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  1. Wow that red is awesome.. I never thought I'd ever want red over black, but it looks great!!
  2. It's about time they figured that out.. UMD movies are useless. I have no marketing or business background, but I seem to be able to figure out that people don't want to spend their money on a movie that they can only watch on their PSP when they could buy a DVD to watch on a big screen.. Rediculous. Maybe if the DVD *came with* a UMD, then at least when you feel like watching it on a TV, you can.
  3. stefan1

    **April Fools**

    What evidence do we have that the RH1 WON'T be the last? April Fools jokes aside..!
  4. I'd like to see a 2.5gen player as well (as opposed to just an RH1 recorder)...
  5. Wow, does anyone have an account there and can read Japanese, and can order one for me? Weird request I know, but I'm wondering if anyone's up for it. So far the lowest price I've seen is ebay for $220USD.
  6. I'm a big fan of FLAC format, now that FF Directshow wrappers are easily available. Great for backups, especially classical music. However, MP3 is still the most "accessible" file format. And for modern music I personally find 320kbps is more than enough (speaking to portable audio devices mainly). In that respect, it's nice to have that convenience if you have multiple devices to avoid conversion steps. ie: transfer mp3's to your hi-md, iaudio x5, etc.. And as I mentioned there's the speed of transfers w/o conversion. Although that said, I'd be far more partial to storing my music in ATRAC3+ if you could configure atrac as an external encoder... so integrate it into Exact Audio Copy or CDex for example.. that would be pretty nice (as is anything that enables you to avoid sonic stage) EDIT: @Pata I'm with you completely, I really hope there's a player released as well. That would be an instant buy for me. Any word/speculation on this?
  7. While ATRAC3 is a great format, MP3 is more widely used. I'd rather have my library of music sitting in MP3 format (CBR 320kbps JS, LAME q=0, no less). The main reason why native MP3 support is important, is who cares about USB2.0 and fast transfer speeds if we are still hindered by the conversion process. That said I do like ATRAC3 (most non-mp3 stuff on my computer is atrac3 256kbps)
  8. Well the aluminum is nice, and it is a small unit by the looks of it. But aside from supporting all ATRAC formats, I'm not necessarily seeing how this is 3rd gen.. It seems more like generation 2.5 No word on native MP3 support either (but if it's going to be crippled like the RH10, then it doesn't matter anyways). Also, it looks like we won't be seeing that 2GB disc we had all dreamed about for gen3. Nothing groundbreaking in my opinion.
  9. I know that it has been discussed before, since MP3 files placed onto the RH10 are just the file itself, enclosed in a DRM wrapper assigned by sonicstage. However, it appears that integration of the DRM-wrapping process into explorer is difficult, and I can't see it happening in the future.
  10. stefan1

    New Hi MD Model?

    Can anyone in Europe scan this article from the preview catalogue? GRF maybe? I'm not doubting it exists, I would just like to see it!
  11. Weird situation when it happened to me. At first all I tried was MP3 and had my custom EQ cranked in the highs.. and I thought Atrac3 was just really bright. Then it eventually occured to me. I agree it's unacceptable. I also realize this is old news, but it has yet to be corrected and I truly don't see why it cannot be fixed via firmware upgrade. I'd even pay for it.
  12. I checked them out earlier. Came to $370CDN which is a bit much (40USD shipping). I can get one on audiocubes for less but I'd have to settle for Silver. I e-mailed them, though.
  13. I've been searching, but can't seem to find one. Anyone know where I can get ahold of one still?
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