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  1. haha..i had already done so before posting this i just wanted to know if there were more people with import-related experiences. thanks anyway
  2. Hey guys, i was taking a look at the eh50 on audiocubes and i might want to buy one, but the problem is that i read a lot of stories online by people who state they have to pay import fees and taxes afterwards. Which means, the price you pay on Audiocubes.com is not the price you pay for actually receiving the product. have you got any experiences with importing goods (preferably to Europe)? I'm not that rich and i don't want to pay 1/3 extra just for import and tax fees. Thanks Félix
  3. it wasnt able to transfer songs anymore after converting. However it works fine again after swapping disks what is wrong with sony md's..They seem to be so flimsy. After 2 years of normal use they seem to break down automatically. Like it counts down to selfdestruct. My previous md was sent back 3 times, my remote 1 time. It's motor was replaced twice. I treat them like a princess!! Anyways, it still makes strange sounds but well, it still works.
  4. well, i'm recording a cd in 256kb/s to my MZnh900, and suddenly it starts making these ticking noises when the display says "acces". You can hear the normal spinning sound, but now you can hear a tick every 2,3 seconds with short intervals of 5 seconds. It sometimes even stops spinning for 2 seconds. that "tick" noise i've never heard before. Is this normal? Maybe it's me cuz i always found the recording noises strange..but it doesn't sound healthy
  5. ok thanks.. didn't know that edit: will a mz-g-750 (pre-hi-md obviously) radio remote work on a nh700? I can't remember if it uses the same plug.
  6. then my ears should be gone by now edit: oh no it says it can take about 10 years to show up. Then again, who says that this is because of the excessive volume of a walkman?
  7. and you use an 800 unit..are you all sure that the radio functionality solely depends on the remote? i doubt it.
  8. I found this too different from the other topic i started so i started a new one.. but the problem with my md's so far (mz-g750 pre- hi-md, i loveddddd that, and the nh900) is the hinges! After half a year of normal use (means daily, but taken care of) the front cover seems to loosen a little, and the unit doesn't close as it used to. Not saying that i have to use force and violence to close it, when it's closed, there is a little gap. And i didn't even drop it or anything like that! furthermore, the motor (that has been replaced once with my g750) seems to make more noise than when i first aquired it. Is this common or eh..am i lucky? cordialement, Félix
  9. hmm i find the cradle quite convenient to use. Thanks anyway
  10. fellow hi-md lovers, i have the following question: I have a mz-nh900 in use (daily) and now i've got the oppertunity to buy a nh-700 from a relative for a reasonable price. Can i use my charging cradle, that thing on which you can put the md on whilst charging, with the nh-700 as well? Thanks in advance flex
  11. haha i can imagine why you'd want to have this..it's flashy. It beats every colour an I-pod can have!
  12. i'm currently listening to the new John Legend. It's legendary! atrac3plus 352 i like it!
  13. yes that's what i thought after posting my post too srry
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