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  1. yeah, I do agree that size matters, but hey when you've got a bag and it's just traveling I think the PSP is quite a versatile device.
  2. Yeah... I've got a PSP (3.52M33) and NW-A608. Both complement each other perfectly in my case. the nwa for music with it's ultra long battery life I think that's the best thing that I did :-) and I use the psp for videos(serials, movies etc.) and maybe some gaming. (Well, I do have a phone (K750i), so I can use its MSPD also... like take photos using it and view it on the PSP etc.) Actually to be frank, I really don't like the PSP SQ as compared to my a608... same atrac3plus 64kbps the a608 feels "warmer"... I guess i'll just pass the newer generation of walkmans
  3. Hmm..... I dont yet have lumines, but just rushed out to get vice city stories. (making my total game count to 3) Man it's an awesome game, even then it frames a little(is it because I use cwcheat :-) ?)
  4. I absolutely love Killzone liberation even though it's freakin hard... even on Easy mode... I've just completed the 1st chapter, 3 more to go!
  5. I think PMP Mod works just fine I think
  6. dude... if u use sonicstage 4.2 or 4.3 there is no point in backing up ur OMGAUDIO folder, coz when I tried (A608, E005, PSP-1000) it gave me "DRM error"
  7. But, However hard Tom tries, he just cannot catch Jerry. He can just try very hard, and improvise. This is from one point of view...
  8. Dark Alex is the cat over here I feel... Sony are just trying to "run away" from him what say?
  9. lol why would he do that.... and essentially seal himself off totally...
  10. Dont u have quickjump forums as well??? * Goes to check out psp3d *
  11. Is the discussion of Homebrew outside the scope of this board???
  12. It came with that I just don't know what are custom XMB actually
  13. Hi people, I just got a new PSP yesterday... PSP Black IC 1003 (ouch, TA-082 motherboard) 3.40 OE-A 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo I've just put this homebrew Trigonometry Wars... It's fantastic!!! BTW I've got PES2007 and Ridge Racers 2 Both Rock!!!!
  14. isnt it under warranty? Mine was, thats why I took it.
  15. I didn't want a remote actually... I was curious if it'd work or not, coz I was thinkin' that this is an A series player. I thought that the remote directly connected to the headphone jack. BTW wats AntiPod telling abt Jog shuttle speed... I see no option like that???
  16. dude... this exact same thing happened to my NW A608... without formatting it frm XP that too... Well to tell you the truth it's dead. The player is dead. I gave mine to the Sony Center and after sometime they fixed and sent it back. Sorry for bringing the bad news man, but there's only one way to it.
  17. I was wondering if it is possible to use an inline remote with the A608... I know it isn't much use anyways, but even then I wanted to know. There may be many people with inline remotes for other players and a A608, anyone willing to give a try???
  18. Dude My A608(I still love it very much :-) ) was bought in Dubai, and when it broke down over here I just went to the Sony Centre and gave my warranty card. That's all... They accepted it and fixed it with no charges... While there I saw a guy with a VAIO from the US, they took that too... Actually the thing is that you need to read your warranty card to check the in which countries your warranty is valid. If in the japanese camera, Canada is mentioned then you are good to go...
  19. Hey ya THIS IS NOT PSP2 The title is misleading It's just a re design as in PSOne => New designed PS1 PS2 => Slim PS2 Hence PSP => Redesigned PSP The mods should edit the title I feel.
  20. not exactly...it just dint connect to the comp...
  21. this is sad man....i got my walkman back today (home delivered) after EXACTLY 2 months (and a lot of screaming...) and after firing up sonicstage it's dead again...but the case is opposite of before...ie the walkman unit functions...and the flash drive part isnt functioning...this means that I cant connect to the computer...but just play that's already there in the walkman...I'm going back to sony... I am VERY upset...
  22. Yup, the tracks on the A608 are arranged in Artist/Album order. Hey if the playlist making is boring you could always (after a week or so) play the My Favourite 100...
  23. holy batman, may=1, june = 2, july = 3, august = 4, september = 5, (gulp) october= 6...eeeksss Am I going to be fleeced?
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