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  1. You'd be surprised to know how unstable in terms of voltage most PC USB ports are. So I think any device built to be charged via USB will be protected against damage by varying voltages. At least that's how a good engineer would do it, but you never know with Sony, right ?
  2. Looks like some butchered swedish
  3. I still don't get how to clone/create bootsectors on the Hi-MD to make it bootable. I extraced the data from a Linux LiveCD on a Hi-MD, now how can I get proper bootsectors on it?
  4. That setting is to be made in the mp3 codec you use. You could use ffdshow for example and set it to resample.
  5. have you tried removing the battery from the recorder, waiting a minute or two and then reconnecting?
  6. could you take a few pictures of your unit?
  7. you should have a look at http://koti.mbnet.fi/~gkos/gkosnet/gd-circuit.html it's pretty much self explanatory
  8. Well the only thing you really need to know to build something like that is that the "play/pause" command is given to the player by closing the circuit between pin2 and pin4 on the remote connector with a resistance of 330ohms between both pins. Although you might want to put a second 5ohms resistor inline, otherwise variances in resistors might cause a drop below 330ohms and the command will not be recognised. You are aiming for somewhere around 335-345ohms. basic layout would be: pedal--------------------------pin2 | | 330ohms---5ohms-----------pin4
  9. I built one of those once. Constructing remotes for Sony portables is very easy, anyone with basic soldering skills can do it. If you need any instructions on how to do it, I'd be happy to provide them.
  10. What about emulation with wine? When I tried running the installer with it, it gave me the "cannot install on this windows version" error, but I am sure there are ways to get around this?
  11. trying to figure out DSL - "damn small linux", that thing is a bit**
  12. Same here. I'm gonna wait till there's an offline installer, since my home connection is very unstable.
  13. My collection so far: The Matrix: Behind Enemy Lines: Stargate SG-1: Blade Trinity: Last Action Hero: The Art of War: Wimbledon:
  14. Great. thx hope offline installer for 4.0 will be here soon
  15. Hi there, quick question about the Sonicstage 3.4 Full Installer (and the coming 4.0): do I need any aditional components when installing on a fresh PC ? Like the personal audio driver? Or is this the only file I will ever need to get everything working?
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