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Found 4 results

  1. I have owned MiniDisc machines from Sony's very first model and have recording from that time. Anyway, I thought it was time to try a few of my players out again. The portables I have tried so far still worked but my MDS-JB940 is under the weather. At first it worked but then would not eject and this seems to be a common problem so I ordered the belt. Anyway, after helping that disc out it seemed to be okay and I put the lid back on. It worked all day playing several discs and I left a disc in putting it in standby (they use 1 watt in standby). This morning I turned on my AMP, pressed play on the MD remote but instead of playing all it does is make a relay clicking noise (The relay feeds AC power to the main transformer that feeds most of the machines electronics, it has another small transformer on all the time feeding the clock and remote interface). Unplugging from the mains and plugging it back in just makes the relay click. I have looked at the threads in this forum and google searches but cannot find any mention of this fault. The comprehensive Sony Engineers manual has lots of fault diagnostics for the disc unit but not the power supply unit. I am hoping that it is just a power supply fault and perhaps one of the very large capacitors on the AC Board has failed (no sign of any bulging). Thus I have ordered replacements for C927, 924, 921 and 401 Has anyone get any other ideas relating to this fault?
  2. Does a Type-S machine provide any improvement in sound quality over a Type-R machine when playing back LP2 recordings via an external DAC? Not sure whether the benefits of Type-S are applied during the digital to analogue conversion within the MiniDisc player or before that point. Specifically talking about the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 if that is relevant.
  3. So after receiving my new digital coax switch (http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29423-switch-for-coaxial-digital-cables/), I spent some time this afternoon tidying up my office MiniDisc set up and getting everything connected. At the heart of this is a pair of Sony QS decks: an MDS-JB940 and an MDS-JB980. Both have their original remote controls, an RM-D49M and an RMD10E respectively. Unfortunately both remote controls seem to control both decks (i.e. if I turn on the MDS-JB980 using its remote, the MDS-JB940 turns on as well. If I press play on the MDS-JB940's remote, both decks start playing). Is there anything I can do about this so each remote will only control the appropriate machine? I have checked the manuals for both decks but cannot find any instructions on what to do if you have more than one MiniDisc deck in a set up (which surely cannot have been that uncommon back in the format's heyday). As a last resort I could obviously use some sort of physical obstruction in front of the remote sensor of the machine I didn't want to respond but I was hoping there might be a slightly more high tech solution.
  4. As promised in one of my previous posts, here is the trailer for 'The Field Recordist' which features some of the mini disc recorders, together with recorded tracks: UPDATED - HERE IS THE COMPLETE FILM: Best heard with headphones.
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