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  1. both DH10P and RH1 behave the same. What menu setting I should do? Thanks
  2. I tried other discs and the players shows correctly so it is not the player or remote problem. What setting I have to change in Sonicstage or Windows? other disc has no problem
  3. if you are talking about health, using low sesitivity cans is better than high sensitivity cheap earphones as the volume will never be high with low sensitivity cans. I am using low sensitivity cans and my RH1 vol always 28-30. If switch to earphone the volume will be 15-20 at home. If on the street the volume sometimes would be up to 30 since it is too noisy outside and this must lead to ear damage. As the one who started this thread, I am very sure the difference between 4.5mW and 5.0 is evident.
  4. for your information, old school mds (such as r50) does have protection mechanism that you cannot eject the disc while it is being used (playing, recording, pending file modification).
  5. the "push open" is one of the worse design on RH1. remember for old school machines like R50, it even got a very good safety design that you can not eject the disc when the machine is using it.
  6. professional equipments won't hide functions deeply in the menu.
  7. the capped vol of rh1 is not placebo effect nor psychological factor. it is a fact that certainly at least affect some users such as me. i played the unit, discovered the problem, found the hack all by myself. those never crank the vol >20 or got a pair of god-gifted ears that don't tell the difference never need the hack of course. and please don't take the number ie. 0.5mW seriously, it's just another p.m.p.o.
  8. and they call rh1 the rolls royce...
  9. i don't mind how many brands releasing hi-md but i just want a high quality pro grade blank like md2000 or tdk pro.
  10. i got exactly same problems as u. and i found that the open button quite sensitive too. if i put it into a bag it is very easily to push it then it will think u have insert a new disc and read again. very annoying.
  11. i turn off all sound effects of rh1 and compare with r50 without mega bass, i can't tell the difference in terms of clarity. if u move the treble of eq in rh1 higher, yes it sounds crisper. that's all the differences i can tell.
  12. i think different types of steel hv different characteristics and used in different fields and each type of alloy have quality differece so that the manufacturers can sell at different price. but i do believe both metal alloys aluminum, magnesium and high grade plastics are good enough for making walkman even (if)the costs are different.
  13. right as i mentioned b4, i am refering grade of material, not type
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