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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have an RC-FS20 which is a flash start controller for a TASCAM MD-801RMKII. All the LEDs are on but I am not able to get it to do anything. If anyone has any intel on this unit I would be very grateful. An instruction manual would be pure gold. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. I also have an RC-8 and an RC-801, both remote control units, which I am able to get working in tandem. I have recently installed the BU-801 RAM buffer in my MD recorder and I am able to flash start tracks using the RC-801, but nothing is happening with the RC-FS20. I imagine the way this should work is that all lights should be OFF until I flash load any tracks, and then only the tracks I have flash loaded will be illuminated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Dear, I am so happy to find this discussion. I have a C7NT Net MD Hi Fi as well. Should I use Sonic Stage or M crew to get it moving? I tried Sonic Stage Ultimate version with the Net MD driver but it did not work. Do I miss something? Also I have read that C7NT also needs a PC Link driver besides Net MD driver in order to get connection, is it true? Thanks in advance to you all!
  3. Hi All!! I just stumbled across something REALLY cool and shocking. Tascam still manufactures and sells a combo MD/CD deck with all the digital I/O's and bells and whistles you need!! (SP and MDLP formats) When I acquire the $650 that is the listing price Im definitely ordering one before they discontinue them. I was floored and excited when I stumbled across the product on Tascam's website. I'm fascinated that they are still making them, they can't be selling many of these because I think the only people that still use minidisc are the few that belong to this forum. Lol!! Check it out!!! http://tascam.com/pr...cd1mk3/buy_now/ Enjoy! Sean
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