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  1. Appreciate all the input - *input* - that's what I liked about the NH600 versus the D. Not sure I ever used it, but I do like options. Anywho, I do fully agree about eBay being a better place to sell and I have an account there, same name as here, but haven't sold there in a long time, the fees and the hassle just got more annoying to me than it was worth. Craigslist was easier and cheaper for what I was doing. I'm not going to make money on these, I already know it, and I don't really care, they just need new homes but, as y'all have mentioned, seems I'm getting lowballers right now on craigslist. I don't mind, the box of MDs is small and takes up little space, they don't bother me and I'm not desperate. $150 is fine for the whole lot if anybody here wants it :} Pittsburgh was practically my second home for my childhood, my mom's whole family is there, and we spent a couple weeks every summer near McKnight Road, one of my cousins still lives there in the house mom was born in. :} Love the incline (easily entertained, yes I am). Sergio, I have a Welsh friend paragliding in Italy right now, the pictures he's posting are really nice. Hope to visit there one day too. Thanks again for the info. :}
  2. Even if not interested in buying, would really appreciate help pricing estimates please? Trying to figure out if my expectations are unreasonable or not. Thanks either way. :}
  3. It's been a long time since I was here last, but incredibly I remembered my login name and pswd We collected six MD players several years ago, transferred a lot of stuff from cassette to MD, played them a while - on vacations, in the car, at home, etc - then just stopped playing them and put them in a box. I'm keeping one player and a few absolutely favorite discs for myself, but the other five players and discs should be getting use if at all possible by folks who know how to use them without consulting the instruction manual. ;} Looking back at my prior posts, the Hi-MD NH-600 is the world version, not the NH-600D, I can't remember what it was I wanted it specifically for but there you go. The remote I've bundled with the N707 may go with the NH-600; I can't tell and I have yet to find a second remote but if I do will update. Some accessories can be mix and match (obviously not the N707 charging dock and wall charger, sorry; those have to stay with the N707). I am very willing to negotiate price (did not list individual player prices, but I will part out); however, I do know how to look up completed eBay auctions for general reference so, y'know, "$40 for everything" probably won't get far (my most recent offer). http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/4301186225.html
  4. Sorry, Lissette, these were sold back in February; I know the order of the posts makes it confusing but I haven't any prerecordeds left. Best wishes. :-)
  5. It ended up an *Bay auction, but I feel it merits a feedback here because it started here. I posted a want for an NH600 world version and giki answered. giki made good on all counts - trustworthy in my book. Thanks from a Western girl! Terri
  6. Done and done. Sorry 'bout that. I wanted to test recording on the gig disks you sent, but hadn't gotten to it yet. Thanks for the music on them, though. :-D Posted a feedback for you here on minidisc as well.
  7. Erm, no need to resort to violence. lol. ;-) Glad you're doing all right, though. I'll let ya know when it gets here. Thanks! Terri
  8. Giki, m'friend... trying to reach you with no answer through e*ay. Has the 1gb minidisc been shipped yet, please? Thanks!
  9. He paid as he promised, and threw in a souvenir from the Cayman Islands to boot (okay, it wasn't the balmy ocean breeze I'd asked for, but I guess that wouldn't stay in the envelope). Positive experience. :-)
  10. Adding to this lot Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell" mini disc in original jewel case with original lyric booklet. I'm no expert, but the mini disc and art on it look virtually new. So total of 5 prerecorded minidiscs: Lemonheads "It's a Shame About Ray," Alice in Chains "MTV Unplugged," the Breeders "Last Splash," and Pink Floyd "The Division Bell" in cases with booklets, and Pearl Jam "Live On Two Legs" missing case and booklet. No reasonable offer refused. Will part out.
  11. Valder has passed on these. I will go through my equipment and see what kind of package(s) I can put together for a new FS post. 'Til then...
  12. I've put pictures of these units up here: N505 and N510 for sale Valder has first dibs since he posted the want ad. If Valder is not interested, I will think on it a bit and possibly relist them in a new post. :-)
  13. Is there some trick to posting photos in the gallery? I get to the point where I am able to browse my computer to bulk list and click Upload, then some time passes and I get a "done" screen that's blank but I don't find my photos anywhere. Tried to upload one by itself and same thing happens. I notice somebody else's photos were uploaded yesterday so I'm presuming the gallery's operational again. Thanks in advance for any help. :-)
  14. Shipped media mail in bubble envelope within US, or Priority; your choice.
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