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  1. Yeah, keeping it would have been the better idea... On the other hand, I managed to get mine for $200 from ECost because they were clearancing them. I regret ebaying it though...
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 darn...I was expecting it to go for more than that. Oh well, I guess.
  3. Alrite, thanks. I remember the process, its just that I forgot which option it was...and I guess I could have just asked my parents, they can read Chinese, so they could probalby make some heads and tails of it. Regardless, thanks...I'll probalby have to unassociate the player now.
  4. Hi, I'm about to sell my VAIO Pocket, and at the moment...I don't remember where to find the option for a firmware update I mean, its been nearly a year since I swapped the firmware, adn still can't read Japanese...Just did it for the fact that I wouldn't have to keep formatting it every time I updated the player. Which reminds me, if I change it back, do I have to unassociate the player with my Connect account on Sonicstage? Thanks, Ming
  5. Guess I'm moving onto a different player. If anyones interested in this, send a PM or send a message on AIM @ DontEatTheCream. Thanks for lookin...its in pretty good condition; been in its case all its life and has worked splendidly.
  6. That is, no further issues until you upgrade the software again. I'm never upgrading again; too much trouble
  7. Ok, this is gonna be stupid...but I have the Japanese firmware now, upgraded to 4.0...and same crap as before. Downgrade to 3.3? Same stuff. Wonder if SS 2.3 will work...I'm never buyin a Sony player again...
  8. Eek. Pretty expensive for the battery; a little more than 1/4 of what I paid for the 40 gig VAIO
  9. Mine lasts for 2-3 days without a charge, but I frequently charge mine.
  10. Every time I try MP3FM, When I try to play teh song in my VP, it just freezes and sits there.
  11. Meh, spent too much time looking over some Iriver forums... Anwyays, MTP is basically native windows support using Windows Media Player 10. UMS is Universal Mass Storage Device, as when I last had it, it required seperate software to copy files over.
  12. Its not that - Sonicstage just kept crashing if I tried to upload say, more than 50 albums at a time. Eventually, I was like screw it and just used VAIO Music Mover (or whatever its called), but since that didn't upload my entire library, I'm missing a bunch of my collection...but on the otther hand, theres none of the music that i've nev er listen to on there As for the Creative...I actually had a pretty good experience. I had a Zen Touch 20 Gig...The player was solid, the software at the time was decent (never crashed or anything, but this was before the latest firmware). However, a few things annoyed me - well, the lack of MTP (or UMS) support, the broken EQ on the Touch's firmware - it acted more as a noise gate or soemthing at the wrong frequencies. I basically made the switch to VAIO Pocket mostly on the fact that I wanted something new, and for $200, 40 gigs and a color screen seemed pretty good. So basically, I think Creative is good (better than my experience with VAIO Pocket) but I've got a feeling I'll be looking into IRiver or Neuros on my next trip around...
  13. Oh, I wasn't going to run with it - I'm not that dumb (And the VAIO Skips way too much ) - I've got an Ipod Shuffle that I used today for that (gotta love free stuff). I just have the VAIO in my backpack when I'm biking there. Oh well, I'm about to copy everything, but even with USB2.0, all the files copying over takes forever... Man, I'm just waiting for another good deal on a non-Sony mp3 player - this thing just gives me headaches sometimes (and Sonicstage.) - I just don't want to get an IPod (Or Creative, because their firmware support is meh)
  14. Man, I hate that when I updated the software, I have to format or neither Sonicstage or VAIO Music Transer works. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....I mean, its not that bad, its just that I've had to do this too many times, and I was just about to leave to track practice (throw a few songs on there) and realized this.
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