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  1. hey does anybody know of any instructions out there in the internet on how to take apart a minidisc? (i don't know whether a HiMD is constructed differently but either is fine) thanks
  2. want to join a minidisc group on "the space", had a search, found one, fifteen members, rubbish. does anybody know if there is a big minidisc group on MS?
  3. uh, yeah, i guess 150 is ok, don't think the dollar price is really relevant, everything is loads more in UK. is there anywhere else i could sell in UK? i really like the idea of swapping, but no-one seemed interested, i proper want a silver rh1. where the cheapest to buy from if im in the UK?
  4. hi, just wondering, if i was going to sell my RH10l (the japanese only blue one) on ebay or some such how much do you think i could get for it? It has absolutely all the packaging and doesn't have any scratches at all I am in the UK by the way
  5. sorry these fair appauling photos, just look on google image thingy if you want fancy ones its all shiney, has not one scratch, its quite a bit more blue than this photo in real life [attachmentid=1753][attachmentid=1754][attachmentid=1755][attachmentid=1756]
  6. hi, i have a lovely, so very nearly new oh so rare blue RH10 with matching blue remote. just wondering if anybody would like to swap for a silver RH1? would just go out and get a black RH1, but got to have the silver, and spurred on by timsmedia i think that people on here are honest enough for a no nonsense swapsie. P.S i have all the packaging inc instructions and the like, got all the plastic bags that it all came in, not a scratch on it.
  7. beep gone, crisis averted, all is calm cheers
  8. johnsmells

    RH10 beep

    hi guys, just got a RH10l from japan, woohooo. only one problem, i want to turn off the beep, japanese instructions, you get the idea. any suggestions? p.s if i recharge through usb, is it a full charge?
  9. ok, thanks a lot i think i'll just suck it and see. i think that the gaps are going to annoy me like no bodies business, but i'll give mp3 a go. cheers
  10. hmmmm ordered an RH10l, i know there is problem with the MP3 on them. which would be the best a ) converting everything from MP3 to Atrac so it can play them properly b ) putting up with MP3 problem P.S, i don't know anything about atrac, whats the best one if i am converting, i guess just using the highest quality??
  11. Rh10s have letters after them also, e.g my rh10 is rh10l cos it is blue, there are gold and i think a red or maybe pink one aswell but chances are you wont get the choice anyway. MZ-RH1 is newest, but good luck finding one.
  12. thanks a lot guys, very thorough answers indeed. Will let you know if i blow it up.
  13. ok, argos it is. um, i guess it will be next to the hole i plug the adapter into, but could anybody tell me what voltage is right? also i'm guessing DC? Im just thinking it might be written on in japanese
  14. just bought myself a lovely 'new' blue rh10 off of ebay. being a japanese model it is 100V (i think thats the voltage in Nihon). the problem arrises when i think about connecting it to 240 of her majesty's finest volts. does anybody know how i can plug a japanese plug into my sturdy british three pin wall socket including changing the current so i don't turn my new toy into a rather expensive firework? heres what the IDC plugs has to say about the japanese electrical system- JAPAN (100VAC, 50 & 60Hz) The Japanese plug and socket on first glance is identical to the North American NEMA 5-15 standard. However, the Japanese system which is described in JIS 8303 incorporates tighter dimensional requirements, different marking requirements, and mandatory testing and approval by MITI or JIS. Furthermore, standard wire sizes and the resultant current ratings are different than those used elsewhere in the world. and these are its thoughts on the british wallsocket BRITISH STANDARD (240VAC/50Hz) British Standard BS 1363 requires use of a 3-wire grounded and fused plug for all connections to the power mains (including Class II, two wire appliances) British power outlets incorporate shutters on line and neutral contacts to prevent someone from pushing a foreign object into the socket. The plug is rated at 3-13 amps, depending on the fuse. BS 1363 was published in 1962 and since that time it has gradually replaced the earlier standard plugs and sockets (BS 546). It s used throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and also in Singapore. thanks oh, i just thought, would either of these work. can i recharge through USB? can i just go buy a standard UK RH10 recharge adapter from my local sony centre and use that instead? cheers
  15. oh dear young man *edited by atrain* if all the cool kids were jumping off a bridge would you do it? i can see that once you were commited with minidisc, you gazed into her bright blue display, you found her quirks charming. but now over time they have grown more and more irksum, you drift apart, slowly you realise there is no love left in the marriage, you start seeing other people bitter at the thought of the time you spent together. this is going to be a messy divorce.......
  16. really want a silver one, does anybody know of any shops (probably going to be in london isn't it?) that could do me a silver rh1. i know i can get them from ebay from buyfrom japan, but i would really like to be able to hold the thing before i purchase it. who knows the silver one might look awful in real life. plus i know minidiscs are pretty good at not being broken, but i would really like to be able to talk to an actual person face to face and physically stamp me feet, rather than just sending emails if the worst should happen. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks a bunch
  17. sorry mate, i didn't mean to get you knickers in a twist. whats with the whole one disc thing? discs are cheap as chips and fairly small, ok if you are carrying round twenty discs with you then, i agree its going to be a bit of an arse, but two or three is no big deal. i understand the whole thing of having a flash player, i do, but maybe you could have picked a better one to argue your point with. ok, look, apple is fine and dandy. they market their products increadably well (who else could sell the idea of not having a screen as a feature?), and have decent music player software, and they have managed to make them for many objects of desire, they have a complete solution and for that they sell them by the truck load. if i was agruing your side, then i probably would have picked something from cowon or iriver, i don't own a flash player from either, but they offer buckets of options and apparently ace sound quality (i have a iriver IMP900 Cd player and the sound quality on that is ace of spades), and seemingly constant firmware updates. i don't think that it is that unreasonable to discuss topics other than sound quality, as even though that may be your primary requirement, its nice to have other capabilities, even if you don't want them now you may do in the future. maybe thats the crux of my problem with you picking the shuffle, it is so limited in what it can do, ipods seem to be the most limited music players, no radio, no recording, you have to use special software rather than drag and drop. other people have the impetus to expand its capabilties, a great example of this is the ipod linux project. Apple have makes very restricting products, the worst offender is the shuffle, i mean no screen? this isn't 1997. Look we can argue this till we are blue in our faces, but i think that people don't choose minidiscs purely on their capabilities (although they are amaizing at quite a lot of things, sound quality included) its the chance to try things differently, to go out of their way to choose something that sets them apart from white earphoned masses, for me personally it is quite a big part of it.
  18. um ok, im not one of those people who moans at people on threads, but a minidisc player is too expensive compared to a shuffle? I buy a Ipod shuffle from woolies for seventy quid odd. I run out space on my shuffle, thats ok i'll just listen to the radio instea... thats ok i'll just potter down to dixons and buy some more memor.... oh dear, um thats not how it works. as for sound quality, minidisc players are just better. as the old saying goes, you cant shine a shit, high bitrates = it sounds nicer. whats wrong? bored of your one and a bit albums you can squeeze on your ipod? after the initial, and i agree slightly steep outlay for a silver RH1 off ebay or a blue or gold RH10 (this is just me being awkward and wanting stuff in pretty colours, and why don't they just offer stuff in pretty colours everywhere? but this is a discussion for another time). it costs but one five pound note to purchase a shiney new 1GB disc from the slimey salesmen in my local sony shop. plus if a young gent passes you in the street looking to make a small sum to support his "sherbert" habit, he will be infinately more likely to trouble you "for a light" if you are sporting muggers choice earphones. its just my opinion on the matter tunster posted mid writing, and seemed to cover everything else i should have said, including one important point..... chatting to the local apple fanboys (there are a lot, i go to an art uni) i am constantly berated for being stuck in 1997 for having a minidisc player. they are so smug until one day they drop their £330 "best thing ever invented ever, you are rubbish if you haven't got one" £300 ipod + £30 on a see through gimp suit for it to protect its shiney metal ass (futurama reference on the internet? how origional) oh dear it fell on the floor, is it allright? no, no its not, its insides have broken into a million peices like they were made of pottery. ahhh, never mind, you can borrow my old sharp player, its the size of a shoe.
  19. i live in the UK and the rrp for Rh1 is 249 pounds and ninety nine pennies audiocubes are doing it for 441 dollars including p&p which is just under £235 im pretty bored waiting and i really really want a silver not a black one (the only colour available here as far as i'm aware. im not really doing it to save £15, im after that rare silver. does anyone know anywhere else to get that is cheaper or in the UK that might do me a silver ? plus i would really like somewhere that i can send it back if it goes all wrong. thanks a bunch
  20. im sorry, but it broke? you pulled the power out and it broke? i think you might have reset something. i know minidisc players have their quirks, but one that self destructs? is the screen corrupted, or leaking ooze of some kind? or is it just not displaying some things? i think somebody who knows about the service mode thingy would be able to help you reset the thing back to factory settings if you can't fix it with just the standard options. good luck and god's speed
  21. (in my best 1800s chimney sweep accent) Please Sir, could you tell where to get Hi-MDs in some kind of multipack, mother would be everso greatfull. With me chimney sweeepin not payin what it did, i don't see me self bein able to afford them individually like.
  22. went to the sony shop in hereford a couple of weeks ago, the staff were all estate agent like, i think one of them actually did that click/point combination to another staff member. anyway, they had it in their new catalogue thing as only being in black. i asked the date it was going to be in and they said mid may. they then tried to sell me one of those A3000 things, i laughed in their faces. then they practiced their golf swings and bragged about their new cars and sales figures* *this bit may or may not be true
  23. hmmm, am i correct in thinking this only place in the UK i can buy a silver one???
  24. hi guys i never post anything but come to the site almost daily. my harddisk has recently, as my london friend would put it 'gone for a burton'. bought a new hd but can't find my windows to put on it. Am thinking of going down the linux route as i've never done it before and looks finally like a genuine alternative to windows, (fight the power and all that). problem is that i am going to get a MZ-RH1 when it comes out, is there anyway that the two will play nicely together? i want it for A) Recording MP3 Playing i found a program called notmd but it has been discontued. i know that you can get windows emultor thingys for linux that means you can run windows programs in linux, could i emulate sonicstage or GYM? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks a bunch
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