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  1. I just bought an 8GB Sandisk Extreme III Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo card for my PCM-D50. Now I have almost 4 hours of recording time at 96kHz/24-bit.
  2. You betcha and after listening to the raw recording of my first ever bootleg on the PCM-D50, I have to say, "Screw my MZ-RH1 and MZ-NH1. This is the shizzle!" Now that I finally built my new computer system (after the last one suffered from a dead motherboard some 3 weeks after I first arrived in China), I can finally start working on the post-production processing. I'll send you a couple of snippets so you can get an idea, even though it's Bay Area thrash metal from Testament.
  3. Heheheh. I think I've gone over this before so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. Long ago, when mAudio released the Minitrack flash-recorder, I was initially tempted but decided it was not for me based on two factors: 1) No 3.5mm stereo line-in for my Core Sounds binaurals 2) I still liked the idea of having my MD's as my masters. In other words, for archiving purposes it's much cheaper and more reliable to have MD's rather than a stack of flash cards for archiving purposes Since the death of the recording functionality in my MZ-RH1 and given the fact that I've been spoiled by never having to swap discs again at the perfect moment during my bootlegs like I used to with my trusty workhorse MZ-R50, I figured my options were down to two: 1) Go back to using my MZ-NH1 and have to go through the hassle of always changing the AGC setting to Manual. The MZ-RH1 spoiled me with its ability to retain the last used setting in memory. Furthermore, risk the possibility of a dud disc which would result in the recording stopping at a really bad time despite my constantly monitoring the remote every minute to make sure it's still rolling. 2) Bite the bullet with a flash-recorder and rely on making archive copies on an external HD. It took a lot of thinking to get me to my final decision. The fact still remains that the MD's are perfect for archiving because unlike the HD, I would only have one concert per MD. That would be unfeasible to do with hard drives and so having all the concerts in one basket could prove to be disastrous. That said, archives would live on two separate HD's anyway. However, there is another solution and it was the better way to go as I could achieve all that I seek using existing hardware. The good thing is that the MZ-RH1 can still play. However, it cannot be used on a computer given that it still needs to be able to write to the disc, even if you're only reading from it. That causes system errors and has the potential to destroy the disc. My MZ-NH1, on the other hand, is still in perfect shape even after many recordings over the past three years. Of course, I'll still consider looking up Sony's spare parts for the MZ-RH1 if I can find them locally (fat chance in Australia but it's still worth a shot) but at least I have the MZ-NH1 to fall back on. I'm still thinking I should have bought another MZ-RH1 while I was in Tokyo but no matter. So the solution ended up being the following: * Buy the Sony PCM-D50. The reviews were all glowing reports compared to other units. The Tascam DR-1 was my first look but the specifications and the functionality were definitely not suited to my application. * After dumping the recordings onto the computer from the PCM-D50, dump them onto a HiMD using the MZ-NH1 (as PCM if capacity allows, otherwise the highest possible bitrate in ATRAC3+). My only gripe about the PCM-D50 is its size but that's a minor inconvenience. Again, I think I was spoiled by my MZ-NH1 and MZ-RH1. I made another couple of discoveries a couple nights ago when I recorded a concert with it for the very first time since I bought it. For a start, the in-built microphones are amazing. I started experimenting with it on the support act and using the in-built mics with the 20dB attenuation switch on and having the unit sitting in its leather case, closed and hanging off my belt wearing my thick shirt over it, the unit still managed to pick up an exceptional sound albeit with a slightly muffled high-end, as to be expected through clothing!! The mics were set up in a long-range fashion with the mics crossed over at the 90 degrees setting. I was nothing short of amazed when I listened back to this result. After realising that I still had the input switch set to the in-built mics, I set it up for the line input with no attenuation so that it would take the signal from my Core Sounds omnidirectionals. I'm still looking to upgrade to the DPA mics, however, this recorder has truly impressed me and given me a sound which I seriously believe is so much sweeter than my MD units. Set at 44.1kHz at 24 bit, the sound this thing has pulled in, from what is a pretty easy venue to record at given its half-decent room acoustics, is nothing short of spectacular. Now all that's left is for me to fix my desktop computer (waiting for a new motherboard to replace the dead one in there now) and do some post-production processing like I do with all my bootlegs. Long and short of it, when you do save up the money Guitarfxr, you just have to buy one dude. The audio stage has definitely proved its worth from both the line and mic pre-amps as well as the in-built mics themselves. I'll get you some samples (raw and processed) once I've got everything up and running again.
  4. I definitely need to make my way to the beaches when I come up there next.
  5. I recommended that one to my colleague, based on your experiences with the DR1, as he's an avid guitarist (he has a fetish for Gibson SG's) and wanted something that he could just record with but this one has a few more little gizmos that got both our attention. Hopefully he'll send me an email from Canada telling me more about it, if he ends up getting one!
  6. It's definitely the best piece of hardware in the HiMD portables. I still regret not buying an RH1 while I was in Tokyo, only because of the manual level control setting remaining in memory for every recording initiated. Having said that, the RH1 just isn't built as solid as the NH1, which took a beating for over 3 years and never faltered ONCE. They are a brilliant unit.
  7. We'll have a Nightingale Floor face-off. 3#-)
  8. Artstar

    "IPod Police"

    Kinda makes me think about keeping my Macbook Pro and PCM-D50 back home in Sydney when it's time for me to work in Vancouver in a year or so. I'll just keep my old broken Toshiba laptop as a sacrificial unit if they get too excited with me.
  9. Dang it. I wish I had more time to spend in Japan to check that out. Sounds like a pretty special place (and good for a challenge of a drummer's feet with the Nightingale Floors). Soon again, I hope.
  10. I wish I could agree with you there given that my RH1 took a 3ft tumble to a vinyl covered concrete floor whilst still in its leather case and since then, it has lost its recording ability. My NH1 has had similar bad luck (I really need to keep these things away from apprentices!) and it has survived, again while in its leather case. Long and short of it, that was enough to convince me to get a PCM-D50 and it will be kept well away from any careless twits who don't look after my own equipment as much as I do.
  11. a) Not enough time to go anywhere else as my colleague (who tagged along) and I were flying back out 4pm the next day in order to make it back to Beijing in time for work on Monday. In fact, while I was at Softmap buying the Mac and the Sony accessories (remote and case for the PCM-D50), Guitarfxr and my colleague ran off to another retailer in time before closing to get the PCM-D50 since the Softmap store didn't have any in stock. That's how fine we cut it! Not enough room in the backpack for me to buy anything else. I wanted a few lenses for my Canon SLR as well but there would have been no way of squeezing one of them in particular into my backpack so I figured I'd take a chance and do the shopping here in Beijing instead in hope of a good - if not better - deal than Japan. From what I noticed, Japan isn't all that much cheaper, generally, compared to external sources though I'm prepared to be proven wrong on that one. Some things in Beijing are more expensive than Japan and vice versa. I think it is very safe to say though that even if the D50 does make its way to Australia, it won't be as good a deal as what I paid for it in Japan! If I were to buy a new Macbook Pro, the cost worked out the same between Japan and Australia and China is actually 20% more expensive from what I noticed. iPods, however, are about 20% cheaper in China than they are in Japan (yes, genuine not fake, heh). So what I have learned is that I can definitely afford all the toys I could want from Japan though not everything works out cheaper just because it is made locally and the same rules apply to China considering the PCM-D50 and even the Macbook Pro are both made in China. Go figure! As Guitarfxr said though, I'll be back. It's just a matter of when. Maybe if there's a bit of downtime between the Olympics and the Paralympics, I might be fortunate enough to fly back for a week next time around.
  12. With the very kind assistance of guitarfxr (thanks again dude!), while in Japan I bought a 2nd hand 17" Macbook Pro (2.33GHz Core 2 Duo model) since it met my needs perfectly at half the cost of a new one and more importantly, a Sony PCM-D50 recorder! Not that I've had much of a chance to play with either unit yet given how busy work is at the moment but damn that was probably some of the best buys I've made so far! A big thanks again to Guitarfxr for being such a generous tour guide (and shop advisor) during my 2.5 day stay in Japan this past weekend.
  13. Heheh. Good thing they pay me the big bucks at the Olympics! 3#-) Thanks for the tip. I've pm'ed him so let's see what my options are.
  14. Hi everyone, I've decided while I'm in Beijing for the next 4 months, I'm going to make the most of what's left of my weekends and take a quick 2 day trip to Japan. So my question is, I'll definitely want to do some electronics (Sony PCM-D50 I think is in order!) and maybe even camera lens (Canon) shopping while I'm there. I haven't checked out the travel yet but I'm assuming the plane will be landing in Tokyo so in which case, where should I go? Any names and/or addresses? Cheers!
  15. I would recommend you check out any of the Sony Central stores. I bought about 40 HiMD's from the Sony Central in George St. Sydney and they were $5.95 each back in December last year. Also, with the death of my MZ-RH1's recording abilities (playback is still fine), I'm considering selling off the stockpile I built up over time since I'm looking at getting me a PCM-D50 now, just because I don't want to waste my money on another RH1 which will only end up dying in the recording department as well.
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