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  1. Hi @adamkkk

    I just installed the QHiMDTransfer (thanks for the hint!) on Mac and I couldn't manage to transfer any music files to HiMD (MZ-RH1). I'm a total rookie to this software and a question drains my curiosity: is it possible to transfer/convert any other audio file (eg. WAV, MP3) formats to any of HiMD formats there?



  2. 6 minutes ago, LewisGamer said:

    * Use the software to import a CD (with added cddb information) direct to a minidisc player (i have a daft amount of CDs, and to be able to do this would be sweeeeet!)

    Hi there, welcome :D

    I get very good results with Exact Audio Copy, you can choose a number of import audio formats for importing CDs. It also downloads all CD info from online databases. You can get it HERE (safe link). Btw, you don't need to encode tracks to Atrac when using Stefano's web UI.



  3. Hi guys, testing Yamaha's MD4S - the multitrack MD recorder from 1999 (I believe) with Sony's WH-1000X-M3 headphones. I'm surprised. Althought it comes with rather old version of ATRAC and only SP mode for audio MDs, it sounds fantastic. Sometimes better than SPs played back on my RH1 - especially in terms of some spacious stereo experience. I'm surprised because it was extremely cheap LOL.

  4. @Another MD fanatic

    Hi, I do agree. Iyt's been such a waste of human knowledge, talents, resources. Sony lost because of its subborness :(

    Btw, I wonder if there is any chance - teorethically speaking - to "upgrade" MD player/recorder to read any potential future MD codes - just like the ATRAC lossless that was mentioned in this tread?...

  5. 16 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

    Doh. There is one major difference between the two, aside from the colour. The silver EL version is back lit whereas the black L version isn't. They do appear to be interchangeable though.

    Ok so I better get the EL one ;-) TNX!

  6. Hi @kris01

    Could you tell me please what are N910's serial numbers of the external batt craddle and the remote? It's likely I'll be able to exchange purchased N710 to N910 without any extra cost but it comes without these accessories and I'll be looking for them at eBay.

    @all Have a good day, guys :-)

  7. Hi guys, I'm about to test another N710 vs. Stefano's UI. I just bought it on a Polish "eBay" called Allegro for like 35 EUR, no USB craddle nor external batt holder but in a perfect shape and with its original remote. I should get it in ca. 2 days and I'll report back with results.

    I was also lucky to find Yamaha MD4S for approx. 40 EUR - like brand new. No LP supported but it'll be great to play SP discs on it and I'll use it for my amateur radio station as a mixer, too.

  8. 5 hours ago, zzzuppp said:

    Legend has it that the Sony engineers persuaded the company to let them build the MZ-RH1 just because they COULD. I'm sure some of that team must have been passionate about MDs - but it all happened 15 years ago....and they all left to join Google... I quote: [...]

    wow, that is a story. IMHO Sony has taken many wrong decisions that put them behind Apple as it comes to audio devices. The decisions seem to be stubborn, ommiting any market changes happening at that time. Too bad. As for me, Sony used to stand for built quality and visual design that very few companies offered at Sony's peak.

    Hope one day we'd learn some more about that secret project ;-)

  9. 1 hour ago, sfbp said:

    One of the things I never persuaded him to work on was the AAL (Atrac Advanced Lossless) - he ran out of time as his career plans required to step away from MD endeavours. The codecs really cannot be that different as it appears that Sound Forge handles them seamlessly. From the description they must work in the same way.

    That sounds really interesting. I wonder if anybody at Sony would ever help to develop MD further by skilled fans.

  10. Hi guys, I did an experiment with Stefano's UI and my Walkman player NW-S706F (which is still in a perfect shape). However the UI recognizes the device as "Walkman", I get the same error when connecting RH1 set into the HiMD mode: 

    The requested interface implements a protected class.

    Perhaps the player is also protected by Sony :/ Besides the player still works smoothly with SonicStage 4.3 on my old Win laptop.

  11. 1 hour ago, zzzuppp said:

    Hi Stachu - it's been so long since my MD machines showed up on my Mac, just wondering where on the Mac you're seeing them? I'm having no problems with the app interface though (I downloaded Stefano's software).

    Actually I never used MD with Mac - until Stefano's UI popped up. I only used myold Win 10 laptop over past week - that's all. But now the MS recording is a piece of cake ;D

  12. 31 minutes ago, zzzuppp said:

    Where are you in Poland, Stachu?

    Little town Lesko, South-Eastern Poland: map

    Mine display gets dimmer and dimmer, it's impossible to view it in bright light anymore, only in darkness or deep shade :/

    I also have JB940QS and it works ok.

  13. zzzuppp: same here - also countryside, forests around and meadows :-) We're lucky is much more calm here these days and people tend to behave in a nrmal way, too. 

    1 minute ago, zzzuppp said:

    It would be amazing if you could make it work for Hi-MD. I'd recommend finding an MZ-RH1 to play around with, although they're expensive (€200 and more) when you can find one on eBay or similar, but it's a fantastic little piece of kit. Just a shame that the OLEDs tend to die after a few years, which makes seeing what's going on difficult or impossible.

    Yep, mine RH1's OLED is about to die :(

  14. 7 hours ago, zzzuppp said:

    But... great!! Because of Covid-19, I have no income right now (I'm a musician/instrument-maker/choirleader) but I would be happy to donate something for this when the world morphs into a new 'normal'. Are you in Italy? I wish you well...


    Hi zzzuppp - "welcome to the clb" in terms of income - all got stuck here, haven't got paid since like 1 month and rices 


    8 hours ago, zzzuppp said:

    2) I threw a couple of different files at it, eg an .aiff and an .mp3 and it started 'converting' them before uploading. What does it convert them to? Once uploaded it didn't show the filetypes in the title info for me.


    My guess would go for temporary wav files - the uncompressed and lossless format :-)

    8 hours ago, zzzuppp said:

    I would be happy to donate something for this when the world morphs into a new 'normal'.

    I'd be happy to buy you a coffee or something either, Stefano! You actually made my day with the UI publication. I just rediscoved MD and started to use it again ;D

  15. 9 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

    I'm in Poland, and over past weeks our currency went crazy, eg. 1 USD used to be 3,80 PLN, now 4,20, even worse with Euro and Brittish Pounds :(

    I can play SACDs on my Blu-Ray so the XE320 sounds great, I reckon :-) TNX!

  16. BearBoy: What about Sony's CD players with coax or toslink out? If they are OK, maybe I'd get one - they shouldn't be expensive.

    Stefano: fantastic news! Darn, I need to re-record a couple of MDs I transferred with SonicStage over pas couple of days ;D ;D ;D

  17. AFAIK SonicStage 4.3 uses double LP2 for SP recordings, which is not the same as the real SP mode, actually i can't hear any difference between SP and LP2 recorded via NetMD. Unfortunately, once I tried to record an MD from a CD played back on my Sony's Blu-Ray, it was recorded as a single track, despite I enabled the option to mark each track on every 2 sec. silence. So I dropped that as that would be a real pain in a*** to mark each track manually afterwards :>

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