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  1. Actually, the headphones that came with my sony sports md arn't too shabby. I would certainly give every headphone a "chance" before discarding them...you may be surprised. And at the very least, I know that when I'm out running and walking around my neighborhood, I won't get Ipod-jacked for wearing them...lol! Best, blu
  2. I'm listening to Paul Simon's Graceland... Best, Blu
  3. Thanks greenmachine, I'm actually quite amazed that you've seen Paris,Texas as it is a forgotten film...I'm watching Wim Wender's The American Friend tonight and I've also received his book: The Logic of Images from my local library....I don't think many people are interested in such matters though...let me know what you recommend... I appreciate your correspondance (sp)...and interest...thanks... Best, blu
  4. I was referred from a friend from another board....
  5. Hi Forum...first post... Who loves Wim Wenders? Wings of Desire? et al.. love to hear your views... Best, blu
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