LPEC is a codec for Sony Records)." "Both IC recorders can be plugged into any computer USB (PC, Linux, MAC), require a AAA battery (14hrs to 19hrs of battery life), have a size and weight only 31.3×15.4×130mm 75g."
  18. ozpeter

    Hi def minidisc.

    Given that a major study found that audio "better" than 16 bits, 44.1kHz cannot be distinguished from standard CDs in properly conducted blind listening tests by a large sample of people tested over the course of a year, what's the point in having hi def minidisc?
  19. http://www.soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=10885 should give you the hots, mate! Seems like the stereo recorder with everything.
  20. http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=365 - "Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!"
  21. Well, looks like we're on our own on this one now! I don't have the unit but I can tell you the card must be FAT32 formatted, not NTFS, and in any event you can't write a bigger file than 2GB on it anyway (though you could write two files of about 2 gigs on a 4 gig card).
  22. Quite an journey you're on, mate! I still have three DAT machines set up (or almost set up) in the studio here but only one, an HHB PortaDat, still reliably plays most old tapes. It's been a while since I've recorded anything in the format, although it used to be the mainstay of my work (and was one of the earliest adopters in the UK, as with MD). Now I regard my Edirol R-44 as a good replacement for the PortaDat - with the added benefit of a second pair of mic preamps and recording tracks - and it's somewhat smaller. I guess we all fall in love with different bits of kit - and with different women, which is kind of essential for the survival of the human race!
  23. It's a pretty indestructible medium so long as you don't lose it. But it'll need to be packaged in a way that will go on a shelf or whatever with appropriate listings and art. So you'll end up with something about the size of, well, a CD. Unless the idea is that there's a pdf on the media. And the retailers will want the packaging big else it'll kind of disappear pretty easily from the shelves. Official details are at http://www.slotmusic.org/what_is.php
  24. Zoom H2 separation - see the following for samples - http://www.2090.org/zoom/bbs/viewtopic.php...166f827ad#96318 http://www.2090.org/zoom/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=11501
  25. Good poll! Most polls on forums are a total bore. I see that I'm typical of the majority. But I shall say nothing else which might influence others!
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