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  1. awwww man that's bad....

    I just got my player and now they phase out atrac. Why do they not develop it and make it easily available for conversion a la WMA...Even a plugin in dbPowerAmp and a few Atrac plugins in winamp would do the trick...

    Or will atrac go the way of the Dodo...

  2. I got a E931 with my NW 608, I think it's a good one for stock atleast...I've not yet been lucky as u guys to get those cool phones (a la ex90, ex71 seinheisers etc etc...)

  3. try flashing your player for one last time...if it doesn't work go to the nearest sony official, coz it's really dangerous when half flashing is done and the player isn't recognized. Use the search function, people have got similar errors

  4. Are you tired of not being able to transfer playlists into your Flash Player without having multiple copies of the song?

    Are you sick of figuring on how to make a song appear in multiple playlists?

    Then this El Cheapo remedy is for you!!!!!

    Jokes apart, this is the only way I've found by which I can actually make playlists of the Songs IN my 608 (Hard drive players may not apply)

    We all know that Sonicstage and Connect well...umm...dont 'Connect' very well.

    I thought about what I could do and then Eureka...

    I installed Connect player with the 1.04 update (Note: Donot use CP without the 1.04 update, if you do you may feel suicide is a better option than CP)

    After "connecting" my player I started CP and it recognized all songs in my player. So I quickly imported one file into its library, and made a playlist out of it and transferred it to my 608. After that all I did was drag-and-drop files from the player itself into the playlist, and it works! Even multiple playlists using the same file is working very very nicely...

    Now no more problems for me having playlists on my player...

    I now use these media players currently (No, It ain't funny :D:unsure: )

    Windows Media Player : To open any default files that I want to just play...

    iTunes : After downloading files, I like the way it arranges the files Artist/Album folders-wise

    SonicStage CP 4.0 : To transfer songs to my NW-A608, Artist Link (LOL) and get complete info

    and now Connect Player : To make playlists for my player

  5. Don't know what sony is capable of doing in the software section, but they sure have the capability to make people cross their fingers.

    You know feel a sense of acheivement for anything accomplished.

    The best thing is that it couldn't get worse for us.

    Just think about it, one day if some Apple programmer screws up iTunes then imagine what an uproar it would cause...people returning their ipods or something of that sort. All of 'em white sheep. While we here are so used to things...these are the things that separate a sheep from a music buff. We'll go to any lengths to get our music playing...

    OMG, I'm almost praising sony!!!


  6. Hi people,

    I am able to make playlists in SonicStage CP 4.0

    But here comes a problem (as usual Sony.like.no.other) When I try to transfer a playlist to my NW-A608 v2.01 --- it transfers the playlist alright, but then there's another copy of the song in my player. Whatever I try, there's always another copy of the same song in my walkman.

    Connect was kind of cool you know, atleast I was able to make playlists on the 'man itself...

    Is there any remedy to this or will I have to use both SonicStage and Connect(anyones nightmare come true).

    Please F1 F1 F1 !!!!!

  7. Look at the graphs below,

    even in the mp3 format they show no gaps...

    beginning of faint and end of easier to run.

    The surprising part is that some other songs did play gapless(or atleast i thought i heard them)...

    Is it something with Audacity that it's taking the mp3 gaps for "granted" and not displaying, or is it true that the A608 is 'gapful'.

  8. Hi

    I just downloaded Audacity 1.2.4 and opened 2 high intensity transition files in it viz Easier to run (mp3) and Faint (mp3). Boy was I in for a surprise...

    The transition is:

    Easier to Run ==> Faint

    The spectrum graph in both the files showed no blank spaces either in the end of the 1st file or at the starting of the second file, but still on my A608 v2.01 a small (i mean really small) gap IS inserted during playback.

    The same thing happens even during the two songs Dont Get Lost in Heaven ==> Demon Days.

    Is there something with Audacity or is the a608 not gapless...

    Oh, and before someone tries to point out, I transcoded them into Atrac3Plus before playing them...

    The only thing left to do is for me to rip the Gorillaz CD directly into A3P and then try. Then we'll isolate the problem to either the player or the file.

  9. ok so does that mean the colour i have is .... what?

    I thought I have black, only it is extremely shiny and silvery.

    It isn't the Silver edition either...

    The main lead is that the earphones have a greyish blackish silverish blob, and in the photos with the blue a608, the earphones have a blue blob...

    Isn't the a1000 a hard disk player, maybe that's why it has significantly lesser battery?

    but the main advantage in the e005 is the direct usb plug, which is so damn convenient i guess...

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