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Found 5 results

  1. I have a Sony MZ-N707 which hasn't been used for quite a number of years. In fact it had very little usage from new before it was consigned to a cupboard for storage (yes, the battery was removed beforehand - I've been caught by leaky cells before!) as my job changed and was no longer travelling for business. Unfortunately it is now dead, not working when powered by any of the internal battery, external charger, charger stand or USB cable. It doesn't try to spin-up if I go to play a disc. Well, it isn't completely dead - the LCD display (either internal or on the remote control) at first glance appears to remain blank but it does actually show all characters and segments at the same time in a very dim light grey for a few seconds, before going off. So something is happening internally but not much. Maybe the display is enabled but receives no data to display. Before I breakout the oscilloscope and service manual to explore the inner workings, is this a known fault mode that is easily fixed or is it likely to be beyond redemption? I hope that it proves to be repairable as it is in immaculate condition, comes with all the accessories, multilingual manuals and original box and it would be a shame not to be able to save it. Hoping for some positive responses from contributors to this forum. Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Years ago I interviewed many family members using my Net MD Walkman MZ-N707, and now I would like to transfer these recordings to my laptop (I have Windows 10). Yesterday I bought a high speed USB cable Type A to Mini B, and used it to connect my MD to my laptop. I played the recording from my MD player while using Audacity to hopefully record what was on my MD. But, alas, what appeared on my MD window were words in effect that my MD would be downloading info from my laptop, not the other way around. How can I transfer these interviews from my MD recorder to my laptop? I also possess old CDs, one from Laplink, "PCmover + PCsync." as well as "MD Simple Burner, Version 3.0 for MD." I don't know if these would be useful or not. Thanks!
  3. I bought an MZ-N707 off ebay a while back, it worked for a while but then one day didn't work. I was looking at the battery terminals and they looked a bit green - so I took the casing off, and sure enough the positive terminal on the battery compartment is corroded, along with some brown marks on the PCB around the side of that. One other thing is that it already had the MZ-N909 'hack' on. When I put in a battery or put in a disc, the display does go a bit dark, but nothing else happens - and then it powers down, just like if you didn't put in a disc into the player but pressed a button. There's no motor noise - just the display going a bit darker. I have cleaned the contacts on the battery terminal but beyond that haven't done anything.. Is it rescuable?
  4. Hi, just got another Minidisc, the MZ-N707. Now reading the manual it says it uses a Ni-Cad battery for the rechargable option. I don't know much about batteries and minidisc. Is it just Ni-Cad I can use on the charging stand? or can I use Ni-Mh as well? or would i need an external charger for that? thanks Steve
  5. It's been a long time since I was here last, but incredibly I remembered my login name and pswd We collected six MD players several years ago, transferred a lot of stuff from cassette to MD, played them a while - on vacations, in the car, at home, etc - then just stopped playing them and put them in a box. I'm keeping one player and a few absolutely favorite discs for myself, but the other five players and discs should be getting use if at all possible by folks who know how to use them without consulting the instruction manual. ;} Looking back at my prior posts, the Hi-MD NH-600 is the world version, not the NH-600D, I can't remember what it was I wanted it specifically for but there you go. The remote I've bundled with the N707 may go with the NH-600; I can't tell and I have yet to find a second remote but if I do will update. Some accessories can be mix and match (obviously not the N707 charging dock and wall charger, sorry; those have to stay with the N707). I am very willing to negotiate price (did not list individual player prices, but I will part out); however, I do know how to look up completed eBay auctions for general reference so, y'know, "$40 for everything" probably won't get far (my most recent offer). http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/4301186225.html
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