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  1. AntiPod

    NW-S700 service mode

    while holding the "play/stop" button, press "forward", "forward", "backward", "backward", "forward", "backward", "forward", "backward", "home", "home" when leaving the test mode, press "reset"
  2. ex082 will work just fine with the nc022 extension cord, but i am afraid that the cord can only be used with noice cancelling models such as the s706
  3. I use atrac a lot cuz i still need sonicstage with my E507/S706 players. Since i need to use SS, i figured a little converting was not too bad. The advantages of atrac to me are the compressed size, un-compromised sound quality, and it helps saving battery life!
  4. oh forgot one other thing. I believe that the USBcable for the S200s is special. Standard mini-usbs will only charge the player, but data transfer wouldnt work. For the E500s a mini-usb cable is what u need.
  5. Hi. E505 is the 512mb version, whereas the S205 is 2gb. for 1 gb, the model numbers are E507 and s203 pros of the E500s: -bigger screen (3-line vs 1-line O.o) -way longer battery life and pros of the S200s: -weather resistant body (dirt can get under the clear outer shell of the E500s over time) -slightly more advanced menus: full EQ, fancy step counter, a few kinds of shuffling options etc I would prefer the E500s, as it is one of sony's best design, but I am just overwhelmed by its awesome battery life.
  6. AntiPod


    I don't think it is very realistic to change battery on S200 series by oneself, plus I have not seen the inside of the S200 before.
  7. I will suggest you to reset the player first (the reset button on the player) then get into the player's menu =>advanced menu=>format should solve the problem
  8. nice pictorials, I noticed the sonicstage 4.4 disc. lol But I never knew that the A820s are bigger than the A910s.
  9. nice, so they come with the EX082s? Or they are just exclusive to Japanese versions
  10. AntiPod

    I HAVE to say this!

    Yes this is quite disappointing. I remember the days when we had many exclusive insider leaks and etc Now it seems the Admins are missing. =/ It has been a reallllllly long time since I last saw Ishinoshi and Kurisu online. They are really nice people, and I hope everything is going well for them, and they will return at some point. The updates used to be posted right after sony's announcements! I think we still had the A800 series leak photo before.
  11. AntiPod


    thanks for sharing, it is interesting to see how the sound performance of this player is that dependant on the earphones. =) The only thing that stops me from buying this player is its battery life, 12 hours is not something i would expect from sony.
  12. AntiPod

    NW-E005F FM Dead

    interesting to see, do you have the earphones attached to the player while scanning? b/c the earphones serve as antenna, therefore try to scan outdoor and keep the cord stretched out.
  13. noice cancelling will only work out well if you are on the streets, I can actually listen at the volume 5 with the earphones stuffed properly on a bus, where I usually listen at a 10-12 volume level
  14. AntiPod

    IS MY NW-S706 FAKE?

    hi, i have the same kind of model, bought from ebay. It is the pink version of S706, which I believe is carried out originally on woot.com. In fact, these are genuine sony products, only they were sold in the US mostly even though they are european models. I have even registered my S706 on the sony website successfully! The S600/700 series require excellent workmanship, and I do not think any company could make exact copies of them. Maybe you could try some functions like the clear bass/ clear stereo/ VPT/ or noice cancelling? Maybe a little audio test? Hope that helps
  15. awesome review zizone! great to see a quality review coming out so quickly after the release of the EX700s. the only downside overall is probably the price. the maximum i want to spend is the price for EX90s. but im sure that EX700s do worth that price. =)
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