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  1. you can NEVER get enough of Green Day!!!!! I recommend Bullet In A Bible... Rock on Liberal America!!!!!!!'' Best Always, blu
  2. How wonderful...vunder-whatwhatever-German! You rock KJPalmer...hands down..life must be good for you having all these material things at your disposal.... Best always, blu
  3. omg...you guys are insane.. Gotta love the fact that you have so much bling to blow.... always love, blu
  4. Jack Johnson: In Between Dreams + On And On...
  5. I'm listening to Telemann - 6 Trios 1718 - Camerata Koln (edited to add: SP/707) Best, blu
  6. blu

    "wife Swap" UK

    Most american tv is crap... and I'm sorry you're importing such stuff. TV like that is made for people who don't have better things to do in their down-time, like making minidisc recordings and such... Best, blu
  7. My darkest view of this conversation is: This is an ironic and combustible conversation now...because...most (if not all) of the minidisc topics HAVE been discussed...really, there's not much more to talk about that already hasn't been covered if we really think about it: it's out there somewhere on this board or the internet already. And we're like hungry and bored dogs waiting for a new type of dogbone and the truth is...we've kind of been thrown all the bones that exist (thanks Sony)... and some of us have chewed them up and spit them out, while others have just happened upon the scene... It's the end of minidisc I'm afraid and this is the unfortunate kind of end of such a scene... Best, blu
  8. ^ Haha, LUCKY! You're outfit is SWEET...I Bet you're able to go real fast in that outfit...I was wondering if you made those sleeves out of Proban or Nomex or some other kind of SWEET material...I bet you get a lot of applause when you're racing with those SWEET sleeves...gosh!!!! LUCKY!!! Best, blu
  9. I bought a SWEET Napoleon Dynomite keychain. It's orange and plastic and has a fab photo of Napoleon on the face with six buttons that sound-off vaious lines from the movie...."liger...it's pretty much my favorite animal, it's like a lion and a tiger mixed...bred for it's skills in magic..." "I like your sleeves, they're real big..." etc... It's classic! Best, blu
  10. Sorry Alexx, I meant that in a light and joking way with a smile...but now reading my post again I can see if it wasn't read as such (should have inserted a smile or two!) Anyways, I do agree with what you are saying here. And I've given it some thought...I think it boils down to the fact that there are people who are absolutely content with reading board faqs and old threads, while others want to "feel" a part of a conversation...they want to have an active discussion about thier concerns and needs and solutions to thier problems. And when that doesn't occur, it kind of stifles their enthusiasm or exacerbates their frustration...when all they wanted to hear is someone recognize thier post. It's a balancing act though, from my experience. I've had topics go down in history with no responses, topics locked because they've been discussed before, and have been directed to links as well (on other boards)...whatever! And then, other times, people are so helpful...whatever! Anyways, just know you are not alone with what you are feeling... Best always, blu
  11. I'm listening to In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson (SP/707)... Best, blu
  12. Ohh, don't cry Alexx! This happens on all boards, I'm afraid. But most people are cool (aside from the ego-uber-posters and ego-moderators...everywhere!) But let me tell you...the best offense for that kind of ego is just to simply say at the beginning of any post: Please don't tell me to search the forums, I have a concern about x,y, and z...please help. And if any board is so rude to deny you a response after that...then, they need to sit together and rot in their horrible anti-social dregs. It's really funny how someone with like 8 thousand posts can tell someone to look something up when they themselves have commented on numerous threads about some similar topics! How ironic!!!! Hope this helps...I'm certainly not bonafide here...just trying to get along as well and have a rapport....btw, Can you please tell me what thread or topic you need addressed...I will certainly try and help!!! Best always, blu
  13. A borrowed dvd from a friend: The Machinist. Absoolutely dark, psychological and well-acted. Brilliant reality-dischord flick...but couldn't stop but feeling that there was going to be a "john nash" moment at any time. And the score reminded me terribly of Hitchcock (in a good way)...perhaps Vertigo? (one of my all time favs, btw). All good though...if you liked Memento et al, you will like this one. Also, watched Mulholland Dr. again tonight...fantastico! Lynch rocks! edited for spelling... Best always, blu
  14. Hi Human, You're the best and funny too. Thanks so much for the informative and uber-detailed post--it has helped me tremendously and I've made my decision to go for the rh10! However, I went to Ikea and bought of bunch of furniture so I will have to wait a bit longer to save up some extra cashola for the md bling... Anywayways, I sincerely appreciate your follow-up post and inquiry...you're too kind! Well, let me just say that in about two or so weeks I will follow up with my new purchase/review (although I've never done a formal review as such...but, I'll give it my best shot). Anyways, no, I didn't get confused with your Denon bling conversation, lol! I may be stepping up to Denon bling, however, someday...but not likely too soon (I'm very low-tech ) Thanks again for all of your help Human! Best always, blu
  15. Sorry for the late reply... Just wanted to say however, Biggest thanks to you all! Sparky191, richyhu, Human!, and Pheonix!!!!! You guys are the best and I've received so much vital and important input from your replies...the biggest appreciation EVER!!! I havn't made up my mind as of today but with all of your input I'm sure I will make the right decision! I'm so grateful for your responses...it means the world to me! I'll update you guys once I make a final decision. Best Always, blu
  16. Hey hey board, Okay, without directing me to various techi threads, just want to hear from people who have had to make a choice between the rh10 and rh910... I want usb, optical, and mic-in...and since my 700 unit bit the dust...please inform! The rh10 is hot with it's display but the rh910 seems to be delivering the same bling (sans display)...so please inform! Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks for the replys... Best! blu
  17. Hey Greg, Here's the official site, click on the synopsis at the bottom... American Movie Oh, and I havn't seen The Constant Gardner...any good? Recently though, I've not had much time to go to the theater to watch a movie but will probably see the new one out with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owens. Have you seen her movie The Good Girl by chance? That one is excellent and totally worth a rent. I also really appreciate Clive Owen but have only seen him in Closer...another excellent movie. Best, blu
  18. Sorry to hear about your recording woes Scratch... Although I am not a techie-person and have not had that problem with my 707, have you by chance tried one of those specialized cleaner discs? I personally don't have one but it might be worth a try... Best, blu
  19. Thanks for posting Ishiyoshi! I'm jealous you guys are getting such cool tdk minidiscs -- I especially like the blue ones with the purple heart /yellow circle and the barking dog / freaking cat designs. Great photos! Best, blu
  20. What makes me sad are people who lie -- chronic liars. And, well, hypocrites. And we all probably represent those ill qualities at times, me included, but those are definite turn-offs in my life. Oh! and people who are addicted to their cell phones...blahhhhh!!!! (my family and best friends excell in this arena and that is one of the reasons why I gave up cell phones...I hate people calling me 24-7... gimme a break!) Now I only return calls on my home phone or respond to an email....but I really hate people thinking that just because we all (well, except me now) have cell phones, that we've got to be in constant contact --ugggghhhhh! Best, blu
  21. ^ haha, so true...I'll be sure to wear my shiny grey worksuit -- a la Devo -- next time I go running about! (at least if I have the "complete" look I might gain some points on the retro-style meter ) Best, blu
  22. Hey hey Greg, I bought a coffee on my way to work this morning, haha! I'm lucky as I can't get the coffee-time-management-situation under control as I'm getting ready for work...so at 6:30 am I simply go through the drive-through coffee shop down the street and can drink most of it on the drive to work, lol. Okay, in all seriousness, as much as consumerism is cool, I'm going to branch out and say that I did another beach clean-up this past weekend. And once I was done cleaning up the crap on the shore I immediately went out on a mission to purchase the movie: American Movie, one of my all-time favorites. I owned it before but somehow lost it in a loan to a friend?/or, simply lost it. Anyways, great film... Best, blu
  23. Well, maybe...they're on a slender fixed frame with a white, grey, and more orange than yellow color. And they're certainly not in the league of midrange earphones, but for freebies, they're the best and only pair I still own. And I think there is some value in owning a kick-about set of phones for days out in the rain etc...when you know if they get ruined it's really no loss...no tears shed... Best, blu
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