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Output formats for Hi-MD Renderer

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Okay.. This is a new thread for my little program... but its not a general questions / comments thread. Please use the other (large) thread for that sort of thing.

Ive just played around with a LAME MP3 DLL and due to the great design (trumpet blowing time) of my sample buffer managment system, I have managed to get my program to write an mp3 directly.

Now, MP3 is the most common format, yes, but its also one of the *worst* (in my opinion - thats why I have over 250 original music CD's ... < 160kbs MP3 is just too horible to use for listening to.....)

Anyway. What other *FREE* music formats (besides mp3 and .wav. They will be in the next release) would other people like me to add support for in HIMdRenderer?

The criteria for music formats for me to include are:

1) A DLL version of the encoder must be available

2) Some form of SDK must be freely available.

3) I am able to distribute the binary DLL used for encoding freely with HIMDRenderer

...Or you could suggest music formats and I could look into those 3 things for you....

I look forward to your comments

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OGG seems an obvious choice.

FLAC seems another.

Both of these, if I'm not mistaken, fit your criteria or at least have a command-line encoder that making calls to isn't that difficult a thing to do [i.e. FLAC]. See http://flac.sourceforge.net/

I would also suggest the option of combined mono [as previously requested by someone else] output [i.e. 50%L + 50%R], as well as mono from L only and mono from R only, the DSP for which is, as you already stated, pretty simple.

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If you could convert directly to FLAC from the HIMDRenderer, I would do flips down the street in celebration. I would definitely vote for FLAC over any other format. I prefer FLAC since it's loseless and it has a built-in integrity checker.

It's what I use to upload to www.archive.org and how I save my recorded shows on my HDs. Winamp has a plugin to play and Nero has a plugin that I use to burn direct. Here's a great link for info about FLAC: http://flac.sourceforge.net/

Okay, okay, I got excited. But, thanks for the spark. :grin:

More power to you Marc!

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I vote for FLAC and OGG.

Btw. libvorbis has reached the next version just a month ago.

Distribution licence is BSD-style, so no problems for that...


In addition, we had a few people here, who record lectures and interviews.

Speex might be interesting for those as well:


as that one is specifically designed for voice recording.

16 minutes of good a quality voice recording fit on one floppy disk.

Oh, it is freely distributable too.

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Thanks again for all the work you are doing Marc-by the time Sony wakes up we won't need their PCM converter anyway! The direct file conversion is good news (not really the MP3 thing, but the file export in general- I agree with you about MP3 sound quality ) SHN would be good, it is another lossless compression format which is used by tapers. So either FLAC or SHN would be very handers for those of us who use (or plan on using) HiMD for recording concerts.

Here is some general info , some

more info: and a project homepage


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