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  1. yeah, but I wondered if maybe it was sending a postprocessed sound to the earphones, such as sending in one ear only the differences from one channel to the other or other bitwise operations like that. but, nevermind. now it's working.
  2. Hey man, I honestly don't know what I've done but now it's working... I had been working for two days to figure out what was wrong and now it works the way it's supposed to.
  3. Hi guys, I'll try to make it as simple as possible, please forgive my english: Does the headphone jack of the walkman output a true stereo sound (separate channels) or does it proccess it in some ways? I'm asking because I'm trying to connect the player to my hifi amp as an aux, via jack-to-L/R cable but it comes out a very low sound from one speaker. The cable works with cd players and such, but not with both the walkman and another samsung mp3 player. I've made another custom cable and doesn't work either. What's strange is that if I invert the L/R jacks on my hifi, I still get a low sound from the SAME speaker. I'm puzzled! The player works fine with earphones and PC speakers. My hifi is OK. I noticed that if you slightly unplug the jack when listening via earphones, you won't hear only from one side, but have a lowered sound on both ears, before you unplug completely. Please help. thanks.
  4. oh, ok, so it's like a cd player, there's no technical issue (impedence and such things) that doesn't let me plug the walkman to the stereo. let's see if anyone knows about the other issues.
  5. uhm... ok, but will I be able to hear anything connecting my hifi to the earphones plug? will I "break" my hifi? what about bluetooth?
  6. Hi, before buying a nwz-a828 I need to ask a few questions. Bluetooth: does it have other uses than cordless headphones? I mean, will I be able (maybe after a firmware update) to connect other devices such as a PC for file transfer? Or a non-sony HiFi? or what else? Line Out: i read on the forum that I can make a custom line-out cable out of some specific pins of the WMPORT, but where can I find a spare wmport cable/plug to build my own cable? Do you think LineOut will be implemented via firmware update? In the meanwhile, can I connect my stereo to the earphones plug? Videos: is Super © [ http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html - http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPERsnap3.html ] right to convert video to a compatible format for the walkman? (it supports both the formats mentioned in the specs) Can I transfer videos with a simple drag&drop? Thanks a lot!
  7. Ok, and what if a friend of mine now in the US buys one for me? I guess the warranty is not valid in Europe am I right? Also, I guess the GUI is in English only... (or is it multilingual?)
  8. hi guys, I'm from Italy, do you think I can buy a nwz-a728 from sonystyle USA? The currency conversion is very interesting, and I don't want to pay for a Bluetooth I'm not using. Are there taxes to pay on the label price? What about the warranty?
  9. Hey great info, that diagram. Now we just need a spare vmport cable+connector... BTW which one is the 1st pin? Can someone answer my previous questions?
  10. I wanted an FM tuner in it... :| What about the speaker I've seen around on the net? How much will it cost in Europe? and what about a line out? for nwaz81x owners, is it ok to connect it to a hi-fi? Is the amp suitable? also I don't understand if there's built-in Noisce Cancelling... last but not least: the screen is still 320 x 240 but the size has increased: that means lower quality / bigger pixels, right? PS: European prices are a real shame, compared to the $ ones.
  11. Hey, of course I mean a full color oled...
  12. I'd like to see an OLED on this new thing.
  13. Well, 2 more weeks have gone, and in the meantime the player has become unavailable for ordering, too. Sonystyle.it (and others around europe) just states: "Available soon".
  14. maybe just copying the playlist file? did you try?
  15. I don't use song rating, but playlists are necessary. Don't care if you can't make them on the fly, as long as I can use WMP for this and not only Sony MM! Drag&Drop is what made me opt for nwz... IF I can buy one, at least (STILL unavailable in italy)
  16. mdsjack

    Media Manager here soon!

    a video encoder would have been welcome.
  17. Just want to complain here about the aforementioned player model still not being avaliable for purchase on the italian SonyStyle website. You can only order it, whilst other colors of that player are available. What is going on? Does it take more than 2-3 weeks to refurnish? I don't want to pay yet for something I don't know when I will get.
  18. hi aznbro85, can you please tell us something about Playlists?
  19. uhm... but how do you navigate through playlists imported from wmp? I guess there is not a dedicated search menu. and how do you see if a song belongs to a playlist? and how are songs linked toghether to create a playlist (m3u files or such...)?
  20. UH!??? Is it possible to copy the ones created within WMP, at least?
  21. you know what? tomorrow i'm going to my local sony dealer and ask if new walkmans are due within the year. i'd be annoied of buying a nwz, now that ascariss said so.
  22. so is there a new player coming or not? when can we expect it? i was about to buy nwza818 so i need to know...
  23. what? what are you talking about, Ascariss?? on which basis do you state so?
  24. I guess we should just wait for monday. mid-september is today, so...
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