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  1. They say the Platinum MD's LP2/4 modes work only in an experimental mode, whatever that means...
  2. I just wonder, I plan to buy the JB980 one day (one of dreams, can't afford it now) and it could be nice to get it working, too :-) But still hey! RH1 works!
  3. Ok I got the Platinum MD to work but that required an installation of homebrew and other Mac OS Catalina plugins. But TBH: I prefer your UI, Stefano. If clean, simple and really fast. Moreover - it's cross-platform
  4. Just gave it a try - it doesn't work with my RH1 - getting stuck at "Negotiating the device"...
  5. Regarding track titling - I transferred a WAV file that was Björk's song, and the file used "ö" in the file name. Thus, it was also transferred with "ö" and when I opened that on Win laptop and SonicStage - all those tracks containg "ö" in titles have strange characters in their titles. Maybe it's a good idea to add a rule that all latin-extended xharacters would be converted to basic latin characters on transfer?
  6. And one more question - sorry! ;D Does the UI support bigger brothers eg. JB980?
  7. Ok I get it. One more question as it may also be an RH1-related issue: I tested a SM MD with two albums recorded in LP2. Each Album stands for a group of songs, so that I've got 2 groups with 1 album each. But when Vieweing the MD via the web UI I can only see al records listed without groups - all at once. Is that correct?
  8. Ahhh yes, you're correct - I can control it again ;D A question: there are player's controls in the UI - but seems they don't work with the MD - when I click eg. the play button - nothing happens. Just curious...
  9. Fantastic! That would be a pleasure of mine to contribute. BTW, after the last attempt, I can make the unit to be visible in the HiMD mode, but once any iof standard modes is set, the unit is again not being recognized by the Mac. Not sure what did I do wrong.
  10. Ok, once tried again, the situation is the same, and the same console error. Nevertheless! It's still fantastic I can transfer records via Mac directly in SP modes ;D Can't find words of gratitude for your work - such a relief as I was forced to use an old WIndows laptop each time I wanted to transfer anything. I rarely erase MDs, still - I can do that on the unit ;-) I bet one day you'll make it work anyway ;D One more question: does the UI support FLAC?
  11. STUPID ME, I accidently pushed PLAY and connected it while the unit was playing music LOL. Once stopped, my Mac started to see the unit. I will now perform another test with Chrome console's errors and will drop them here :-)
  12. Unfortunately it didn't help. I reverted REC setting to HiMD and the unit is still not being listed in the Mac.
  13. Ok I will try with a blank disk first, but stuill - I'm unable to make the device visible in the system anymore Is there any workaround to force Mac to see the unit again?
  14. Chrome is now reporting: Uncaught (in promise) Error: Assertion failed: no message provided at Object.o [as assert] (utils.ts:27) at e.<anonymous> (netmd-interface.ts:384) at main.caa32d2c.chunk.js?__WB_REVISION__=884d278225965a562985:1 at Object.next (main.caa32d2c.chunk.js?__WB_REVISION__=884d278225965a562985:1) at o (main.caa32d2c.chunk.js?__WB_REVISION__=884d278225965a562985:1) but still - the device is not actually connected
  15. Another bug. I rebooted my Mac to see if it would "reset" things, and when I connect RH1 - it's not listed in the devices list anymore. Seems like something went wrong on my Mac. Not sure what I can do now...
  16. Bugs cont... I eventually disconnected the device and now it's not being recognized by the Mac - nothing happens when I connect it over USB and when I try to access your page - I get this: https://share.getcloudapp.com/Apur0Z4K
  17. Encoutered a bug on MZ-RH1 - while I was able to transfer files to the device successfully, I have a problem to delete them, there is a loader that doesn't go off and I can't do anything then. Here is what it looks like: https://share.getcloudapp.com/04uKXlZr
  18. Good morning :-) Reporting good news! I switched the MZ-RH1's mode to SP and... it worked out! The device is being recognized as NetMD/Hi-MD unit and I can transfer eg. a wav file in SP/LP2/LP4 mode
  19. Reporting the same issue with my MZ-RH1 unit. Actually, seems like the type/series of the MD unit is not being recognized. The website lists it just as "HiMD" (paired) without listing its model name. Maybe that's the reason?
  20. That is so brilliant! Making things much easier and faster! My big big congratulations for your fantastic work, Stefano! I will definitely give it a try tonight with my HiMD unit ;D Bests from Poland Stan PS. Any chance to use it on a Mac?
  21. Just noticed: the display Auto Off mode doesn't work if you power the unit over USB.
  22. I use my MD for music playback only, the higher quality the better, of course. But I basically don't use HiMD as I can't play it back on the MD deck then :/
  23. I've already checked that page. Unfortunately the ATRAC type is not mentioned there...
  24. OK Got it, Kevin - thanks. Since I use LP2, it will be the right choice then :-) Thumbs up! Stan
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