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Found 12 results

  1. Victor MD | Victor XM-C31 CN Sanrio Cinnamoroll MD Player This variation on the XM-C31 from 2004 is another Sanrio character related item from Victor. There were several Hello Kitty related models prior to this, but this time it's the turn of Cinnamoroll (シナモロール). The player comes with its own pale blue, color matched remote. Functionality is identical to the other Victor XM series players from this period (XM-C17, XM-C31 etc..). It has various custom EQ modes, including 3D effects, custom modes for train and subway, voice cancel mode, sleep timer and alarm.
  2. Victor MD | Victor XM-S5-D (Citrus Orange) This Victor portable from 2003 was available in Blue, Pink and Orange and featured a built in speaker built into the front case.
  3. Victor MD | Victor XM-ZX3-P (Pink) This Victor portable from November 2002 was available in Blue, Orange and Pink. The lights on the front illuminate to display the charging status in phases, and also indicate if the unit is playing in group mode. They also spin around and light up when the unit is paused or when it is switched on.
  4. Victor MD | Victor XM-C17-R (Red) Presenting the Victor XM-C17 in Red. I love the deep red colour of this one (compared to the slightly more garish red of the C11).
  5. Victor MD | Fruity Colors The Victor Fruity Colors series was the last series of discs put out by Victor in 2006 together with the Clear series of discs. Only available in packs of 5, they are now rather rare. They are also unique in that they are the only set of discs to contain both red and pink in the same set.
  6. Victor MD | Victor KT-XM52 (Hello Kitty MD Player) This MD player was a given away as a prize in a mail-in contest in the "Play with Kitty" magazine in 2006. Victor players usually display the message "Hello" in the remote when you turn them on. This one of course says "ハロー キティ" or "Hello Kitty" in Japanese. Box and prize winners letter from Sanrio Contents and Accessories Main Unit Unique Pink Remote Charging Stand
  7. Victor MD | Victor XM-C17P-S (Silver) This is the silver version of the Victor XM-C17
  8. Victor MD | Victor XM-B22PA (Blue) And now, the blue version to go along with the silver B22P.
  9. Victor MD | Victor XM-B22P (Silver) A great little player only unit. MDLP, with wonderful sound quality and outstanding battery life. One small detail that I like is that the traditional furry pouch has a separate internal pocket to hold the remote when it's connected to the unit. The standard accessories included are: 1-Line, blue backlit remote Charging Stand Carrying pouch Earbuds Gumstick battery (I use a Vapex instead of the now dead original Victor one) AA Battery Attachment (sidecar) AC Adaptor (100v) - this unit like many Victors has a quick charge feature, (a full charge takes around 3 hours) Simple fold out manual and guarantee information
  10. Victor MD | NX-DV3 Promo AR disc The year of this one is unknown, but my guess is that it was a promo disc or demo disc given away with the Victor NX-DV3 mini system. The disc it seems is just the normal 2002 "Ar" series, but the insert is custom together with a slip case.
  11. Victor MD | ar - 2004 Series Victor's “ar” 2004 Series came in seven color schemes: Sky Blue, Pink, Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Violet and Orange. The colours were split across the 74 and 80 minute disc types. Both 74 and 80 minute variants came in 10 and 5 packs. The 74 minute variant is shown here (80 minute variant to follow soon). These discs also featured Victor's fully enclosed, hinged cases to protect the discs against dust.
  12. 2012 may not be the best time to start collecting minidiscs (about a decade too late) but over the past year I've become hooked. Even though I bought my first MD recorder back in the late 90's I've had a long hiatus and never knew so many discs were made. Ebay has served me well over the last year but I'm getting to a stage where certain discs just aren't coming up. I've even contacted a couple of Japanese sellers who say discs are pretty scarce there too. I've seen still a few things of interest on Amazon.co.jp (although rare portable recorders/players are listed at extortionate prices), sellers here don't ship outside of Japan. So I thought I would post a topic here to see if anyone wants to sell me any of the discs listed below that they have extra of or no longer want. The discs do NOT have to be still in their original packaging but I would prefer them without any labels been stuck on the discs. So the list: AXIA: "Select Your Style" - Green one with 3 lampshades: https://picasaweb.go...153527558569602 IDEMITSU: Any - https://picasaweb.go...hannel/Idemitsu MEMOREX: "Memorex SG" - Any colour: https://picasaweb.go...987264293260146 SAEHAN: "Windplayer" - Any colour: https://picasaweb.go...566798349386482 TDK: "Bitclub" - Yellow/White stripes: https://picasaweb.go...654463864314642 "Bitclub" - Black Triangles: https://picasaweb.go...654468159281954 "Bitclub" - US Maps: https://picasaweb.go...654429504576226 "Bitclub" - Book: https://picasaweb.go...345865745722738 "Bitclub" - Circles: https://picasaweb.go...345865745722738 "Bitclub" - Bubbles: https://picasaweb.go...345892593812146 "Bitclub" - House: https://picasaweb.go...345989694446114 "Bitclub" - Runner: https://picasaweb.go...346016983116610 TOPVALU: https://picasaweb.go...nel/TopvaluAeon VICTOR: "Fruity Colors" - Any or 5pk: https://picasaweb.go...780324778361490 "AR 2004" - Any or 5/10pk: https://picasaweb.go...609478376851730 "X(Kai)" - 80m or 74m: https://picasaweb.go...305044035477570 "D-Cruise" - Red or Blue: https://picasaweb.go...304369725612066 "Luna Sea" - https://picasaweb.go...609602930903602 Lastly, I'm also after the Victor/JVC XM-C31 player (preferably in pink or blue). If you have any of these that you are willing to sell, please PM me. If I've used your website to reference these discs - thanks (and I'm jealous!) Many thanks, Z.
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