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  1. i ended up with this EXACT same problem myself. I now get Access Errors when I try and upload any of these songs that have "gaps" in them. I did go into service mode and I got back an error reading of "0004" which means Abnormal Rotation of Disc. Looks like it is a time for a new laser assembly? 180 Euros? what is that in Canadian? I can't afford that!
  2. You know I have been having this EXACT same problem. and now a new one surfaced, as I am now getting Access Errors. I went into service mode and did the self-diagnose test and it gave me an error of "0004" which means Abnormal Rotation Of Disc. maybe my disc isn't sitting properly and once it gets halfway through it can't read it anymore? hmmm...could this be a MAJOR flaw?
  3. Hey all...please someone give me some advice I have the MZRH1 and it worked great until last week. It started giving Access Errors while uploading and when ever I transferred new trax via SonicStage it gives me either blank trax that can't be played or it crashes my computer. I have gone into service mode and seen the error code given: 0004 which stands for: Abnormal Rotation of Disc. Is there anyway for my to repair this myself just bu utilizing the service menu? My 3 yr warranty has now expired (of course!) and I don't exactly have hundreds of dollars to throw at this thing. any advice. please help. I am never on here any longer so if you can privately email me at: karmageddon420@gmail.com that would be great. thanks in advance.
  4. Hey all I have owned a MZ-RH1 since the day it came out here in Canada. has worked great with NO ISSUES! However, today I noticed that my remote that came with it (RM-MC38EL) is now crackling and cutting out the headphones and putting them out of phase occasionay. If you move the wire the wrong way it also changes trax. Obviously a wire is crimped somewheres. Any ideas on where I can get a new one, ASAP? Thanks in advance.
  5. Well so far so good. I uploaded a couple of albums last night and they work. I can play them, edit them & transfer them. So no issues. I remember I had this problem before and it was much more complicated (probably due to Copy Protection being set, can't remember...)and I couldn't transfer, play, rename, move, etc... But it all works now. BTW - all of the files will remain in the folder scheme I had set-up from my previous installation. Thanks for all the help guys. Hope this thread can be useful to someone else. Cheers for now!
  6. Yes, I did remove to Copy Protection on install of SS 3.4 (on the original comp's setup) and all my recordings had that feature removed (I have verified this before my comp went down) I haven't tried to import anything yet. Wondering what would be the best way? to drop the entire Hi-MD Music folder on SS? Or import each album seperatley thru the Import Folder option?
  7. Well, they were ripped with SS 3.4 that came with my MZ-RH1 with NO copy protection. So I am screwed then? I thought 3.4 was where they ditched the DRM?
  8. I just had HUGE problem (hardware) with my PC. Had to reinstall the OS from scratch, new hard drives, new PSU, new RAM... In the process of my computer dying, I wasn't able to create a backup of my library which has well over 1000 CDs at ATRAC3+ 192 (70+ GBs). However, I still have all my imported files seperated into their own folders. The folder setup is like this: Hi-MD Music\"artist - album title"\all pertinant ATRAC files & album art Is there a way I can recover these or do I have to re-rip EVERYTHING from scratch? Any tips would be of great help. It took me months to get my collection sorted out. Thanks in advance
  9. Last time I had to do the backup process, it saved my 40+ GBs worth of FULL albums (not single songs) into seperate folders for EACH song. This is highly inconveinant as I like to have my albums in their own folders (when I import) i.e. folder is named "White Stripes - Icky Thump" and inside this folder contains all the songs. So when I restore I get all the songs back, but every single song in my entire library is saved to a seperate numbered folder and I have to move each song manually through SS's track properties to it's appropriate folder, which took me about 1-2 weeks last time I did it. Problem is, I HAVE to re-install EVERYTHING on my comp again (new hard drives, have new software, also need to make a dual-boot) and I do not want to go through this process. BTW - I now have 80+ GBs of music. :-) (all my own of course!) any ideas?
  10. Have you tried to open the OMA file with Sound Forge as Sound Forge can open/play/edit these files without issue. as well you can save the OMA file as a WAV file. Hope this helps.
  11. So then, would you say it is neccessary to reduce the laser power? How do I goa buot doing this? And why would sony crank it up for this wonderful model (MZ-RH1)?
  12. Well I grabbed one. As far as I know, I was the 1st person in Canada to buy one directly from the Sony Store. As well, there was only 3 in Vancouver when they came out last May. I know I was the 1st person in Vancouver to get one. Hell I'll prolly get a 2nd unit for home/studio use and one for portability (the sound on this thing just smokes every other Hi-MD model I have yet to hear!)
  13. Ok firstly I have XP Pro SP2. everything worked fine. SS 3.4 installed from the RH1. had 1 GB of RAM installed. again, no probelms... anyways, just bought some new ram (2 GB = 1GB PC3200 x 2) and now when I open my library some of my songs in my 2000 CD collection have weird digital noise, blips, skips, static, etc..all over them. most of them are just noise. but some albums are okay. some have a weird "gapping" effect where the music seems like it got jostled in a discman..hard to explain... anyone hear of this before? strange I know.... is Sony's crappy DRM giving me problems because of my RAM changeup? if so..how can this be fixed?
  14. I can tell you that the sound quality of the MZ-RH1 for playback AND recording is the best you will ever hear from MD. The HD Amp in it really raises the bar. I also own a 600D and use it primarily as my portable player, but I do find th ebass to be a bit muddy and the highs aren't as clearly defined as the RH1. Hell I'd even say that even at 192kbps it sound sjust as good as my old discman playing CDs. Yup..I said that
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