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    My HiMd Sony nh1,playing online chess, Working out, Music(Old skool Hip hop, Rare Grooves, Gospel etc) Reading, Church. Have been into Mini discs since 1999. Have had 4 models. Love 'em.

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  1. Maxwell new CD, plus LL Cool J old CD's: Radio & Bigger & Deffer.
  2. Thanks for that. I'll do abit of research and see how I go. Again, thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried two in the past. They have a habit of unravelling.
  3. Thanks for that. I have tried those, but because my CX300's goes behind my neck, I find that this doesn't work for me.
  4. Hi everyone. I currently own a RH1 & a NHI units. Both come with remote. I currently own a pair of Senheisser CX300, which, whilst are perfect phones', are a bit long, cable wise. I tried the CX500s, but didn't like the SQ. I was thinking of getting a pair of Shure, but was worried about the length. To those with a remote unit, what do you use? I currently use an elastic band to shorten the length of the remote cabling, but this doesn't work well with the cabling for the CX300s. Any advice welcome.
  5. Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen & The Hangover! Wasn't impressed with neither!
  6. One minus point for the NH1 is that you are reliant on the cradle in order to charge the unit. Lose that and you're in trouble( I haven't lost mine.......... yet!)
  7. 41. Been a MD user from the age of 31
  8. Exactly. I just want to listen to music. I'm not into Podcasts, and anything visual .I have a TV & a DVD recorder. If others want to do that on a portable, fine, but I'm happy with what MDs provide. it would be nice if, what with the sucrss of the RH1, that Sony developed another Hi-MD unit that wasn't so expensive, but apart from that I think the format is what it is.
  9. I watched 'Spirit" which was so-so, and 'Role Models', which was a half decent comedy.
  10. @ bobt & rayzray: Cheers. I had a great day
  11. As long as the Internet, and Tottenham Court Road stock supplies, I'll be in it to win it!!
  12. Rich & The Wizard Of Oz: Thank you for your kind wishes. Cheers
  13. Thank you all for your suggestions & advice. I will look into these and go from there. Thanks again
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