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Anyone got a Nintendo DS yet?

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dont have one but i have played one for a good while to get a personel review out of it,

imo i think its a litle complicated, in the sense that i believe that nintendo was trying to hard to make something origonal, but so far with the games that i played on, they seemed to just be doing randome stuff with the second screen, easily could be done without the second screen which is why i think they were just shooting for an origonal type of gaming machine instead of a particularly Better one, still a very nice handheld but.....probly not going to last very long, or go verry far.

perhaps im wrong i did play some fun games on it too, that were helping nintendo "drift away" from that kiddy game look they have posted themselves too, I.E. more shooting games instead of mario games...

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I doooooooo. :happy:

user posted image

I actually was not going to buy one, but my roomie went and bought his the morning it was released, and I was with him, so after he played it for 2 hours or so, I played it for 2 hours, and I was sold on it. :grin:

So about 5 hours after he bought his, I bought mine. :smile:

I'm actually very pleased with it. The touch screen isn't as gimmicky as I would've thought, however Nintendo does make an effort of going "LOOK! I'M A TOUCH SCREEN! TOUCH MEEEE!!!!"

The Metroid Prime: Hunter demo that came with the unit is very cool, and I really enjoy using one of the control styles, where you use your stylus to control the looking around, much like you use a mouse in any computer FPS. (There's also a thumb-pad like thing attached to the lanyard, and I use that more often, because it's less demanding than using the stylus.)

Mario 64 DS is a wonderful game. Of course, Mario 64 was released on the N64 8 years ago, and I played it then, so I had my doubts as to whether or not I wanted to play it now. The touch screen however, makes it a whole new experience. Much like in Metroid, one of the control schemes enables you to use either a stylus or the thumb-pad on the touch screen to control your person's movements, very much like the analog stick on the N64. It takes a bit to get used to, but once you do, it definately gives the game new life.

In addition, Mario 64 has some rather cool minigames that you can play, making much use of the touch screen. The few you get in the beginning are very lame, but later on you get some rather cool ones. One game in particular is much like "breakout" I believe it was, where 3 Marios fall to the touch screen, and by tapping them as they fall, you cause them to bouce up and where you tap them, determines in which direction they bounce, all in an effort to land on Shyguys with helicopter propellers on their head (Since they're flying. tongue.gif)

The wireless gaming capability with the DS is pretty darned cool as well. There is a wireless game type called "Single-card download" which enables 4 or so players to play a multiplayer game, however what's nice is it requires only 1 player to have the multiplayer game, and acts as a host, while all the other DSes download from that device.

PictoChat is rather useless though, although I imagine some high-schoolers could send each other "secret messages" or somesuch while in class.

Wireless range is actually quite great as well. Outside, you can probably be more than 100 feet away from the other DS and still maintain a signal. (Abeit weak.) Indoors, the range is obviously more limited.

A little tid-bit about the wireless range, is that my friends and I hang out in front of a ice cream shop to kill time, and there happens to be a GameStop next door. Well, while playing my DS I was able to connect to the other 2 DSes in the store, and surprised the people playing them through PictoChat. :laugh:

All it all, it's a much better handheld than I expected, however it's my opinion that it may be a bit too complex for younger users. (Under the age of 11 or so)

I have no doubts that it'll hold it's own against the PSP, however that will require Nintendo to release far more games than it's planning currently. (The launch titles were rather sparse as well, which was disappointing.)

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portable audio > portable gaming, kthnx. :rasp:

I already did my "omgblowatonofcash" purchase for this year. *pets her cute pink mini*

Now only if I could find a set of decent used canalphones... CLEAN used canalphones. :whatever:

And btw, watcher, North America usually has to wait too. Everything's out in Japan first, then the US and Canada, and then Europe.

Game console makers traditionally release their hardware and software in Europe last, because Europe has a history of being big-time software piraters. Oddly enough, so does Taiwan and Singapore, but they seem to ignore this fact.

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Guest NRen2k5

I played with one at Wal-Mart yesterday night. I was impressed, but not blown away or anything. The asthetics of the device are okay, but it is smaller than I thought it would be. I guess I have big hands.

Anyway, I may get one when games are more abundant, but the PSP tempts me more now.

Brand loyality. sleep.gif

Oh well, I can't be a hypocrite. I have to admit that I hate Sony's intrusion into the video game industry.

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Brand loyality. sleep.gif

Oh well, I can't be a hypocrite. I have to admit that I hate Sony's intrusion into the video game industry.

No kidding! wink.gif

Although, technically I consider myself a Sony whore, the PSP doesn't really amaze me. Granted, I have yet to play with it, but despite some awesome graphics (which did make my jaw drop), it's just a portable Playstation after all.

While that may be enough for some, but for someone like myself who craves something different, the DS is awesome. (Again, the lack of current titles is depressing, although Nintendo says that there will be quite a few being released in the next few weeks.) The PSP offers nothing new in a gaming experience. It doesn't make me want to play it. The DS does.

(I WILL be buying the PSP when it comes out however, and more or less for the ATRAC/MP3 Memory Card support [i have a 512 Mem Stick Pro tongue.gif] as well as pretty much everything else the PSP offers with the exception of games. :laugh: )

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Heh. I bought one the day they came out, along with Mario 64. I haven't opened it or played it yet, though I did play the metroid demo for a moment at the store. Multiplayer is what sells me on this. I love classics like Mario Kart and Bomberman, which I'll be waiting till 2005 to play anyways, but I thought this would be a fun Christmas present-- none of this portable audio crap madness, hehe.

Funny thing about the DS is that it came out in the states before Japan in this instance-- not by much, but it did, if I remember correctly.

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<<< Sega Wh**e. And proud of it.

Back on topic, I thought at the beginning that the DS was nothing but pure gimmick. I'm happy to have been proven wrong, since it's conceived as a gamer's machine. Wireless Multiplayer Ownz.

PSP and its MP3 playback are not atractive to me. I am willing to bet all my socks that PSP will have Sony's wonderful DRM and Sonic Stale junk included in the deal. And unless they had pulled a miracle, the battery isn't going to last long on that thing. Go Nintendo! [/fanboy]

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PSP and its MP3 playback are not atractive to me. I am willing to bet all my socks that PSP will have Sony's wonderful DRM and Sonic Stale junk included in the deal.  And unless they had pulled a miracle, the battery isn't going to last long on that thing. Go Nintendo! [/fanboy]

I was hoping the MP3 playback on the PSP will be much like the Clies (just drag and drop) but now reading about how the NW-E99 goes about wrapping MP3s in a cute DRM bundle, I don't think that's a possibility. :whatever:

Regarding the battery life, several sites have stated that they found that for less graphically demanding games, like Lumines, the battery is what Sony quoted, which is 6 hours. However, for more graphically intense games, like Ridge Racer, they've found that the battery life is more like 3 hours to 90 minutes. :laugh:

Battery life doesn't bother be though, because I seriously doubt that I'll be playing it portably for more that 90 minutes away from a power source. I love my DS (Feel The Magic r0x.), but I love the PSP even more. :love:

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