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  1. Maybe try here. https://www.eetgroup.com/en-gb/150067022-sony-head-over-light-wid-w125001607 https://www.eetgroup.com/en-gb/150051811-sony-head-md-over-light-wid-w124401867
  2. I just mess a ittle bit with M-Crew and it works only with two USB ports in my PC. Funny thing is when I use let say port A I can record form CD-rom to MD but I don't hear anything but when I use port B I can hear music but can't record of course titles are transferd but no music.
  3. So if I record music from Tidal 24 bit it should sound theoretically better than CD?
  4. I wonder how to take advantage of the fact that the MD has a dynamic range of 105 and the CD has 96.
  5. I removed CD-rom drive from my PC and put DVD-Rom drive.
  6. I remember I had problems with my CD-rom drive in my PC. M-crew couldn't read the CD. Did you choose host drive in VM Virtual Box? I also change CD-rom for DVD-rom. Not sure what helped.
  7. I noticed about year ago that it seems working but i was expecting child so I had other things to do I run virtual XP machine on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit and I also had problems with CDROM access. Stil have problems with copy and past (not working at all) I use Virtual Machine 6.1.4 r136177 (Qt5.6.2). I disabled CD-ROM autorun on my host system but it is not a main problem with access.
  8. Seems to me it is working, it finds songs titles, album title.
  9. Tried with another CD when I push "go to link" - page not found When I tried GnR 'Appetite for Destruction" I had two position on the list to select.
  10. Skalpel CD contain CD-TEXT but Aerosmith no. I have Sony CDP-CA80ES changer with CD-TEXT.
  11. I tried today M-CREW on Win XP. Needed some MD editing. I put recently released CD (maybe 2-3 weeks ago) album from Skalpel / Highlight and window pop up So I put older CD Aerosmith / Pump Where all these info come, from the CD or from the web?
  12. Sorry for late answer but i don't have external batt cradly and original remote.
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