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  1. Thanks for your note: My PC @ work have the seperated Firewire card... and it work great with my Firewire closure Now I can download the music to my NH3D @ work. The greater thing is, I have faster Internet line @ work than @ home, man now I'm downloading music non-stop free bandwidth lol... And the greatest thing is, believe it or not, my PowerBook with the OS installed on external (Firewire) HDD is running faster, yes I mean FASTER... man this is the most effective investment of mine
  2. Actually I know that SonicStage doesn't support MacOSX before I decided to switch, but I think there's some way around to fix this problem btw, I'm going to buy an external Firewire HDD and carry my whole music library to work, and download to my Hi-MD unit there...
  3. FrzzMan

    I'm Scared

    Thanks for replys... and sorry for the delayed, I don't have any PC around lastweek, now I'm with Mac... It's great About the player and the charger, surprisingly nothing hurt... Now the charger is sitting on 100v... lixuelai is right!!!
  4. I've just sold my last PC, now I'm with Mac full time... and realize that I can't copy music to my Hi-MD anymore Any Mac user outthere, please help *cry*
  5. Change A0 to 25 on my MZ-NH600... no difference My Ultrasone HFI-15G still more power... Going to try on my MZ-NH3D... stay tuned...
  6. Man I think he's asking about the differents between rh10 and rh910?!?!?!?!? @lixuelai: Where can you get that rh910 for $160??? :drool:
  7. FrzzMan

    Nh1 Vs Nh3d

    I live in Vietnam... It's not that easy to buy Hi-MD stuff here, one of my members (I'm an admin of a forums) import them and sell them on my forums. It's brand new in box, Japan version (but the cradle doesn't have the usb in) Just have it today, but I don't know what to do now, maybe the battery is dead :cry: Please take a look @ my thread outside :cry:
  8. FrzzMan

    I'm Scared

    Hi dudes, just got my new NH3D this afternoon, as the unit arrived I'm not there to sign for the delivery, and my friend decided to help me out (scare me to death) by accept the delivery for me. He opened the box and take out the charger and plug it directly in the 220v power outlet, but the charger is only accept 100v :cry: it's a Japan version... After I got home I beat him up to (near) death and take out the charger right away... What should I do now??? According to my friend, the unit still sing (since he listening to my other MDs when the unit is in the cradle)... is that mean the charger still work??? But the battery maybe dead, he said that he has the battery on charge for nearly an hour before I take the charger out of the power outlet, but the player still can't power up for any second even the remote didn't show up anything What should I do now??? Should I try to plug the charger into the (correct voltage) power outlet again??? Should I try to charge the battery??? Man I've just got the unit today and I don't want it to be returned for a replace, and maybe the dealer doesn't allow replace for wrong voltage usage. Well, please help, I'm going to see if my friend has dead yet... hope he still alive, don't want to have a death sentence over and MD player... Above paragraph is a joke
  9. An Ipod photo may suite you, but I don't know if it support FM player/recorder.
  10. FrzzMan

    Nh1 Vs Nh3d

    Well, the main purpose of this purchase is I want to replace my NH600, which is only 2 weeks old My NH600 have line-in (optical) which I do not use, and remote port which I do not use (cause I haven't purchase a seperate remote yet)... Basically I only use NH600 for download music from my PC and listen to the downloaded music when I'm travelling (I travel a lot) But the NH600 is too big, it's weight is not a problem since it's light, but it's too big for me to carry around and it doesn't have a remote, so I have to take it out of my bag anytime I need to use it, so inconvenient. Btw, I decided to buy the NH3D since it's only $169, and the NH1 is $329 8-| Hope it will replace my NH600 well, thank you.
  11. FrzzMan

    Nh1 Vs Nh3d

    As I don't need mic-in or line-in, I think I should go for the NH3D cause it cheaper. But I really don't know what is the differents between NH1 and NH3D (beside mic-in and line-in) Anyone here please help, thank in advance.
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