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Sooooo UPS left my MZ-NH1 outside in upper 30s weather...

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honestly, I have no discs (music or live recordings) to play in it yet :wacky:

I have the 1gb disc that it came with, saving it for explosions in the sky on saturday or the blood brothers on sunday. Haven't even charged it up to play with it yet....I let my buddy keep the few md masters I have recorded because they were made with his rig....so yeah I'm the lamer with a new unit and nothing to play on it hah. Should I charge it up and play with it?...I think I'll wait til I get a pack of 80min MDs saturday to do a lot of playing with it. I'm confident it's not damaged...just pissed ups left ~$400 worth of electronics on my door step in a plastic bag because it had began to drizzle!

I need to look into places in minneapolis/st paul that sell the 1gb discs...

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Take that 1GB disc to Explosions in the Sky and record the set in PCM! Should come out extremely well. And then you can use Marcnet's software to upload and CD it.

If you can't find a retailer that has the big discs,

Circuit City online sells the 1GB discs for usual $6.99 plus tax--free shipping over $25--and got them to me in 3 days.

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cold as hell when I took it out of the package. would being outside in the cold like that damage the battery or another other components? I know I'm being paranoid but it's just cause I'm a proud new owner : )

I assume that you mean 30 fahrenheits. That's nothing. Most of my gear has been in my pocket in -20 C weather (-4 fahrenheit) and nothing has happened. Plastic cables do become weaker but that isn't really serious because I don't use my über-expensive Sennheisers when it's so cold. :grin:

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