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  1. I hope sfbp has not managed to confuse everyone with the post merge. To clarify I'm asking : at least 250 euro for the MZ-NH1 and at least 300 euro for the MZ-RH1
  2. Ok, so a week has passed and only one person showed any interest! Would anyone consider offering 300 euro ? too much? Let me know, it can't hurt to ask!
  3. Ok, so a week has passed and only one person showed any interest! Would anyone consider offering 250 euro ?
  4. Well, I would consider both of them to be in close to excellent condition, with almost all original items included. As they are rare and no longer readily available to buy I would be hoping to be offered a " close to ebay " sale price, within reason! What would you consider a fair offer, and which items would you be interested in?
  5. Hi again, here are the details for the RH1. Bought soon after release from the USA, imported to Ireland. Like the NH1, hardly ever used. Despite this the left side of the OLED display is dimmer than the right. I hope this is clear from the photo below. This does not affect the recording or playback ability of the unit. All original hardware accessories included. No installation CD. Operation manual only in English. Various extras available, as can be seen in the NH1 listing. Anything I missed, any questions please ask.
  6. Hello all, I'm selling my Hi-MD recorders as I no longer use them. First up my NH1. Bought in Dublin in 2003 or 2004 Hardly ever used. Comes with all hardware accessories. No installation CD. Operating instruction manual in English only. Lots of used discs available also, as in pictures below. Further details available on request. A few extras are available also - batteries, optical cable, head cleaner disc and 2 microphones. Anything I missed or any question please ask!
  7. Thanks, I'll try to post up photos etc in the next few days.
  8. Hi all, first off apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I have two Hi-MD units I no longer use, despite best intentions. They are an NH1 bought in Ireland and an RH1 from USA imported to Ireland. I have all of the original accessories except CDs and packaging, lots of 74min, 80min and 1GB discs plus a few spare batteries for each one. I have no use for them anymore and would like some advice on the best way to sell them. I am an ebayer but have never sold anything there! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I should add - if anyone here is interested in buying one or both please let me know!
  9. Hi Danny , the Creative Labs Audigy 2ZS Notebook is a PCMCIA card with optical out... http://www.creative.com/products/product.a...uct=10769&nav=2
  10. thanks guys ! it's as I thought then. I have Nero and yeah loading the CD image into MD Simple Burner straight from DT should work too... must try it!
  11. Hi folks! I have searched for a post on this topic to no avail, so if this qestion has already been asked my apologies!!! If you use MD Simple Burner on a CD with a hidden track in the last track, you are faced with the problem of a long silence in that track. Anyone found an easy way around this? Here's what I've been doing ; 1. I make an image of the CD in question on my hard drive (using Exact Audio Copy) 2. I then open the resulting wav file in a wave editor. 3. I save the wav over the original, modified to my liking. 4. I load the result into DaemonTools to check its OK. 5. I then burn the image with a handy prog called Burrrn, which can handle the images created by EAC, which consist by the way of a CUE & WAV file. 6. I load the "new" CD into Simple Burner and rip to MD. Sounds like a lot of work I know, but I'm comfortable with it. IF however there is an easier way to chop out long silences by only using MDSB please share the good news!!
  12. Sorry to disappoint guys, but it was a Dixons store in Dublin Ireland. They do not carry MD at all anymore and this was a clearance offer. I am so glad I was the lucky one!!
  13. I got one HiMD with my MZ-NH1 - bought it on new years eve 2005. Today I picked up 19 more @ €0.50 each !!! I totally could not believe it when I saw them - had to take the lot!!
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