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  1. You could use windex to clean the display. About InvisibleShielh or Best Skins Ever, both are terryfic. You can try to scratch the skin with a key or a pencil and nothing happens. I recommend everyone the Best Skins Ever protector since it's the same material as the Invisible Shield but it cost like 15 dollars less. ( http://www.bestskinsever.com ) ( http://www.shieldzone.com )
  2. Chris: It's up to you... but, what a good excuse!
  3. Thank you very much to all of you guys. Been out of the city for a pair of days, so I've just read the posts. I had a very nice bday. Indeed... Mr. Hangover doesn't want to go! PS: Richyhu: love that little spanish!
  4. I can sell you a battery box for your model. PM me if interested
  5. I'm selling one that you can use with the mzr700, but I live in Chile so the shipping cost would be something like 10 dollars. Pm me if interested.
  6. ---------------- Stuge: I got mine from etronics and it didn't come with the sticker on it. So, don't worry.
  7. I don't mind if the music is deleted. I send him the discs supposing he has a HiMD. I knew that he has a NetMD after I sent the discs.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I know that it's not possible to use HiMD disc in a NetMD unit. The thing is that I want to know if a person with a NetMD unit can format HiMD discs into NetMD disc. Let me explain a little more: I' going to send some HiMD discs (80 minutes) with music on it to a guy. My discs are recorded in HiSP mode an all of them have music recorded. The other guy have a NetMD unit so I know that he can't play the HIMD discs, but would it be possible for him to format the discs and use them on his NetMD later?
  9. Hello: I'm wondering if it's possible to format a Himd formated disc and leave it on NetMD mode using a Netmd recorder. Need help please!
  10. Tiesto: I don't think I'll get the same output just using the regular headphone out. Actually when I turn the volume to the max on my mzdh10p I hear some distorsion. (I also like my number, kind of satanic maybe? LOL) Raja: I wish it was the black one! The black one is the most beatiful HiMD I have seen, definitely.
  11. I have to edit that. (I'm lazy )
  12. It use to have. I sold it a pair of months ago
  13. I love it, but I need a player with line out since I'll be using a headphone amp.
  14. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that my MZnh900 did that also.
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