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  1. Goodbye MD as I have sold all my units, however there is a netmd on my table to remind me of all the good years! I just hope all my other models went to a good home and are being well looked after I'll be sad to leave this forum after all the knowledge and advice i have learnt from it, but who knows maybe when this 2gb hi-md is manufactured, i'll be back! Keep going strong MDCF, I'll miss you! Signing out, Matt
  2. music on your phone is the next generation. I have 4gb on my Sony ericsson w800i and it is good sound quality! However recording wise there is no real alternative!
  3. just goes to show advertising is everything. If you want proof, look at the ipod
  4. sounds like your comp needs a long overdue upgrade dan!
  5. Im with Syrius, just wish for a bit more selection on the site and an abilty to pay with a switch card
  6. Just putting some tunes onto my 4gb memory card for my phone, but what quality to choose.... ahh the good old days of HiLP or HiSP
  7. I got a virus when i visited the new posts page yesterday, my antivirus went balistic!
  8. you could buy some of my himd 1gb discs http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 £4 with free p&p for any MDCF forum member including some labels (just let me know when your paying)
  9. i just got an ipod yesterday, selling my nh1. its a shame because the hd digital amp is amazing but im fed up of not having all my music with me! Not too impressed with ipods sound quality though!
  10. I noticed it used the beatjam software, mabye its more user friendly than sonicstage? I wouldnt know as I've never used it
  11. Ok so I have an NH1, but everytime i listen to it on volumes greater than 25 with the eq set to +2,-1,-1,0,0,+2 The sound seems to have a strange auto gain feel to it. The louder sections are lowered in volume, while the quieter sections the volume is raised. This doesnt happen with the eq off. I changed my NH1 destination code to north america, but the problem persists. Is this a sly way of complying with volume restriction laws, or mabye my player is playing up. I was thinking maybe its because i have the bass and treble set to gain settings on the equaliser. Any ideas warmly received! Note. It sounds like the music has been recorded with AGC on (automatic gain control) But the music was definatly recorded via sonicstage
  12. I think hd amps sound good when playing hisp music, but regular digital amps sound better for higher bitrate music (eg 352kb/s or pcm)
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