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    Any News?

    I'm kinda' close to removing the link from my Bookmarks Toolbar to be honest. I have enjoyed some very interesting topics here in the past. I recently bought myself a new ASUS Eee pc and I'm spending some time on http://wiki.eeeuser.com/. By the way excellent piece of kit for the price.
  2. aob9

    Any News?

    It's been a while since anything has been posted on this website. The last we have heard is about Sony's potential sale of a chip manufacturing division..Is there anything happening in the World of Sony devices or we nearing the end of ATRACLIFE for obvious reasons ( no more ATRAC for many of us)
  3. I have no idea how long the battery lasts in my *805. If I am not using it I have it in the cradle charging. I had to develop this habit so I always know where it is. I tend to lose things and end up doing something stupid like sitting on them. As for the LiI battery, I am glad to hear that they do not like being fully discharged, I tought I was shortening my battery life my never letting it run down beyond half way.
  4. Here......for SS http://support.sony-europe.com/DNA/sonicstage/sstage_dl.asp Image converter 3 is a harder to find......can anybody else help here?
  5. I have been using my CPF IX001 for about six weeks now and I have to say that overall I have warmed to the device. I never got album selection to work with the remote control. But, as a networked device it is quite impressive. I have it connected to my wired network as it kept dropping the connection with the wireless option. I have to say at this point that I have always had a problem with wireless in my house. Now that it is up and running I love the internet radio aspect of the device. I also have my SKY+ box patched through the 'LINE In'. The sound is good without being 'brilliant' but that is only to be expected with such a tiny device. I am considering a second device...@€129 it represents good value ( if you can get it to work).
  6. Yep, that's the whole idea; one piece of software for all hardware.
  7. Cere's.......... You seem to be quite pleased with audio quality, always a weak point with the ipod. Would you recommend this device for it's SQ. I'm not that bothered about web surfing and video. I just need a good quality DAP with good memory capacity.Sony's are currently capped at 8GB. Thanks for the review BTW, detailed as always.
  8. I agree, I downloaded, installed and removed SE Media Manager. It hangs, stalls, fails to recognize my phone, then treats the same phone as two different devices, consumes 'way' too much memory..........ah! enough said.....I couldn't be bothered. For those people that purchased the new NWZ series I would seriously consider sticking to WMP. Sony have a terrible track record with software. PS; The LATEST version of SE PC Suite won't recognize by phone either so I have rolled back to an older version that was working fine ( Version 2.10.38)
  9. WOW! How does that score on PCMARK 05 I wonder??????
  10. aob9

    nw-hd3 beeps on startup

    Never heard anything like that before
  11. aob9

    nw-hd3 beeps on startup

    This sounds like the Hard Disc is in trouble. It's not the first time I have heard of this. You may find a suitable disc on ebay but from what I can remember there will be an issue getting the firmware on board.Sorry for the bad news.maybe someone else has a more innocent reason for this problem
  12. aob9

    NW-S705 Cradle Insert

    I have a big favour to ask of my ATRAC forum friends. The insert for my NW S705 cradle has dissapeared. There's no need to explain why but I have no way of replacing it. These little devices arrive in the box and cannot be puchased individually. Is there any kind S70* owner out there that would be willing to sell me one of these ( they are used for the Walkman cradle ) to get me out of trouble. I will obviously pay for P+P to Ireland!!! If you can help please PM me!
  13. I have to say it looks like crap. The usual 'boxy','plain' boring interface that we have become used to from Sony. Who are their software designers??????????????????? Help us!!!!!!!!
  14. Good deal. I have one and it's the biz for protecting my A805. In fact I have accessorised this player to death. CPK NWA 800 Hard Case CKL NWA 800 Leather case BCR NU3 Charging and Synch Cradle (Very Classy) CPF-IX001 Music Streamer and docking Speakers. I have also just purchased (on Ebay); the SRS NWZ10 cradle and speakers for my NW-S705 Walkman...........for use in my living room. Do I get the saddest git of the year award????????
  15. aob9

    Sony NWZ-A8xx

    Juli, As a Sony Walkman veteran, will you be trading your NW-A80* for a brand new NWZ-81*?????
  16. I think they are concentrating on bluetooth now..............wireless is the way to go. Sony Ericsson has developed a watch that will integrate with your mobile phone. It's a nice touch but ludicrously expensive.Personally, I think it is a good idea, I had a remote for my HD1 but I found it very cumbersome.
  17. One problem that can arise here with the ASPI layer. Check here http://www.cdr-zone.com/software/aspi_laye...aspi_layer.html and here; http://www.nu2.nu/aspi/
  18. How can you say the 610 sounds better than the 80* or 81*? I doubt you will get many people to agree with that!!!!
  19. From what I can gather these devices are disposable; i.e the battery is glued/soldered into position and is not replaceable. So, don't undo those two screws in case the battery packs up during the warranty period.
  20. Time to change your username, I think
  21. Best of luck with that?!?!?!?!?!
  22. By the time Sony drops SS entirely it will be time to invest in newer technology anyhow. They will support it for a while yet considering it is still available in Japan on newer models. Your device will never be made compatible with WMP or any 'Drag and Drop' technology so I would concentrate on the 'If it isn't broke, don't fix it' ethos until you're otherwise forced to ( or decide to) re-invest. I still use my NW-MS7 ( purchased in 2001). It only supports ATRAC3 and my MP3 files have to be converted in order to play them....an absolute dinosaur in modern terms, but it still works.
  23. It's hard to take these reviews seriously. Various ipods have been criticized for poor battery life, build quality, SQ, practicalities and many other things in the past and yet still receive an 'Award of Merit' from the very same reviewers. The only way to get subjective info is on forums such as AtracLife. Of course we heavily rely on the 'guinea pigs' to go out and purchase the new devices on our behalf.
  24. MP3 for everything. I have heard MP3 being described as the 'SLUT' ( I don't intend to offend anyone) of the digital audio formats. There isn't a single modern device that doesn't support it and is therefore the only way to go. I made the costly and time consuming mistake of singularly supporting proprietary formats in the past.......never again.
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