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  1. For the record, (and play... LOL), I love my NH-700 as well, its a great little machine.
  2. Hi I've been hunting around the internet and can't find a working link to this excellent M3U2SB software... Does anyone know where I can get it from still? Cheers, JB
  3. In the voice of Cartman: "Thet is soooo kew, yew guyz - Kick ass!" A textbook install, this time in 5 minutes! After 5 hours of trawling the net and doodling around with the other stuff I did this afternoon it is laughable how easy you made it Avrin! Thanks so much! So now I should be able to get a couple more years out of my minidisc player, by which time gapless playback wil be normal on all DAPs I'm actually grinning - really chuffed about this! Thanks again
  4. would love to live in Germany

  5. Hi Stephen, Thanks for the reply and your advice 31 is indeed version 3.1 - I found 4.6 on the Sony esupport site, but it said that it was only for Vista Business so I didn't use it. The link in Avrin's post links to a Japanese site which I can't navigate, but it seems the file is not there anymore (which, from 1997 is completely understandable - I know that Hi-MD users are thin on the ground ) I haven't had SonicStage installed on this machine since its last ground up (operating system and complete format) renewal. So it's clean for the SimpleBurner stand alone install (when I can get it to work) I have now done a system restore to get rid of the remnants of this afternoon's failed install. Hopefully there's a SimpleSolution vers.1.0.1 (lol?)
  6. Hi there, Not sure if anyone besides me is still using minidiscs, but I'll ask anyway I have been trying to install SimpleBurner without SonicStage, referring to this Forum and also [http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10878&page=5] I am running a fast XP SP2 32bit machine and installed (in this order): latest(?) Sony PA Driver ( Extracted OpenMGSetup31.exe, then ran the following: \OpenMG_Setup\Setup.exe \LimitedPatch\OMGLP-02-10-22-01.exe \LimitedPatch\OMGLP-02-10-22-02.exe \LimitedPatch\OMGLP-02-10-23-01.exe Installed Sony uilib (latest from Sony Support for Hi-MD) Installed SimpleBurner Restarted my Computer When I restart SimpleBurner suffers a fatal error and needs to close and tells me to reboot my PC. If this doesn't solve the problem I should reinstall the software. I really like this method of install to work so I can use M3U2SB, so if anyone has ideas on what my error might be I would be extremely grateful! What also has me stumped is that about 18months ago I had SimpleBurner installed without any of this rigmarole and don't really understand what has changed..?
  7. jonnybiggs


    I wish Sony would do a questionaire - and research a home deck, like conduct a poll. It would be especially relevant to take note of the supporters in each country, to avoid situations like HiMD being removed from the market down here in Oz. We could set up a petition/vote/feedback to forward to them via the forum here too. I like having a system that interfaces with hi-fi and not just computers!!!
  8. As far as I understand the volume is unrestricted in Australia - goes up to 30. The limitation I was asking about is that with the NH1 and NH900 the headphone socket doubles as a 'line out' if you run a lead to hi-fi equipment, providing a higher 'line level' signal. How it knows whether a headphone or a connecting cable is plugged in I don't know...But I'd like to connect the unit to my stereo (as no seperate deck is available ) and I thought maybe it was just a setting. I saw in the service mode listings that have been detailed that menu number 900 lists something about line out, so I was just curious. Cheers, J
  9. Hi all! I'm a lazy, dormant member (no Beavis and Butthead jokes yet please... ) who has been analysing these units since inception and finally taken advantage of Minidisc Australia's great sale prices - though they lied to me about the bonus CD in the bundle being sealed in the pack and un-choosable - was lying in the top of the box seperate when I received the unit Anyway you guys have been working on this hack like POW's - though happy one's! Very impressed, just hope you can find a way to save the settings! Does anyone know if the missing "line out" on the NH700 from the NH900 is a hack or a hardware issue - that's my one complaint with having bought the cheaper model, sounds preeeetty ordinary wired through my amp at home, have to turn it up reeeaaalll loud to get equivalent volume to other components and get heaps of distortion (even at low volume on unit) when I tried it through the turntable input... Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, not had a lot of luck filtering out results in the search feature Cheers! Jon. PS how about an online petition for a Hi-MD Recorder Deck - with the country of each person voting, so Sony (or other licencee) can see how many would buy it and distribution breakdown??
  10. I have a question, a serious question. Would anybody like a bagel? No seriously, I think I have grasped (sort of) the PCM/Hi-SP compression comparison, so can anyone tell me (if I didn't blip over it in all that scientific talk) is Hi-MD PCM "22.5 kHz, 8 bit" as quoted by Latex? And then how does that effect PCM as a mastering medium? Is Hi-SP then better? I'm not a linguist, rather a DJ who likes the idea of mastering mixes straight from my mixing desk and being able to fiddle with them (ie track marks) before burning a CD. I guess you'll know I'm new around these parts, so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum...
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