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700 model

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I just saw a 700 model here is Canada for 260 bucks or about 210 bucks american. is that worth it for the features, especially live recording?

secondly, i read on minidisc.org that the 700 doesn't have a digital amp.

i thought it did. If it doesn't what are its disadvantages and advantages ? especially when it comes to live recording.

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minidisc-canada.com looks like a good store i think i will buy my HI-MD from them (it is hard to find online canadian retailers.... and real-world stores just suck (i think its like that everywhere though))

the two reasons I want to save up and get the 900 are: size (its 1/3 thinner... and the 700/800 is THICK) and the line-out

i figure the line-out will be useful if i want to transfer audio when there is no computer available.... does anyone know what kind of a difference would it make to sound quality, compared to a headphone-out?

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