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Found 11 results

  1. Axia MD | Axia MD C (1996) The Axia MD C was Axia's third disc design, again made by TDK and dating from 1996. It was again available in 60 and 74 minute variants. 74 Minute 5 pack in 10 disc box set
  2. Axia MD | Axia MD B (1995) The Axia MD B was Axia's second disc, and came out in 1995. It was made for Axia by TDK and featured their familiar cross-hatch patterned shell, and screws to hold the casing together. It was available in 60 and 74 minute variants. 74 Minute version, 5 pack in 10 disc box set
  3. Axia MD | MD.PS Natural Sound [Dolphin] - 2001 Series (Revisted 2021) This Axia series from 2001 was available in packs of 3, 5 and as individually wrapped, single discs. The index cards on each disc randomly featured one of nine unique designs showing a tropical beach or ocean scene (pictures of these to follow in the future). The 3 disc colors were purple, blue and white, available in 80 minutes only. 3 Pack Mix Single Discs
  4. AXIA MD | MD-im 1st Series This is the first of 4 series from Axia entitled MD-im. The exact release date is unknown, but it is probably around 2000. The diss were available as single discs in 6 colours. Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. There were mix packs of 5 colours available: (blue, purple, red, orange, yellow - no green) 2 different 3 Pack Mixes MD IM 80X3P MIX D (yellow, orange, red) MD IM 80X3P MIX K (green, blue, purple) There were also single colour 5 pack mixes available in each colour Single Colour Purple Mix Single Colour Purple 2 Pack Mix 3 Color Mix Pack (Purple, Green, Blue)
  5. Axia MD | Natural Sound MD-PS Released on March 21st 2000, this beautiful series from Axia came in just 3 colours - Green, White and Blue. However, each of the 3 colours has three possible unique designs on the index cards making for a total of 9 variations. The discs were sold individually, in packs of 3, and 5 in 80 minutes only. Like many Axia discs, I really love the attention to detail on these and the high quality materials used throughout. Green Single Disc Blue Single Discs Blue Single Disc - Retail Hanger Version White Single Discs 5 Pack Mix
  6. AXIA MD | MD-im 2nd Series The 2nd series of MD-im discs came in 6 colors, in 80 minute variants only. They were sold as single discs, 2 variations of 3 packs and a 5 pack.
  7. AXIA MD | J'z 2nd Series The second series of J'z discs from Axia was available in 3 colours (green, orange and blue) in 74 min variants only. They were available as single discs, 3 packs and 5 packs.
  8. AXIA MD | MD-CS Series This series is believed to date from around 1998 or 1999 and came in 5 colours. Notably it is one of the few series of discs to contain a brown variation (the others being the TDK Fine "Cafe" disc and the Daiso Circle). It was sold in 74 minutes variants, as single discs and in a variety of packs.
  9. Axia MD | J'z 1st Series (1999) - Multi Packs The Axia J'z 1st Series discs in addition to being released as single discs in 1999 were also available in packs of 5 or this 10 pack storage box. In both cases (no pun intended) the discs were still the individually wrapped singles. Two of each colour in the case of this 10 pack. See Ishii's original pictorial here for more details on the individual discs.
  10. Got a limited number of factory-sealed MD blanks available for sale - Sony ES 74min. individual pack, earlier verion with white hard case; three available; - Sony ES 80min. 5-pack brick, later version with individual soft case (sort-of), one available; - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one available; - TDK XA 80min, transparent/black hard case, one available. SOLD items: - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one SOLD to zokuchou (6-5-2013). See attached pic for detail. Also available (not shown; pic to be added later): TDK 80min blanks, series unknown, transparent casing, outer wrapping removed but individually sealed. 5-6 available. Pricing, shipping TBA. Shipped from Asia. I also have other legacy media available, such as blank DATs (Sony standard and ES grades), as well as analog VHS/SVHS tapes and audio tapes (Type 2 and 4). All factory-sealed and sold as-is. Interested parties pleae reply to thread or send PM for detail. Thanks for reading.
  11. 2012 may not be the best time to start collecting minidiscs (about a decade too late) but over the past year I've become hooked. Even though I bought my first MD recorder back in the late 90's I've had a long hiatus and never knew so many discs were made. Ebay has served me well over the last year but I'm getting to a stage where certain discs just aren't coming up. I've even contacted a couple of Japanese sellers who say discs are pretty scarce there too. I've seen still a few things of interest on Amazon.co.jp (although rare portable recorders/players are listed at extortionate prices), sellers here don't ship outside of Japan. So I thought I would post a topic here to see if anyone wants to sell me any of the discs listed below that they have extra of or no longer want. The discs do NOT have to be still in their original packaging but I would prefer them without any labels been stuck on the discs. So the list: AXIA: "Select Your Style" - Green one with 3 lampshades: https://picasaweb.go...153527558569602 IDEMITSU: Any - https://picasaweb.go...hannel/Idemitsu MEMOREX: "Memorex SG" - Any colour: https://picasaweb.go...987264293260146 SAEHAN: "Windplayer" - Any colour: https://picasaweb.go...566798349386482 TDK: "Bitclub" - Yellow/White stripes: https://picasaweb.go...654463864314642 "Bitclub" - Black Triangles: https://picasaweb.go...654468159281954 "Bitclub" - US Maps: https://picasaweb.go...654429504576226 "Bitclub" - Book: https://picasaweb.go...345865745722738 "Bitclub" - Circles: https://picasaweb.go...345865745722738 "Bitclub" - Bubbles: https://picasaweb.go...345892593812146 "Bitclub" - House: https://picasaweb.go...345989694446114 "Bitclub" - Runner: https://picasaweb.go...346016983116610 TOPVALU: https://picasaweb.go...nel/TopvaluAeon VICTOR: "Fruity Colors" - Any or 5pk: https://picasaweb.go...780324778361490 "AR 2004" - Any or 5/10pk: https://picasaweb.go...609478376851730 "X(Kai)" - 80m or 74m: https://picasaweb.go...305044035477570 "D-Cruise" - Red or Blue: https://picasaweb.go...304369725612066 "Luna Sea" - https://picasaweb.go...609602930903602 Lastly, I'm also after the Victor/JVC XM-C31 player (preferably in pink or blue). If you have any of these that you are willing to sell, please PM me. If I've used your website to reference these discs - thanks (and I'm jealous!) Many thanks, Z.
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