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  1. Well, I bit the bullet today and headed over to Sony Store Canada to buy my new E005F :D

    It's everything I expected... excellent battery capability, excellent looks, excellent sound quality with my Shure E4Cs. I have to say, navigation is also very impressive for a one line device. It's intuitive and easy to use.

    I tired MP3 File Manager and guess what, it didn't work. When I tried to play my MP3s it kept on saying "CANNOT PLAY" for every track. I tried all sorts of bitrates. Then I tried SonicStage CP and all worked well!

    Oh well, not too bad I guess. File transfer was fast with SonicStage, not too big of a deal.

    I hope that the frequency is 44.1kHz

    Atleast on my 608, if it's anything other than 44.1kHz it simply wont play.

    ANY means ANY, ie 48000, 32000, 22050 anythin..........

  2. oh that...

    well i dont even know the colour of my 608 (dad gifted me).

    I asked for a black one, but this one is more like a silver mirror type. But it isn't the A608/SI, coz in that you've got brushed aluminium back and holographic W logo, but mine's normal, so i guess it must be a cross between gray and a mirror. :-)

  3. I think the main problem after they launch it here will be the games. Not the availability, but the pricing. It is far too steep at Rs. 2500-Rs.3000 for a single game.

    Hey and by the way, what will I do with my xbox once i get the 360, do you think these guys are ready for an exchange offer, I think not...

    As usual, we'll still have to import if we want it cheap. $400 is less compared to 23999, way lesser.

  4. Now let's be patient, as we still could have some more surprises.

    That cracked me up. What if the SS crew DO have surprises up their sleeves?(Reader open to think which ever direction :-))

    I've got CP, I can say that it doesn't organize the songs in any order. iTunes is better as once you supply the tags it creates folders automatically. Wish that would happen in SS-CP.

    When I installed CP from the disc, it was ridiculously slow. I stood ground, and didn't lose my cool. After that 1.04 what ever update, CP has become much more responsive to use.

    What I'm asking is that why can't Sony make the out-of-box experience good in the first place...

    What's the point if SS-CP become good after installing some patches?

    I sincerely hope that SS-CP is stable out of the box (or rather internet) itself...

  5. Sonicstage CP is releasing tomorrow ie 25/5/6.

    If Sony is to be believed I think this is going to be just as buggy as any new release.

    At AtracLife, we represent a major chunk of sony device users so I think they should have given us a pre-release copy (Someone else mentioned this first, so I cant take credit) so we can check for any pain-in-the-*** problems in the software.

    What do you think?

    P.S. My train of thought has just de-railed hence the haphazard way thing are put above.

  6. On my A608, I'm not able to transcode files with 48000kHz frequency.

    And what do I do with the Podcasts @ 22kHz, like will WMA 22kHz work on my 608?

    Can anyone suggest good places in india(mumbai) to get the MDR EX51/ 71

  7. Hello ATRACLife,

    I just got my NW-A608 yesterday, cool player.

    It already came with version 2.00 firmware in the player.

    There's an option in Connect to keep the file as such while transferring or to transcode it.

    For the first day, I think Connect isn't that bad a software as I made it out to be. It takes over 20 seconds to start up, and transferring songs can be a bit slow, but I dont mind it.

    Definitely not upto the iTunes mark, but still it's relatively ok, and not as horrible as they make it out in the reviews.

    The battery charges in around 2-2.5 hours from 0 - full charge in the 500mA High drain mode. I haven't tried the low drain mode yet(coz I'll have to discharge it first which itself is a difficult feat).

    The screen is simply brilliant, although you don't get the surface effect that you see in the photos ie, you know that the display is behind. But when it's off there's no trace of the screen, it looks just like a silver mirror.

    But the screensaver look awesome when it's worn on the neck with the (NOT INCLUDED) neck strap.

    The jogdial is comfortable but I cant comment as I haven't used it much. The interface is pretty much slick with the sliding menus like the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. Sound seems to be clear with the bundled headphones but it still feels lacking(I'm no audiophile over here, so don't start shooting me down).

    The FM radio is what I feel has been done best in this model, like it picks up 6-7 radio stations in the Auto mode, while my cell (Nokia 3200) can at the most pick up 2 in Auto scan mode. The quality of audio is good in FM also.

    Asad, what you saw in the picture is the Sports Mode shuffle which does something which I haven't found out yet :-), (I just got it yesterday you know). Yes the screen looks actually better in real life. The MP3 Managr does not work for me as I have already installed Sony Connect, which isn't all THAT bad. My player natively plays ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus (duh), MP3 and WMA. I haven't tried MP3 for the simple reason that I'm going to use A3+ to fit more songs and enhance battery life. I'm using currently A3+ @64kbps which sounds decent, all transcoded from Mp3 @ 128, 192 & 320 kbps.

    P.S. This aint no review in anyway just my thoughts and opinions about my new player

    How do you switch this off?

    And does the battery life get diminished if it is kept plugged the the USB even after battery full?

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