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    UMD vs. Hi-MD

    What confuses me is that they didn't just use strandard HiMD discs with the PSP, it would have made a ton more sence than inventing a new soon to be obsloete format. But then, I guess they woudnt make any money off of thier 1 gig memory chips. I guess time will tell if it will be as universal as they say it is, or if its just an MD spin-off product.
  2. Uzzi

    UMD vs. Hi-MD

    This is totally hypathetical, but I was wondering if you guys think UMD (for PSP) format will ever overtake Minidisc, "if" it becomes as versatile as MD. It seems like the discs are smaller, so it would be more useful, although the cases aren’t sealed as well. I just got a PSP and music can be saved on it with SS using its memory stick and supports ATRAC3plus, so I know it can probably play music on a UMD, with the proper firmware. Id rather have it in a MD size unit though, and with record functions. PSP makes a tank of a music player. Sorry if this is a little OT.
  3. Uzzi


    Is the gap related to the way the player switches tracks, or the recording? If it was the way the player switches tracks; I'd just rip it to a high bitrate MP3 first, then combine the tracks with goldwave, like sebastianbf said to do. That would insure that there are no gaps.
  4. I have one of those Fontopia headophone bags too for my MDR-EX81SL, and its perfect for an NH1. Its slides in easily, but theres no slack material. The only thing it lacks is a beltloop.
  5. Oh yeah, don't use the remote in the rain either. Mine seemed to be working fine while in a rain storm, but an hour later the desplay and backlight stopped working. The controls still operated normally though. It took nearly a week for the thing to dry out anough for it to start working again. I thought for sure it was a goner. The player was fine because I put it in a nicely sealed ziplock freezer bag. Next time Ill just detach the remote and put it in the pag where itll be safe.
  6. It probably just isn't a very popular feature, plus takes up extra space and costs too more to produce. I have an N10 and it comes with optical out, the line-in is a combo plug with an optical sensor in the back. I have an older R70, and it has one too. They arent Hi-MD though.
  7. I only use it for transfering MP3's and ripping cd'd, then I delete the OMA's and clean out the library too. SS can't play files randomly, so its not very usefull; it plays the library folders in succession, one at a time randomly, not technically random. The MD it's self plays files randomly with out this problem. I can do more with MP3's; like edit and mix - or even add them to a AVI for a music video, so im in no hurry to convert over to OMA. Most of my CD's are 10 years old and fading, so I want my HD copies to be very portable so i can still do stuff with them later on.
  8. It's possible, but the eh1 is hard to work with using its low profile buttons on the player. I use it at work where I tend to change volume, tracks and stop a lot. I don’t want to take the player out of my pocket every time I get interrupted. I do like that idea, and at times when I don't need to mess with the controls, I do like to hit shuffle on the remote and then remove it, so its lower profile. That’s how Ive used it for biking and it works good.
  9. Lots of great ideas here, but I live in a temperate climate, so T-shirts are the only way to go. I’m stuck with the long corded 51LP for normal use. They'er the same sound quality though so its ok. The problem is; the remote takes a beating, being at my waist. I did find a way to use the 81sl head phones for my bicycle rides by poking a small hole in my jersey 6 inches below the left armpit and poking the remote clip into it. Then running the cord to the back jersey pocket where the MD is, and the head phone cord behind my arm and over my shoulders. This makes it simple to access the remote and keeps the cords out of the way too. Note: I also have an NH600D which has a remote plug-in, and the 40ELK remote works fine with it. This unit didn't come with a remote, since its the cheap one. I also tested the 33EL remote, and it functions well too.
  10. I have an N10, and the bulge where the display is makes it bigger than some of the HI-MD's. The NH1 Eh1 and NH3D are way thinner. They also use a different battery, that can be replaced easily without dissaasemeling the unit. Its also available; at AudiCubes.com
  11. I use a long corded ear bud type headphone and clip the remote to my back pocket, where I keep the unit. I recently got 2 sets of remote specific head phones. So what’s the best way to use them with a remote? The length of the cord limits the position, and I’m used to running the cord over the back of my shoulder so it stays out of the way. I have an eh1 and the new headphones are ex81sl.
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