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  1. X Series service manual available for all. What I want to know though however is I am thinking of buying a Japanese model NW-X1060 for its ATRAC capability. However, as we all know, the FM band is different. There is mention of FM in the service mode, anyone with one able to see if they can indeed modify it to non Japanese FM frequency. NWZ-X1051.pdf Moderator, can you please make this a sticky?
  2. How long ago is just brought it? It may be a waste of space but sometimes there is subtle overall improvements in newer firmware versions that are never documented.
  3. Hi there. I am thinking of ordering a NWZ-X1061FB 32GB X Walkman from B&H Photo and Video. I am just wondering if anyone who has brought one recently knows if they are coming from the factory with firmware 1.10 now. If you did, did you get it with the latest 1.10 firmware with the improved web browser? I hate doing it myself, always a risk. Would rather have it with 1.10 out of the box and ready to go.
  4. Right now the vintage unit I am waiting to aquire is a brand new in box never opened MZ-F40. It's old, it's big and it's ugly, really it's in the same class as the MZ-E40. The thing is I actually want an MD unit that's actually ugly, and I would also buy an MZ-E40 if I found it brand new too. But the MZ-F40 is actually semi-useful even today as it's the only unit with an actual integrated AM/FM radio, which makes it big, ugly and unique. Those other's just had only FM and only in the remote, not in the actual unit. I like to collect the unit's with unique features, and this one is definantly on that list. However, since all my MD and MD related stuff I own was aquired brand new in box never opened, I'm not going to break that streak unless I actually find it NOS on eBay or Yahoo Japan, meaning it might be a long and eternal wait.
  5. They are called MDR-D333F for some reason, but I guess it is because they can also be used as a headset for Sony Ericsson phones. They cost $4 more than the D333LWs because of this extra feature, but they still have a regular jack so you can still use them like normal phones. Anyways, even if the SE compatibility feature is worthless to you, even with the four dollar premium, its good for those people (like me) who have held off on these because they did not come in black like the old D66. http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Headpho...Headphones.html
  6. Just wondering has Panasonic ever made an external 1400mah NI-MH gumstick charger os is Sony the only one? Thanks,
  7. I think if Sony makes another generation of MD play only units to replace the EH50 and EH70, they should take a que from the new S700 series. A great way to market another generation of play only units is to have built in noise cancellation as the new Network Walkmans do. It will be a great way to differentiate and give reason for people to buy the play only units instead of (or in addition to) a recorder/deck with these "playback oriented" features. I mean all it really requires is a special headphone jack and I guess a special remote with the special jacks on both ends (like a modified 35ELK or something) in order to use the noise cancelling features but you would still be able to use a standard remote/headphones with it as seen by the jack on the S700. And to go even further, instead of having a stupid add on like the S700, they should have a Bluetooth A2DP transmitter built in to the unit that you can turn on and off so you could use it with Bluetooth headphones/speakers/stereos (like the ones Sony is just releasing). Sorry, but if they made a new series of MD play only units like that, with the high end model having those features, I'm sure almost everyone from here will jump on it, as well as relativly killer sales from the Japanese domestic market and offshore exporters like Audiocubes. Are you listening Sony?
  8. I would prefer a new HI-MD drive instead of a downloader/budget unit. I am sure there are many of us who just want the uploading features and the USB 2.0 speed of the RH1 but don't want to pay $300 for a second unit. I would instantly buy a DS-HMD2 if it was released for about the same price as the old DS-HMD1. Heck, I would even buy a DS-HMD1 if I could find (silver) one brand new and sealed.
  9. You should only use a 14WM if you charge it with an external charger designed to charge a 14WM. Most devices that come with a 10WM should only charge that. It may work but over the long run you may rupture the battery. So if you want to use the cradle to internally charge I'd say stick with the supplied 10WM. FYI, thats why Sony/Audiocubes sells the 10WM by itself for the same price ($19 on AC). Otherwise why would there be a market for it in standalone form, not just cost cutting bundling with units?
  10. So hold on. I was thinking of getting some D66SLs. Do these models replace the D22 and D66? Are they "Eggos"? The D777SL seems to be double the price of the D66SL. SO which model replaces the D66SL? Does the D333 replace both? Will these new models replace the D22 or D66 per se? With the exception of the noise cancellation, are these new models even better than the D66 in the first place?
  11. Ok, brought them used for less than an hour, decided not to use them anymore. Washed the silicon pad I used to destroy any bacteria and make it like new. Comes with all accessories, carrying case, fontopia case and extension cord in original box. PM with offers. I'm Canadian by the way and in Lower Mainland so if you are in area local pick up will be fine. Thanks,
  12. Hi, I am not aware of any hacks that can be done directly to the unit to disable SCMS. The only unit I am aware that you could "hack" in this manner to disable SCMS was very early versions of the MZ-R50. What you can do though is buy a SCMS "stripper" or more politically correctly called tSCMS tweaker. What you do is you place it inbetween the two MD devices you are recording from and to. As the name implies it "strips" the SCMS info from the signal and sets the SCMS flag to zero. By setting it to zero not onl does it allow you to record that MD digitally but that MD you just recorded can now be rocerded from unlimited times without the need for an SCMS stripper! Also you obviously need two optical cables instead of just one. You can see a list of them here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_SCMS_Tweakers.html Edit: Never mind. Just looking through the link I just posted. It seems like your MD deck can be directly hacked for about $200. However you would need to send your deck into Germany and I am not sure if they still do it so you would have to call to see and for more info. Although you can order the parts yourself and do it yourself too. However this is definantly a more elegant solution.
  13. Do you know about www.archive.org? Go there and enter the site for Sony Germany. See what archives they have. If you can get to the page where they maintained the drivers, click the link to download. Sometimes although they will remove the webpages, they some times leave the files on the server. If you are lucky and they still have the files on the server tyhan you are in luck!
  14. Ok, thanks for adding to the knowledge on this forum to bob, raintheory and jaylen for spreading knowledge on cobatibility between Sony reomtes and Minidisc players
  15. Ok. Just for curiosity sake, anyone try it with a really old legacy SP only unit? Like an MZ-R50, or an MZ-R55 or an MZ-R90 or an MZ-E35, MZ-E55 etc...
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