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  1. Looks really interesting. I am going to check it out over the weekend. Was a fun flim. I enjoyed it as well a while back.
  2. It reminds me of my older Vaio Pocket player. It sounds great, looks great but slow and quirky. I would not have bought one at the full price Sony originally charged but not too bad at steep discount prices. At least it played Atrac3 and MP3 with later firmware upgrades. If and big "IF" SONY got wiser and enable the option for Atrac3 playback with gapless like this unit is able to in Japanese units, and price it much lower than what they are asking... perhaps. I already have Sonicstage installed for my MD and Sony HD players, another device is not going to be a big deal and I would try it. Video and net capability look to be a joke tough. What a waste of such a beautiful screen. Shame. Noise cancellation is nice but not such a big deal though.
  3. We know the answer to that... I think... But, it was fun asking anyway. What was it that some wise man once said? "He who questions training, only trains himself at asking questions." Don't know about NH900 but I saw a MZ-M10/MZ-RH910 mint for about $99 2 days ago. Gone now. I'll keep an eye on it. Here is another. Not as good a deal.
  4. jay209, you have PM
  5. I am also using a NEC 6750A ( -Link- ) retro-fitted on my Fujitsu P5K notebook. The best $70 I've ever spent on a portable DL burner. Absolutely quiet, cool and reliable. I can burn a few Doublelayer discs on the single battery with no problem what so ever(P5k main battery can easily support about 2+ hour with optical disc continuously spinning for watching DVD etc. just to give you an idea). My main battery in Fujitsu P5k is about 2+ year old so the capacity is not as full as when it was new but should be still be good for 1-2 DL discs if not more. For home use, I have another NEC 2510A(also DL capable) in a Firewire enclosure for past 1.5+ year. Cost about $40 and some loose change. Fantastic product. Any coaster produced by it are caused by either my screw-ups or crappy media. Both were purchased as loose (OEM) drives and self installed. No problem what so ever.
  6. Saw this DVD a few days ago on my HT screen. Nice... Sort of Romeo and Juliet in ninja style fantasy/action/drama. Shinobi: Heart Under Blade IMDB Link
  7. Very nice write-up. Should give a good glimpse to those still sitting on the fence at this moment. Even though I am more than happy with the main Vaio Pocket player in general, I would like to see a charging adaptor and an usb-otg data sync cable(combined or separate) of some sort similar to those with PDA so I can leave the cradle at home. If I can find just a used Vaio Pocket cradle, I may open it up and hack it to go without the bulky assembly cradle assembly. I don't suppose any 3rd party accessory cable makers will get into making and selling this thing as demand may not exactly justify the R&D tooling costs.
  8. Agree about In the Mood. Camera work, music, acting.... Just superb! I can watch these movies over and over again and still find these characters very moving, nothing like poetry on the silver screen. Ashes of Time is next on my short list. I can't wait.
  9. Very very very sexy...... I may be just tiny bit biased but still.....
  10. Sorry I was not very precise with the terms. I meant to say Authorize/De-Authorize Device. In SS3.1, when click on Transfer (Music Source/My Library/Transfer) you see "Device/Media Info" button on the lower right side of Atrac Audio Device box. When click on that button, you see "Device/Media Properties" dialog box. There, you see Authorize and De-authorize box. If your device is already authorized, then authorize button is disabled and vice versa. This is what I mean. I was thinking, updating firmware might (not sure) erase Authorized signature from the device. So, was going to suggest that you de-authorize first then upgrade firmware then..... upgrade FW.... then redo Authorize. Not sure all of this is necessary. But, just a suggestion.
  11. Yes, the latest firmware seem to be optimized and device operates smoother even if you don't care about MP3 playback capability. I also had trouble with trying to rip and transfer CD to the device the first time, SS tells me it cannot transfer the tracks. Then, I figured out that I didn't have the device registered. Once I had the device registered, all worked without problems. You might also try unregistering and re-registering the device(I am not 100% sure but I think there is an option to actually do this).
  12. I forgot to mention, be sure to upgrade the firmware (before reinstalling Sonic Stage or anything) from the link Ishi has provided if you have not already. It makes a H-U-G-E difference, believe me.
  13. OK. I understand now. I have ripped and transfered CD's from both registered machines to the device using SS 3.1. No fuss what so ever. You should do complete uninstall of that V2.3 and reboot and reinstall SS3.1 as soon as possible for your maximum enjoyment of this Vaio Pocket. I am loving this machine. If the price drops another $50, I may be tempted to buy another one just for back-up and spare parts(considering Sony charges $70 for cradle and similarly for the remote).
  14. May be I am not understanding you properly. You are attempting to transfer same song to the device multiple times and it won't allow you to do that unless Vaio Pocket is re-initialized/reformatted? Vaio Pocket seem to be running some sort of music indexing Database on it. Inserting same row of data in DB with same key is a no-no on some DB, if that is the case at least the SS should clearly tell you that you are making a boo-boo instead of making you guess. May be you should delete the first one in SS so it is removed from the index(DB) and then transfer it again? Have you tried that? Having to wipe out the device every time you want to attempt transfering same track again is a little too extreme. Which SonicStage did you install? And what are your setups(OS, servicepacks etc)? I installed the SS 3.1 with the installer from Sony Connect(not the standalone one from MDCF without connect component) on two machines without a hitch, W2k Prof. desktop and a XP Home notebook. Registered both machines, and the device(vaio pocket) without a hitch. I didn't know about the free download stuff. I don't care much for their on-line music so it does not matter one way or the other I guess. Seems like your problems are Sonic Stage related. SS is in control of machine/device registration as well as maintaining data integrity of downloaded tracks.
  15. Days Of Being Wild by Wong Kar Wai, prequel to In The Mood For Love and 2046. Now I need to re-watch the other two to synchronize the timeline . Some of Wong Kar Wai's best work there and Chris Doyle is a genius.
  16. Here is the neoprene pouch I am using..... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...egoryNavigation I bought it eons ago for my travel point-and-shoot camera and it fits the Vaio Pocket just right (not too tight just a little room to have the remote plugged in), good in a way because I can have the remote plugged in and close the pouch and put it in the pocket or use the belt loop to hang it on the belt and play music on the run. You can't see the screen when it is in the pouch but that's what a remote is good for. Your local electronic store or camera shop might have one on the shelf. Inexpensive enough that you can have a couple of them(in different colors) for the price sony charge for one leather one.
  17. Well.... almost 24 hours since I opened the Vaio Pocket package and..... I have had no trouble so far. Sonic Stage 3.1, Music move, Simple burner 2 installed fine on my laptop(was done ahead of the Vaio delivery). USB connection was immediate, firmware upgrade went flawlessly. Loaded an album of MP3 and played just fine. Encoded about 5 albums in SS to Atrac HI-SP and played back flawlessly. SS take a little getting used to but mostly reliable. I've used very early versions of Sony O-My-God (Open-MG) software for my older Net-md (Sony MZN505) for titling MD etc. and find the SS to be much improved in terms of reliability and usability. I wished that Atrac3 and MP3 tracks on the Vaio Pocket can be deleted on the unit itself without having to connect to SS on the PC to free up space in emergencies for photo storage. Connected to my Sony F717 and transfered a bunch of 5MP JPEG photos and displayed on the Vaio just fine(a little slow displaying but bearable for a small folder). Transfered photos also received on my laptop when connected. Will try more on photo capabilities and see how far I can push things. We shall see... Very pleased with sound quality of playback for MP3 192Kbps VBR and Atrac3 256 Kbps encoded music. Using my Sony Eggo D66, Koss Portapro, KSC75 and Shure E2 (all unamped)for the listening in various situations. I like the QVGA LCD screen quality for photo review a lot, I immediately put on a sheet of PDA screen protector on it to prevent from scratching. G-sense keypad takes a little getting used to but I got the hang of it within the first hour or so. These are my initial impressions for day one. So far, I am very pleased with the purchase. It has not frozen up on me just yet(knock on wood) but it has met my expectations and then some......
  18. Piece of cake.... get into playlist highlight the track in the playlist you want to delete move finger(thumb) into middle 3 columns of g-sense area and press-and-hold advance Op buttons move up, down, delete will be displayed. select delete o-x button ---- confirm delete and bye-bye track ... you are good to go...... See??? I told ya
  19. Sony Metreon is a convenient location in the downtown financial district and a good bet to find most Sony stuff there. You can also find MD and HI-MD blanks in local Circuit City, GoodGuys, CompUSA, BestBuy(and Office Depot, Officemax and Fry's electronics) retail chain stores. They are spread out all over city and the entire Bay Area. Availability may vary from location to location but usually they can check inventory for all the stores in the area via in-store inventory system. Their visibility on store shelves may also be varied but usually can find next to the CD and DVD media. Hope this helps.
  20. Nice. I played with it in the store some time back and know exactly what to expect size and feel wise. I just don't know what to expect for the Sonic Stage since I am not a SS user currently. I think I'll go ahead and install it on my Laptop so I'll be ready to go when it shows up in 2 more days. Counting down......
  21. May be your spam filter ate it? Mine is scheduled for this Friday, I will make arrangements so I can enjoy it this weekend. Will try to use it to connect to my Sony F717 for the July 4th fireworks show, and for background music. We''ll see how well it goes.
  22. Yes. eCost sent me a link with UPS tracking number. Mine is coming in from East coast via UPS ground so it will take about 5 business days I am afraid. That's fine. I am in no hurry. May be you used different shipper? I am sure you will be hearing from them anytime now.
  23. Just got my Vaio Pocket shipment notification from ECost. Yipee!!!!
  24. Sub notebooks such as PCG-TRxx series are just wonderful photographic tools. I've also been using my trusty 2 years old Fujitsu P5010 for similar task. Sometimes I just wish that I do not have to boot into Windows OS to empty the memory card in the middle of a shooting. I know I can put it in standby mode to minimize boot up time but still....a waste of battery and more importantly time for all that unnecessary OS based hd activity. Only if Sony or Fujitsu or some visionary sub notebook company could enable ability to copy memory cards into the notebook's preset hard drive folder(or a dedicated partition) without having to get into the OS, it would be just awesome. Will totally eliminate the need for something like an Epson P2000. Memory card slots are very commonly found on these notebooks today. Sony, Fujitsu, Dell.....if you are listening.... Anyway I am getting off topic from our main thread. I am very excited about my Vaio Pocket and looking forward to it. Wonder what Sony has in plan for its replacement? Hope they don't abandon this line up in favor of the other hd based Sony players because Sony products are competing against themselves in different divisions. I also hope that Sony keeps polishing/improving its interface software(Sonic stage) and firmware with one eye on compatibility with their existing devices, just as a reward to their old customer base for putting up with deficiencies of earlier versions.
  25. Good for you. The only thing I received from them was an automated email confirmation of the invoice. I don't expect any shipment from them until the earliest Monday next week. They usually send an email notification of the shipment and their website also has order status and tracking information. If item is not back-ordered, their shipments are very much on the mark. The only thing I worry is that their inventory system fouls up and oversold more than what they had in inventory. On clearance items, the back-orders are not likely to be filled because Sony may not have any more new units to ship. I cheaped out on the shipping and opted for $1.99 UPS ground so I will not be getting it for 5 business days if coming in from warehouses outside Calif. If within Calif. then may get lucky within a day or two. Knock on wood. I have a feeling a bunch of other stores will be clearing out this player as well in near future, sounds like newer Vaio Pocket player is in the pipeline. I like this one because it has the maturity, lots of firmware bugs/short comings have been worked out. You know what they say about Version X.0 releases, right? I will update here once I receive the tracking # here to keep you company.
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