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  1. HELP ME! I will even accept phone calls. I must have another one. 716-597-8018. If I can get a red one, I'd be the happiest person on Earth.
  2. The NH1 is the comparison that works for me because, as I said, it's what I own and am actually comfortable with. So, I wanted to know why the RH1 received so much more venom as a player than NH1, because if the difference was just the NH1's remote, which I already own, I could buy an RH1 with ease. I'm looking for another player. I've never seen nor operated an RH10.
  3. Will somebody tell me why the RH1 is such an awful player relative to, say, the NH1, which I use all the time? All I see is the remote, and I already have the NH1. So, I was looking into the RH1. As far as I can tell, its functionality is about the same as the NH1. So, why such venom toward the RH1??? And I'm really starting to get anxious. I feel I should have a backup HI_MD unit I never take out of the box, at this point. I really do believe Sony is verging on discontinuing recorder production.
  4. Actually, my local Best Buy in Washington, D.C. has actually begun stocking regular MDs again. I was stunned, as even the Sony Store in this area has long been officially and proudly bereft of MD items.
  5. Yeah, that would make it like everyone else whose merchandise SELLS!
  6. I live in Washington D.C. The Sony Store nearest me, in Pentagon City, Virginia, no longer carries them or anything that remotely resembles a MiniDisc, let alone a player.
  7. Follow this URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1
  8. That's because one IS more dishonest than the other. In one instance, it is being outright stolen and literally smuggled out of the store. In the other, the culprit is shortchanging the store but has parted with considerable cash for the item and is NOT shoplifting. There is a difference, but they are both morally below board.
  9. I am thoroughly unsurprised, as it seemed highly plausible that part of the thought process driving the RH-1 was releasing legacy recorders from the captivity of format about to shift gears severely. Therefore, placing the RH-1 only where professionals could get it would defeat the purpose.
  10. Fat Muttony, you're certainly objective. Aren't you? lol I smell an RH1 fanatic. There is SOMETHING good about the RH910, right? lol
  11. A440, that is the most appropos response I have read in a long time. LOL!
  12. It's a professional bundle. That is what it offers that a regular RH-1 doesn't. You get it all at once. Convenience.
  13. I have one of these batteries, too, and it works impeccably. Detractors, spend what you will. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my savings wholeheartedly.
  14. I guess what puzzles me the most is that they seem content to let the image of teh brand itself suffer terribly. I have all but accepted that Sony doesn't even have a shot at portable audio until the next big thing happens. Of course, it will likely screw that up, too.
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