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  1. LG1; the dock cost £29.99 at www.advancedmp3players.co.uk.
  2. I just purchased th BCR-NU3 charge cradle for my NW-A805.It is marketed as 'for the NW-S 6** and 7** series but the supplied adaptor allows the A-80*to be used also. A very neat compliment to my video walkman
  3. As good as the stock buds are I prefer to use my seinnheiser cx-300's. They still offer a cleaner sound on both my NW-S703 and NW-A805, they are also neat and lightweight. Obviously, I use the stock buds on the *703 when I require noise cancelling. The *805 is an excellent device with rich sound and an excellent screen for it's size...highly recommend.It's also amongst the best eye candy that's out there at the moment. Anthony
  4. I have an unusual problem with the new Connect Music Store GUI. I cannot click on the links to most (not all) of the songs or albums.I contacted the Connect help desk and they told me to ensure I had the correct version of Adobe Flash Player installed (version 9). Well, I have the correct version installed and a diagnostic tells me there is nothing wrong with it. Does anybody else have this problem? I would appreciate if someone would try this out on SonicStage 4.3 and let me know if it works for them. A search for 'NINE INCH NAILS' should open a page of all of their albums. Does clicking on any of the available albums open a new page or not? Thanks in advance. Anthony
  5. You can find them on Ebay although I can't comment on the quality.
  6. NO........., I have the NW-703 and NW-HD3 which are superb. I love Sony DAPs but portable video just doesn't cut it with me. The whole techno world is banging on about High Definition television and small, portable (difficult to see) video at the same time.I just don't get get it....and please no comments about needing glasses.
  7. aob9

    Sonicstage 4.3

    Is this just a VISTA release? Looks like my NW-MS7 memory stick walkman no longer has Sony support with this release. Typical, by solving one problem you get presented with another.
  8. Have you tried transferring the tracks back to SS,formatting the player and transferrring back to the Walkman. I had a similar glitch sometime ago. It is possibly something to do with DRM recognition.
  9. Just bought the NW-S703F and there is a slight hiss through both the supplied noise cancelling buds and my Seinnheser CX-300's. But this is a slight problem considering the incredible leap in sound quality compared to the MS7,HD3 and E305. This is some piece of kit. I spoke an Apple ipod owner that switched to this player before Christmas and shelved the Apple device since........Sony deserve to impact the market with this one. It's great value too which is something of a first for Sony devices.
  10. I forgot to mention that the downloaded music that failed to transfer to Audio Cd was downloaded AFTER the re-installation of Windows and SS, not before, so backing it up is not the issue in this case.
  11. I realise how important the backup tool is. But unless I am mistaken every time I import or download a piece of music I have to backup the SonicStage library. This is a bit of a pre-occupation with a piece of software ,don't you think...not to mention the amount of time required. For many other programs there can be a scheduler set to run in the background which keeps the piece of software or library backed-up. This would be a useful addition to SS. Either way, I have just arrived home after purchasing the new NW-S703F and I am completely blown away by the sound quality of this incredible piece of kit.......so I am destined to continue with SS for the forseeable future. Thanks for your response. Anthony
  12. Thanks for your interest in this problem. I have been using SS since the days it was OpenMg 2.0 and I'm fully aware of the huge improvements Sony has made with this software but it is still far from perfect. This issue occurred after fresh installation of Windows XP ,complete with all of Microsoft's updates. I downloaded and installed SS 4.2 and started ripping my CD collection once again. The reason for a complete install was for other software related problems........... In this case SS has no problems burning my imported music to CD. The problem is with Music downloaded from the Connect Music Store. It must be something to do with the DRM. I installed your suggested software update with no joy.I informed Connect and they sent me a procedure to uninstall, clean up and re-install SS 4.2 which I will probably have to do. To be honest, having used Sony Music Management Software for almost 6 years now I am beginning to get tired of messing around with it. It seems to me that Sony will have to relax their DRM ( in fact their is a strong case for scrapping DRM completley) for Connect and SonicStage to be in any way user friendly going forward. As a long term Sony user I informed Connect Music Store of my issues with their software only to get a generated email response........Sony are arguably the best hardware manufacturer in the world but this aspect of their business continues to be their achilles heel ( in my opinion ). Frustrated, aob9
  13. SonicStage won't read from ANY card reader. It has to be one recognised by the software I.e a Sony card reader designed with MagicGate in mind.My one is MSAC-US40.I'm sure it can got at a reasonable price online. As for your prob with SS4.2 and the MS7 I'm afraid I'm out of ideas with that one.
  14. I recently downloaded a full album from Connect Music store and transferred it to my NW MS7 and NW HD3. I then decided to back up to Audio Cd but the software either just hangs or tells me that it cannot transfer tracks. I have had this problem before with SonicStage. The resoulution was re-downloading the tracks. What is going on with Sony DRM? I have decided that this is no longer acceptable and will go elsewhere to download my music in the future.
  15. Same for me adlanar. My MS7 is recognised no problem by SS 4.2. The only thing I can recommend is a re-install but that is not always wise with SonicStrage. Incidentally, I have a Sony memory stick reader which Sonicstage recognises; I use this to transfer Music to memory stick instead of connecting the Walkman to the P.C.
  16. Thanks for that adlanar, although I have no problem with SS 4.2 recognising the MS7. Do you think the NW S706 is a worthy upgrade as the Walkman Bean definitley is NOT (in my opinion).
  17. This is interesting as I have just bought an NW-E305 Walkman Bean ( 512 MB with FM tuner ). I bought it to replace my Memory Stick player NW MS7 which is limited to ATRAC3 codec. Well, I'm going to go back to my NW MS7 as the sound quality is superior and there is absolutley no static ( hiss) from this 6 year old player. I'm not sure this is a 'Flash based memory' issue as the original Magicgate memory stick is now old technology compared to todays chips. My dilemna now is whether to bother with upgrading to a new flash based player because of this issue.
  18. How bad is the volume on the Nw e02, I was considering buying one.
  19. aob9

    'OLD' Memory Stick Walkman

    What about the NW-E002? I can get one of these at a fairly good price at the moment. I know there are concerns about the display in bright sunlight but my' must have' feature would be for good sound quality.
  20. As a keen Sony fan ( and a bit of an audiophile )I keep an eye on the discussions in this forum. However, I am beginning to feel a little behind the times with my superb Sony NW-MS7 Walkman. This is enforced by the fact that Sony's European Support website no longer appears to support this product, i.e the link to Memory Stick Walkman support is dead. Does anybody on this forum own a MS Walkman (there are about 5 models in all)? Do I have to ditch this particular piece of technology to save face in this ever competing world of more memory, more battery life and more codec options?............ Incidentally, I also own a NW-HD3 Walkman and I can't tell the diiference between the two on my MDR _EX 71 headphones in terms of sound quality!!!!!!! I suppose I should be honest, I am very tempted by the new NW S700 series and I am looking for some justification to part with the money.
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